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I never forget a face. I just can't think of the name? You never saw the name. For example, every Steve will be a stove or whatever you decide to use for Steve. Every Ron will be run or whatever you decide to use for Ron ," White says. The best way to get good at this is every time you read a name tag, see a name on a billboard, meet someone, or hear a name for the next 30 days, turn it into an image.

If you meet a woman named Lisa with pretty eyes, you imagine you are painting the Mona Lisa's eyes. If it is a stove, then imagine you feel the heat and the smell of burning hair. Whenever you pass a building or home where you met someone in the past, try to review their names.

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Who did I meet yesterday? When you write them down make sure to write down their name and facial feature. This story first appeared on Business Insider. Here's how you can remember anyone's name:. Step 1: Focus Focus is the first key to remembering names, says White. Overall, this is an eloquent and enjoyable book to help you learn how with diet, exercise and spiritual practice how you can gear up your brain and mental function to enjoy life to the fullest.

Look to actively observe what you want to learn. Snap to create a vivid snapshot. Connect a visual link to the associated image. Additionally, you learn a comprehensive program to brain health including memory-enhancing foods and a daily calendar to help you get started. Overall this book gives you a program that teaches you how to improve your brain diet and it gives you a workbook and calendar of activities that help you keep your brain sharp and clear. Learn how to hack your learning, reading, and memory skills with new skills that help you learn three times faster.

Become a SuperLearner shows you three major skills, speed reading, memory techniques, and how to develop the mental ability to deal with the flood of new information.

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The skills you learn from this book help you with many aspects of daily life, including remembering phone numbers, learning new skills, remembering faces and names, and memorizing long lists. You learn how to soak up and retain information in a unique and effective way that helps you accomplish more. Learn the secrets of effective memory techniques and how they work with very clear examples that you can build and grow your memory. You will learn to journey and link associative connections that enhance your memory and improve your ability to quickly recall anything you want. Additionally, he gives you the training you need to enhance your memory in ways that change your life long term.

The book gives you techniques that you can start using as soon as you open the book to enhance your memory to incredible levels from a lifelong renowned memory expert. Discover a wide variety of fun and creative ways to improve your memory with exercises, puzzles, and games. The Memory Workbook shows you how to stretch your memory muscles and maximize your receptiveness and focus from your senses. You will learn how to use visual imagery to rehearse and focus on what is important to you so that you can deepen your memory and experience.

Additionally, Mason and Kohn include information about medications to help with memory disorders with resources for additional help. Overall, this book helps you to have fun on the journey of learning how to build an astonishing memory. It helps you understand the scientific reasons of how memory works and about the medications and resources that support a healthy brain and sharp memory. You will discover how to unlock the power of your brain to learn faster and make intelligent decisions with scientifically backed memory strategies. This book shows you how to achieve your goals of learning faster, improving your memory, and how to become an expert in your field.

The Magic of Accelerated Learning shows you the science of how the brain function supports memory and how you can best manage your memory and learning. Furthermore, this well-written book shows you research and science of how memory works in an engaging way that helps you take the steps to improving your memory. He clears the myths about memory learning with resourceful information so that you can learn how to grow your memory.

You will discover how to tap into the power of sight and hearing to visualize and systematically learn ways to enhance your memory. How to Remember Anything gives you engaging ways to remember names and faces, vocabulary terms, where you put things, important notes, appointments, and how to speak publicly without notes. Additionally, Dean Vaughn teaches you how to learn with many examples and exercises that make it fun to see your memory learning progress. The book gives you a total system for learning and building a personal system to easily remember anything. This book shows you how to connect visual images in a five-step process to remember names and faces.

Additionally, you learn how to focus your brain immediately, how to recall names long-term, and how to take months off the learning curve to a better memory. Overall, this is THE name memory book written by a memory champion with fun and easy ways to turn names into pictures so that you can remember more people and grow your friendships and business.

Step 1: Focus

You will unlock the secrets of ancient monuments as memory places to better help your understanding of increased memory. Lynne Kelly reveals for the first time how memory places such as Easter Island and Stonehenge contain a powerful secret in memory technique. The Memory Code opens the door to how you can use the techniques that gave the ancient peoples the ability to recite epic poems, name all the plants and animals across the landscape, name and memorize the stars in the sky, and repeat the history of the people. Moreover, you learn how the ancient henges and monuments serve as the most effective memory system ever invented by humans.

This is a fascinating new interpretation of how unanswered aspects of archaeological discoveries actually serve as memory devices to help train your mind and grow memory. You discover memory training tips that helped catapult memory champion Luis Angel Echeverria from having memory problems in high school to becoming a Memory Master Champion with Team USA. The book teaches you how to apply creative memory techniques that top memory athletes use to compete. Better Memory Now shows you how to focus faster, and how to improve your memory overall so that you can remember all that you want.

Additionally, it not only teaches you how to remember names and faces, lists, places, and people, but it also gives you strategies for a positive mindset, and how to set up visualization to help improve your memory. Offers an overall effective and easy to start memory program that has helped many compete in national memory championships. You learn how to get better grades, impress your teachers, and learn how to get new skills that make school easier and more fun. Unlock Your Amazing Memory is packed with real-life examples that show you how to apply new memory techniques and learning strategies right away.

It is filled with tips and tools that will help you remember dates and events in history, spelling, and vocabulary, lists, groups of facts, math and science formulas, and state and world capitals to name just a few. Brad Zupp makes this book easy to read and implement techniques that will motivate and help you get started with an amazing memory. Overall, this book helps to learn a complete process for remembering that is engaging and helps make school and work easier.

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Or, maybe you want to share some memorization techniques or tips so other people may benefit from it. This recommendation has too many lists that ironically makes me need a good memory for each of the book speciality. Several comments as you requested.

Our book is not really about memory. It tells you how to keep your brain healthy, fit and flexible as you age. A better memory is only a part of it. A healthy brain can meet any challenge like remembering a new name,learning something new or being creative in your work. Our system of simple exercise called neurobics is scientifically based on three things: 1. Each of your senses has its own real estate in the brain with thousands of nerve pathways to and between them. Unless you consciously exercise all your senses the multitude of nerve pathways to your many dentrites become pot holed and cob webbed and difficult to handle the flow of information.

The dentrites are your file cabinets for information.

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You need to be able to reach them to store or retrieve information. The book gives you almost simple easy to use exercises to accomplish this. Routines can be brain deadening since you use the same brain pathways over and over. Neurobic exercises help you break your routines and exercise all your nerve pathways. The brain is primed evolutionarily to experience novelty. No other brain exercises approach brain fitness this way of creating the neurotrophins that help keep the brain alive.

Lovely list. There are many delightful facts to memorize in both of those books.

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Thanks for your post — very useful to have these mini-reviews and highlights. I would be interested in having pointers to which of these books were particularly good on remembering large chunks of information. Memory champions seem to focus on remembering numbers, facts and sequences.

Yes, I tried to make it easier for readers to scan the post by writing down the main points of the books. And from my personal experience, to remember the structure and get the main ideas of a book, I usually read the table of contents again after I finish reading the book. By reading the table of contents, I will review each chapter and force my brain to remember what was it all about. How to remember Names and faces the easy way: Based on your precise descriptions, this choice was easy for me.

The power foods for the brain: An effective 3-Step plan to protect your mind and strengthen your memory: This one will be helpful in planning my meals, since am giving focus to improving my memory, a well-balanced meal would be a great help! Quantum Memory Power: Learn to improve your memory with the world Memory champion. Hello Reza, This is a great blog. Seniors have many memory related issues like dementia, Alzheimer and more.

The books you have listed here are very helpful for them. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Most people wish they could have a better memory capacity. Things will be easier if you have a better memory.

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Taking exams and remembering names, for example. The good news is: You can improve your memory. Those memory champions, they are regular guys, just like us. But they do know how to improve their memory capacity using special techniques and routines. So, here are the best memory improvement books recommended by memory champions. What can you expect from this book. Teaches how to release the hidden power of the mind with classic memory techniques.

Shows you how to increase your reading speed and comprehension. Provides you with an informal history of memory techniques. Shows research how each person can achieve the superior results of famous thinkers with mental conditioning. Helps you learn how to increase your intelligence with Image Streaming to improve memory, read faster, and learn more quickly, and gain insight through visualization.

The 23 Best Memory Improvement Books to Read in 12222

Helps you bypass inhibitions and access the above normal abilities hidden in your own subconscious. Teaches memory methods to learn faster and be more productive. Shows how to master your attention so you can concentrate longer and stay focused in stressful situations. Gives a wide variety of strategies and techniques to remember important information. Explores cutting-edge scientific research of memory and understanding. Details the unique story of participants and the process of overcoming memory challenges in the U.

Memory Championship and life. Shows how memory techniques work to improve not only your memory but your understanding. Teaches and gives examples of three main memory systems, that help you get better grades.