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Freelancers Targeted by Prompt Payment Fees. As reported here, the magazine empire behind….

The Ones We've Lost: The Student Loan Debt Suicides

They call it the greatest show on Earth. With 11, athletes from countries taking part in events, the Rio Olympics did not disappoint in terms of size, delivering a mammoth festival of…. Continuing our series of articles on debt collection in the USA, this article covers the Statute of Limitations and Interest Rates on a state by state basis. This article is based on a recent review…. Many small businesses are caught out when clients refuse to pay their invoices.

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For a small startup, a handful of unpaid invoices can make the difference between a healthy bank balance and a full-on…. Over Years Of Industry Experience Our modest but highly skilled team has a combined total of over years of experience in commercial credit management and B2B debt collection.

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Problems overseas can also mean problems for homegrown businesses. Many UK companies trade with Australia, and many contractors in the construction and other industries are attracted by the high rates of pay on offer for specialist skills. However, the prospect of travelling halfway around the world to work, only to not get paid, does not sound attractive. Those unlucky enough to find themselves in that situation can find themselves at a loss what to do or where to find help.

International debt collection is often seen as a major barrier to working and trading overseas, with the added complexity of distance, time differences, and dealing with different legal jurisdictions. Fortunately, there is a safer, more effective, and very definitely more legal solution. If you are facing unpaid invoices or outstanding debts from Australia, or any other country, the best thing to do is contact a debt collection agency based in the UK.

Safe Collections has built up a network of partnerships with accredited debt recovery professionals worldwide. Our partners in Australia offer the same kind of effective, efficient, high quality service you would expect from us, and have decades of expertise working within the Australian legal system. There is a certain amount of money to be made in issuing of fishing licences, which Nauru does.

There is still some money to be made in phosphate, there are some tailings and there are possible opportunities for further mining. There are very few employment opportunities. The private sector is very, very small, to the point of being not much more than a few trade stores. You know, if you're trying to build a house on Nauru it's very hard to get access to a builder or an electrician or a plumber. In areas like the legal sector Nauru employs expatriates, often Australians and New Zealanders, to keep the institutions of the state running because there is no one else to take on those roles.

The judicial system is also substantially dependent on development assistance financing from Australia and New Zealand.

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So not only are the judicial officers largely Australian but also the entire judicial system is underpinned by funding from Australia and New Zealand. This [series episode segment] has image, and transcript. In January Nauru expelled its only magistrate, Peter Law, and cancelled the visa of its chief justice, Geoffrey Eames. According to ANU's Kevin Boreham, the dispute had its origins in the Nauru government's desire to expel an Australian called Rod Henshaw who had previously had a position in the government.

According to Tess Newton Cain, it has got to the point where the rule of law no longer applies in Nauru. Find out more at Rear Vision. Add your comment. What a total shame as to what has happened to Nauru. Sure is a pity it ended up being a detention centre prison. It would have been much more dignified if someone with dollars turned it into a equatorial pacific holiday resort with maybe a casino.

Reply Alert moderator. If we can open the borders for 50, economic countryshoppers who have alien cultural values as well as no skillsets we require then we can sure as hell issue working visa's to our neighbours who are actually proven to desperately require our help. The shame is on Australia, New Zealand and Britain who jointly established the British Phosphate Company and exploited the Nauruans by mining and exporting millions of tons of phosphate to their countries without as much as consulting the Nauruan owners.

Then selling the phosphate to themselves at a miniscule price resulting in their farming industries becoming the exporting power houses of the early 19th century. They kept most of the profits for themselves and only as an after thought shamelessly paid the Nauruans only half a penny per ton for the phosphate. This went on for many decades until Nauru gained Independence and then only after the United Nations pressured the colonialists into letting Nauru gain its freedom. Within ten years of gaining independence and acquiring control of its phosphate industry Nauru warned the 3 colonial powers that they would be taken to the International Court of Justice if they didn't take responsibility for the devastation of the mined out Island including the fact that they dishonestly under-valued the price of the Nauru phosphate and paid Nauru a ridiculously low royalty for decades.

Britain and New Zealand at this time declared that Australia alone would be responsible as being the main beneficiary of the phosphate revenue and was also the administrative authority of Nauru. Nauru sued Australia for 3 Billion dollars.

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With the real threat of facing defeat at the International court, Australia decided to pay an out of court settlement. Unfortunately Australia was able to convince Nauru's leaders to accept a much smaller settlement of Million Dollars. So who really owes who? All these ignorant commenters who keep putting Nauru down should zip their mouths shut. Some of Nauru's current woes can be blamed on Nauru's poor leadership but much of the bulk of the blame has to go to the 3 colonial powers who in their greed didn't do the right thing by the Nauruans.

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  • Nauru could have been a successful story today if these colonial powers had done the right thing and guided the Nauruans from the beginning and helped them transition into their independence and into the 21st century.. Now they are obliged to pick up the pieces and repair what they did in the past.

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    How about a piece on " How Nauru was raped robbed and dumped by predator capitalists and its people vilified by ongoing actions of corrupt corporations and government? Will we see that any time soon aunty? Surely the elephant in this report is the viability of Nauru as an independent state.

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    • It has a population of 9, It relies on Australia and NZ for its basic governance. Independence for such a small population - unless they are fantastically wealthy, Brunei style - is a non-runner. It should be administered as a territory of Australia. Yes, and even Brunei has a population dramatically larger, with around , And to keyboardwarrior - alas there is not much in the way of pretty beaches or basic tourist infrastructure to lure resort money to the island.

      Most of the island is just a denuded moonscape I've been there five times. Some lovely people though! How Nauru threw it all away?? Considering it was Australia who has benefited from phosphate mining and continues to manipulate the island's role in refugee processing, we should really be looking to WHO actually threw it away. My thought exactly, Mally. I understand that journos who write an article don't typically write the headline or title, but to be frank I don't understand why disingenuous headlines such as this one are tolerated. Still, misleading clickbait title aside, this is a good piece albeit shallow.

      Surely there must be much, much more to the situation in Nauru? The stories recently told seem to me to call loudly for some heavyweight investigative follow up. Come on Aunty, stump up the eight grand for a journalist visa Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I have a bit of a conspiracy theory about this Yeah I know, conspiracy theories are bad, but I'm just having a bit of a speculation here.