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This did indeed make my apartment smell completely banana bread-y scrumptious! General question about coconut oil. Not this one though: Does it make a difference if the oil is melted or not when measuring it? My kitchen has been getting pretty hot lately and the coconut oil jar is totally liquid some days.

So for this recipe I used the melted amount of what you suggested.

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The granola did brown but I had to keep it in by about 8 minutes beyond what you suggest! Of course my oven is probably lackluster compared to what you use. But still my question remains! Hi Dallas! As for the cooking time, that can always vary a bit but we always offer a cooking time, or until golden brown because oven temperatures can vary. Hope this helps! My husband is a tough crowd and he was impressed. We love it!!

SO good!! Dana, you are a genius.

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Hi, this looks very yummy! Thank you kindly. Hi Jazzu! If you give it a try, report back on how it goes! I LOVE your recipe made with banana and pumpkin. I just finished making a batch with applesauce. I baked mine all on one cookie sheet at degrees for the first 20 minutes, stirred and then turned it down to for about 10 minutes and stirred again, then baked for 10 minutes more.

At the end, I just turned off the oven and let it crisp up in there while the heat was dissipating. My oven tends to run hot, so this keeps me from burning the batches. Thanks Dana! I made his granola and was so impressed! Your recipes inspire me to experiment with my own ideas. So this time I took some liberties with this recipe. Swapping 1 cup of oats for brown rice cereal. So darn good! Next time maybe I will try with less coconut oil. I add dried apples and pumpkin seeds to it sometimes. This granola looks super yummy. If I left out the added sugar but left the maple syrup , would the recipe still work?

Or does the sugar serve a purpose other than just sweetness? Hi Molly! You could sub some powdered stevia, or up the amount of maple syrup. Hi Ramona! Store in a container or jar with an air-tight seal — it should keep for a couple of weeks. I make this granola weekly!!!!!! I eat it every morning for breakfast on its on with milk, over yogurt, over oatmeal, etc..

Or do I? I want to start adding chia seeds and hemp seeds to my recipe — do you have any suggestions on what amounts to use and if I need to adjust the other ingredients to make that work? Thanks again! I think you could just add those additional ingredients without adjusting the recipe! Others in the comments added chia and had success! Or something else. Hi Cait! What about raw pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and unsweetened coconut flakes? Such a fabulous recipe. Thank you so much! Just wanted to know the nutritional facts are for the whole batch or per serving???

Perfectly delicious!

Pumpkin seeds, walnuts, pecans. All of them or whatever you have in hand. Its a hit! Dana you have great recipes! Subbed sliced almonds for pecans this time and wowza, love it! So easy, so super delicious! This is soooooo good and easily adaptable. On top of that I had some pumpkin puree I wanted to use so I replaced the banana with that. You could really make so many changes as you needed according to your own diet. I made this for the third time today, great recipe!

My neighbor texted me to find out what I was cooking because it smelled so good! I love it. So good! Also added hemp seeds, chia seeds and buckwheat groats! Could I sub peanut butter for coconut oil? I love the way this recipe sounds. I made this recipe for the third time and here are my tweaks. Also, the nuts burned when I added them at the beginning.

I added the nuts in ten minutes before the granola finished cooking. Came out great and actually crispy this time! This granola is amazing…really does taste like banana bread…. I added cocoa nibs and toasted coconut…a definite keeper. I used a mixture of seeds and coconut one time instead of nuts and it came out great! I made this recipe for my vegan- gluten free diet and oh my, I loved it. I eat the granola with almond milk and banana slices. Delish and filling! I will make it again this weekend. I make it at least once a week and triple the recipe in order to have it last more than an a day!

Thank you so much for creating and sharing such a wonderful recipe!! I just wanted to thank you so so much for your brilliant work. I am a passionate cook who recently got diagnosed with lactose intolerance and for another problem I cannot have gluten either. Thank you, so so much!! This granola made the house smell so beautiful yesterday night, and it is now my absolute go-to recipe!

I made this recipe with my mom this evening and it is heavenly! I may or may not have stuffed myself with unreasonable amounts of granola right after having your Brussels sprouts pasta recipe for dinner. It turned out AH-mazing. I followed the recipe exactly. Just pulled it out of the oven and even though it was very brown, it was very soft.

Does it harden after it cools or should it come out of the oven hard? Where did I go wrong? Mine was also soft when I took it out of the oven but as it cooled down it hardened and I was able to break it into clumps. I made this last night and followed the recipe as stated. Thank you for sharing it. This is heavenly!!! The problem I encountered both times was the bottom getting too brown, almost burnt after a little over 20 min but it might just be my baking sheet, not sure why.

The recipe says not to toss it to make it clumpy, but I think next time I just have to toss it to prevent the burning. Also the second time around I used less sugar, 1. Thanks for a great recipe. I made this today for the first time. I subbed sliced almonds for walnuts and used two bananas, because I had them. The deliciousness is so dreamy. How do you store this since it has Bananas in it. I make in bulk so I normally freeze. However I am concerned about the banana.

I made this last night and it made for the best breakfast today! I usually follow a recipe only the first time and then tweak it to make improvements. This is just perfect! I made this granola and it was amazing. I ended up already having all the ingredients in my kitchen. I had just the perfect amount of pecans. It was so delicious and crunchy. My family loved it. I love this recipe so much. So heavenly. I end up eating more as a snack than I do for breakfast sometimes because its SO good. Honestly dangerously good. Will have to try subbing banana for sweet potato or pumpkin next, and maybe throw some pumpkin spice in there.

Fab recipe :D. Daughter and I enjoyed these today. At first she just said she liked them the same…. I thought, are you ill, this Banana Bread Granola is wayyyy much better!? So there you have it. We love this! This rocks. It makes the house smell soooo good. This is a yummy recipe but I feel like is way too high for granola.

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Mine started burning after 10 min even though I stirred it often. Thank you for the recipe! Sharing it with friends and family!!!! I see someone said they used all maple syrup! I may try that! Or agave, or brown sugar? What are the special properties of raw sugar? First time I had ever made granola.

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Easy to follow recipe. I made my first batch late this afternoon and kept nibbling at it while I made dinner. I finally gave up and had a small bowl with almond milk for desert. This stuff is SO moorish. Fantastic recipe that will be on regular rotation in our house. Do you have a suggestion for what I can use instead of banana?

My daughter is allergic to bananas. Just made it according to the recipe and it is wonderful! In the text part of the page, where the pictures are located, there is a comment from the author, stating that substitutions of pumpkin, pureed beets, and I think it was applesauce, were all good. This is some fabulous granola.

I had to make some changes myself due to food allergies, and it came out so well that my very non-health-food husband ate the whole batch! Which is a year round staple in my home so this is a great way to add variety. I made it! Like I wanted to bottle up the scent of it baking and use it as perfume.

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I just made these and it was a huge mistake. They are SO good! I might eat it all in one sitting. Next Christmas everyone is getting this as a present. So SO good!! Love this receipe. I cook at a lower heat longer to avoid burning and subbed the coconut oil for butter but I love this receipe. This is the best granola recipe out there—seriously! Thank you for the wonderful recipe! Can I sub chia seeds for flax seed? Or something else in my pantry? It smelled so good pre-oven that when I went to lick the spatula I accidentally drooled all over the floor instead [blushes]!

Seriously, thank you. Look at me adulting! Minimalist baking is now my life. I am always having a hard time finding quick and easy snacks to prepare on the weekends that are healthy, yet nutrient dense enough to fuel my activity throughout the week, while yet still meeting my crazy dietary needs too. And it would nice if they tasted good too?? This fits the bill!! Healthy, clean, quick and easy, vegan, gluten free, nutrient dense. Aaaaand sooo GOOD! How did I not see this recipe before?!

And regular sugar in place of the raw sugar? Same amounts? I just made it and the whole house smells delicious! I really love the taste of it, but it was a little too sweet for my liking. For the next time, could i just use a little less maple syrup and more coconut oil? Just made it and I have trouble stopping to snack and leaving some for the morning!! Crunchy, sweet, spot-on banana bread-like and so easy!

I will be making this loads more often…. My batch was ready at 20min maybe because my oven runs hotter.

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  • Next time I will take it out at min because a few pieces were a little dark. This recipe is amazing. Well most of your recipes are. Thank you for sharing. You are a wonderful resource for new vegans that cook. Was lovely granola — too sweet for my taste buds though — might leave out raw sugar or reduce the amount of maple syrup. I have never heated up the wet ingredients before because its all already liquid — any specific reason you do it?

    Just made your granola bars — we love them at our house. And this granola just came out of the oven and I tried it right away — delicious!! I substituted flaxseed with chia seeds and added shredded coconut halfway through — yum. Great website. I love this stuff, it turns out so delicious and it is so easy!

    I have already impressed all my friends. Our whole family is in granola heaven! Just yum. The only thing I changed was using olive oil instead of coconut oil and it worked like a dream! Thank you for this! They LOVE it, and each person who has tried it has, without fail, asked for a jar of it. This stuff is seriously addicting. NOTE: I find that the nuts especially walnuts tend to burn before the oats have fully toasted and seized. Other than that, I have had excellent luck with this recipe every time.

    Pro tip: serve with some sliced bananas with almond milk, or yogurt, or—why not—a bit of coconut cream. Just made this and WOW.. I cut down on sugar and fat and it still is wonderful! One question, I only have flaxseed meal on hand. Will that still work? Concert-goer Dee Lewis of Brooklyn recounts not even being able to hear much music because she had to camp so far from the stage.

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    She got glimpses of the music when she trucked in to use the portable bathrooms. Not only was the farmland massive, but it was difficult to reach, and there were "no telephones" and "no running water, no electricity and no easy access," according to the VH1 documentary "Behind The Music: Woodstock. Relying on quick reinforcement from places like New York City, 90 miles away, was unthinkable.

    As Jon Pareles recounts in The New York Times , the traffic to get to the festival grounds turned some people away and forced others to walk miles to the entrance. Rock music fans jam highway leading from Bethel, New York, Aug. Photo Credit: AP. There were copious amounts of illicit materials for consumption at Woodstock, but food was hard to find. Smithsonian Magazine described the lack of food at the festival in an article published in titled, " Woodstock -- How to Feed , Hungry Hippies. Nathan's Famous hot dogs, which was going to provide food, declined to participate when the location was moved.

    In his book The Road To Woodstock , festival promoter Michael Lang recalls that none of the major food suppliers for ballparks and arenas wanted to work with Woodstock. Little did they know how big the event would become. Two weeks before Woodstock's opening day, Lang hired a group called Food For Love to serve food at concession stands. Of course, Food For Love was underprepared. Lines grew long at concession stands, and prices increased dramatically. Hot dogs weren't the only thing with a surcharge. We had to rely on the kindness of strangers. Photo credit: Jim Shelley. Food trucks assembled at the top of the natural amphitheater on the grounds, but they quickly ran out of provisions as well.

    Jeff Bloomberg of Boston recalls that if you left your blanket or tent, you'd have to walk miles to get supplies. Without any aisles or seating pattern marking the grounds, it was then near-impossible to find your way back to your blanket. Jim Shelley, a volunteer and docent at the Museum at Bethel Woods , which preserves the historic Woodstock site and hosts exhibitions on the festival, told me his "story is a hungry one.

    On his way back to his blanket, somebody shared some oranges with Shelley and his friend, and that's all they ate the entire weekend. The festival promoters hired Hugh Romney, the founder of a famous West Coast commune called the Hog Farm, and a team of his commune members to run security for the festival. Woodstock is famous for a surprising lack of violence amid a massive gathering of young people. One instance of violence did take place, however. I want to make graWnola, crackers, pizza crusts, and fruit leathers….

    It worked fine! I usually remove the parchment paper when I flip the item over. Made this a few days ago — delicious! I had the same problem as the other Grace weird… Where it turned out almost like a broken up oatmeal cookie! But no complaints hehe… Just expected it to be crispier! Thanks for the recipe! I love it! But I rolled them into balls and put them in the freezer to harden. Thank you for a delicious, quick and healthy snack idea. Gena, is there a difference in taste between canned and fresh beets?

    It definitely makes them softer, but they dry out again during dehydration. Agree with every single person on here that tried this recipe and could not get the granola to crisp. I baked and baked and baked and baked and finally had to remove from the oven which was set at because the edges began burning. Granola is supposed to be crunchy.

    The rise and fall of açaí.

    Please people. This was my first time making granola of any kind and I was so pleased with how it turned out. Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating. Leave this field empty. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Crafting a thoughtful, practical newsletter is part of that work! Each week, you can expect accessible recipes and links to thought-provoking articles.

    Pour beet and date mixture over them. You can either: a. Bake at for minutes, or until browning but not burning.