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Also, in the movie, Snow White wakes up from a magical kiss by the Prince, but in the original version, she is woken up from the jostling of Prince's horse who is taking her back to his castle you can imagine what a prince would like to do with a dead girl's body. And, in the Grimm's version of Snow White, the tale ends with the Queen being forced to dance to death on red hot iron shoes.

In the new ending, the mermaid, instead of dying by turning to froth, becomes a "daughter of the air" waiting to go to heaven-which still means she is dead. In the tale of Pied Piper, a village is swarming with rats.

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A man arrives dressed in clothes of pied a patchwork of colours and offers to rid the town of rats. To this, villagers agreed to pay a huge sum of money if the piper could do it, which he does.

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He plays music on his pipe and draws all the rats out of town. When he returns, the villagers refused to pay the money so the Piper decided to rid the town of children too! In the modern versions, the piper draws the children to a cave out of the town and when the townsfolk finally agree to pay up, he sends them back. In the darker original, the piper leads the children to a river where they all drown except a lame boy who couldn't keep up. Some modern scholars say that there are connotations of paedophilia in this fairy tale.

So, now you know the true side of some most famous fairy tales.

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There are many more, but let's leave it for some other day. Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from. Post your comment. We all know that Ariel ends her Disney fairy tale by being transformed into a human and marrying the valiant Eric. However, in the original Hans Christian Anderson version, the poor mermaid falls into a pit of despair when she sees her fair prince marrying some other lucky girl. She is given a knife and goaded into stabbing her fair prince to death for his treason.

However, rather than do this she simply chooses to commit suicide by diving into the sea.

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All but one of the children inevitably drown to death. The original tale of Goldilocks has two different variations —- both of which are considerably more messed up than the classic version most of us have come to know which involves Goldilocks jumping out of a window and running to safety once the three bears arrive. In the first variation, the bears delight in savagely ripping the young home intruder to death and eating her delicious entrails once she is discovered. In the other, Goldilocks is no attractive young woman, but rather a hideous old hag.

This hag successfully makes it out the window like the modern Goldilocks. Unfortunately, she manages to break her neck in the process, fatally injuring her. In the Disney version of Sleeping Beauty , our princess is awoken from a year sleep with the kiss of her true love. In the original, the fair beauty is put in a similar sleep.

However, things take a much darker turn once her head hits the pillow. Eventually, she gives birth to twins, and wakes up to the cold horror that she is now a physically battered mother of two. Sections Job Search. Search for:. Get brobible Everywhere.