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Vintage Shirtwaist Dress Pattern. The Dazespast Style Library. Summer Chic. Evening Elegance. The make the project challenging but the results are phenomenal. I finished this doily about a week ago, this doily is from Lily Mills, , Book Now I want to have one for myself. Blossom Ruffle is an easy doily to make but now with age and bad eyes working in dark colors is difficult at night because of the stitch pattern.

I solved that problem by using the old rubber finger tips you buy at the office supply store—they make great thimbles. Book I made this doily sometime ago, actually its been about 12 years maybe a few more than that, this is by far my favorite small flat doily, the stitches come together to create a beautiful pattern. As I was looking for this doily I came across some older work from some of these patterns, take a look.

Here are several motif patterns from the pattern book you can find the entire book here. Vintage Crochet Doily Patterns To start the New Year I was going to share some awesome free vintage patterns from my collection and other places around the internet—which by the way I am still going to do. But, then I thought about the big content splash around the web in-terms of relevant content having to do with improving your dressmaking skills with respect to measuring, alterations and pattern grading of vintage sewing patterns.

Thinking about what I just wrote—I want couture quality in my sewing that I make for myself and others and on the way there.

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So the question is, what if you could buy the vintage pattern of you wanted in the size you needed, requiring minimal alterations? What would it be? Taking the poll and commenting — I want to thank you in advance, its appreciated. As a matter of fact, I can remember being told to wear a girdle as a girl and on occasion today I still wear firm under-garments to make sure that my lumps and bumps are inc check. Now you might ask how does that feel in the summer—well be sure to select your under-garments based on materials suitable for the season.

Enough rambling checkout this article from Jennifer Valentine The Body Beautiful , she takes on the subject with an eloquence that I find interesting. Next and most important step as you know is your body measurements—this is not a task you can do alone and have accurate measurements, I believe as the next blog author that fitting problems can be eliminated before the begin by doing this first step correctly. But her pictures are great and easy to follow when it comes to making bust adjustments for small bust sizes.

This next resources would have been a great resource for me. Bra fittings were an annual event during my adolescents, and I continue that tradition today with my daughter and grandaughter. Sewing for me has always been about the details—distinctive, one of a kind details that make the garment uniquely mine. These details are not simple, but boy they can transform a piece from simple to spectacular.

These examples range from buttonholes or bias binding, tabs, collars and pockets. Bound buttonholes are challenging — but what do you think about these pockets, is this a sewing technique you want to master? Vintage 50s Sewing Pattern Neckline Variations. How about these necklines—which one do you like the best?

Not only did you have to use the machine proficiently your hand sewing skills had to be pretty good because some of these accents are difficult even with the technology of today.

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Remember browse and let me know what trim details you crave to master. Welcome to the new era of menswear sewing. Go ahead and create something exceptional! Do you know the answer? They are looking for patterns beyond the traditional doily and edgings.

Use the diameter of needle that is as close to the thickness of the thread you are using. Here are some excellent instructional and Free pattern websites. Do you like this tatted hats. Tatting Patterns Spool Cotton Book Rate this:. Share this: Tweet. Share on Tumblr. Like this: Like Loading Would you dare wear any of these hats?

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How about one of these stunning modern vintage reproductions. Hats and Bag Patterns. Melvin Anthony Erick Kenny.

  1. Witch & Wizard: The Gift.
  2. Shrapnel: Hubris #3.
  4. Learning Center.

Khayla Daughter and Granddaughter. The carriage — my favorite car. Diploma in Hand. Knitted Brides Knitted Coat Pattern. Girls Knitted Vintage Dress Pattern. Knitted Fichu Pattern. Two Piece Tailleur with Vestee Pattern. Center Doily. I have the pattern you are requesting. Would love to share it with you.

Please contact me and I will share the pattern. Hello, I came across you site while searching for a afghan pattern. My mom made an afghan before she passed away that was cream colored with pink roses and purple pansies.

Crochet resources

The only thing is this one in black with red roses. I have some old pictures is be happy to share. Thanks for your time. Happy Crocheting. HI been a long time since I wrote looking for a pattern from a old pattern book from the s it is of a chicken bread basket which fits over a basket or bowl it has a ripple crocheted tail feathers the wings lift up to show opening in which you can get rolls or cookies or what ever is in the basket.

I believe the year was I used it for Christmas gifts and put homemade cookies in the basket. I have never seen anything like this pattern since with the wings that lifted up. Would love this pattern again been looking for years , Thanks for anyhelp. I love the Country Car coat. Any chance that you might have it somewhere and could share it? I have been hunting for a lace up house boot that I made back in and have lost that pattern.

I really like it and it was very simple to make. Can you help me out in finding this house boot? It was in a ladies size but can be adjusted by the number of stitches cast on. I had a pattern for a crocheted pineapple toilet set — it was a three piece one, seat lid, tank and tank lid. I lost it and need to find it again. A three-piece butterfly one would also do. I worked at a park in Branson, Mo. Silver Dollar City for 10 yrs. I made my own dresses, clock, aprons and sun hats. I loved it.

It still operates and is so much fun to go. In the fall they do a lot of crafts. It is a wonderful place to take children. I do a lot of crocheting and knitting. Make a lot of things for my large family. She never had a written pattern and the afghan has come up missing! It was done in multicolors, but did have a pattern repeat. Would love any info or comments…..

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Hello,I love you site. Do you havevanymore patterns for glass jackets? I would love to have patterns for dainty,fancy ones. Thank you! What is your policy about selling an item made from one of your vintage patterns? Is it OK to do this? Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content New! Cindy July 15, Grandmother Wren Author July 15, It sounds pretty! Doris Dunn August 6, Vicki August 30, Yunita Soediyono September 14, Carole September 20, Mena October 1, Brenda jane October 19, Thank you once again.

Sally Roberson January 11, Ignoring the shorter columns for the side pieces under the arms, there are fewer columns in the Back than in Left Front plus right Front, so total squares required would therefore be 6 more than stated — ie: 54, not 48 Have I got this wrong? Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes, Sally. Grandmother Wren Author January 11, Connie May 5, Gillian June 16, Rosita November 6, Gaile Darkwind Fee February 10, Linda Badcock March 29, I have been looking for patterns for lacy crocheted gloves. Do you have any of those? Lori Johnson April 11,