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Media Productions Rendered in Local Languages in Mainland China in the New Millennium

Table of Contents. Related Content. In Signifying the Local , Jin Liu examines contemporary cultural productions rendered in local languages and dialects fangyan in the fields of television, cinema, music, and literature in Mainland China. This ground-breaking interdisciplinary research provides an account of the ways in which local-language media have become a platform for the articulation of multivocal, complex, and marginal identities in post-socialist China.

Viewed from the uniquely revealing perspective of local languages, the mediascape of China is no longer reducible to a unified, homogeneous, and coherent national culture, and thus renders any monolithic account of the Chinese language, Chineseness, and China impossible. Passion, Romance, and Qing 3 vols. Pain Pills Reborn. A Path To Exit. Created by Kryogen. There is no rescue closets in the map, so try not to die. Terraria Concert and Posters. Created by Brad. Phil Moon. Let your lord and savior guide you through your times of trouble and pain. Let his gentle eyes soothe you as either get killed by a team member, a special infected that spawned from no wher The Eye of Sauron as the Moon.

Created by Burnside.

Perfectly Cut Screams

With this mod, Sauron, from the Lord of the Rings, will use his all seeing eye to watch your every movement as it replaces the moon Kitten Flashlight. Created by MetroKoolAid. Haven't uploaded anything in awhile Mainly because of Terraria and laziness so here is a kitten SON Survivor Coach. Created by MSF. I had this man sitting in my folders for almost half a year - aged like fine wine. This is by far my best mod yet, and personal fav Shigure Replaces Witch - Kancolle.

Created by Kagarino Kirie. After Shigure heard that Yuudachi was in trouble, Shigure has left the safety zone and go searching for Yuudachi alone. But she never returned. Recently, No 6 Division reported that they have found. Jester Tank. The tank I used to prank over 43, people. Day of Infamy - M No sounds are included. Created by Savantir Hola my fans!

I honestly could not have done this mod without him, so please go check out his wor Fireaxe - chrome synthetic. L4D Pistols arby26 anims. Created by Raitoningu. Rocky Animations - arby26 Compiling - Raitoningu I found them on the internet without credits. School Bus. Created by Ellie. Formerly, the "Church Bus" in L4D2 was meant to be a School Bus, but during development, it was replaced because the implied image that children died during the apocalypse could be controversial.

Although, you, who are reading this, maybe think that all t Created by Cassie. Counterstrike Weapon Unlocker. Been a long time coming, hasn't it? A simplified way to access the Counterstrike weapons with your chums without having to resort to the kooky, inverted and upside-down world of Sourcemod, dedicated servers, or single player only listen servers. This is a Informal Skyboxes.

Created by Descarado. This pack not all textures and script of skyboxes made by me for personal use and friends. A distinctive feature of this assembly is that the skyboxes are working at low graphics settings. A lobby image, a survivor panel icon, and an incap HUD element. The skin itself is linked as a Required Item Created by Dafini. Currently only contains Bald Eagles, modeled and textured by me. May make more variety if prompted. It is based the USA, so bald eagles are bound to make sense.

Based off of the shock and horror that is Birdemic. Replaces all common infected with Birds White Desert Eagle. Created by [KR]WhiteMilk.

Screaming Females – “Black Moon” | Utter Buzz!!!

Contract Wars Desert Eagle. Tactical Intervention Systems have redesigned the famous Its huge damage comes at the expense of huge recoil. Contract W Desert Eagle Corinthian. Created by chris. Created by PYgame. Created by Danger Wasp. Quick draw Magnum with fast-reload magazines.

Iron sights only, no Smart-Link module is attached. Created by Mr. Shove Sound. Created by Sik. Where's the satisfaction you get added to successfully stopping a Hunter leap or Smoker grab. When somebody hits something, they need to yell or screa Angry Aussy Plane Crash sound replacement. Replaces the plane crashing sound for Dead Air with one that includes a very angry aussy!

Baby Ice Cream TV mod. Created by silverhand. This addon replaces the animated TV in Dead Air campaign to a creepy commercial Pain Pills - coca cola can. Napad - Resident Evil 6. Created by Chet. Napad a creature from Resident Evil 6 and is a replacement skin for the Tank. Michael Rosen. Created by DarkJake. Prepare your 2 year olds, Lock up your Skyfoogles, the worlds fearsest animal in the world is here to turn your insides to Plums! Soldier MINE! Item Pickup Sound. Created by Windy. Is your item acquisition experience less than exciting?

Look no further! With this piece of shit mod every time you pick up an item you will hear the team fortress 2 soldier himself exclaim MINE! Elfen Lied - Vending Machine. Created by Yoshikage. A new texture for the Soda Machine reskin , themed under great anime, Elfen Lied. Created by Keithy. Created by Raitogaming. Uses Ellis animations. Replaces the following visuals: - External-view mesh and textures. Counter Strike pick up sound for item picking up.

Created by the lunar. Military Sniper - Jet Black. Please do not edit or redistribute Sniper Military Full Auto. Howa Type 89 Replacing M Created by Danniel. It was never exported outside Japan due to its strict anti-hardware export M16 silenced. Created by Sergio. Crash Bandicoot Healing Sounds! Created by The Soda Man. Makes the medkit play some Crash bandicoot sounds while healing. Download my Crash Bandicoot medkit here! I totally didn't edit t Crack-Life healing sound. Created by imelman.

Replaces the medkit bandaging sound with scientist scream from Crack-Life. Sound in video at The full sound replacement is coming soon. After I figure what best to put various stuff in, and the footsteps one I think it's gonna be amazing Dial Up Healing Sound. Created by The Artery Clogger. Ellis Shrek 2 Shirt [ShrekisloveShrekislive4]. I never knew my parents Iffudoudou Healing Sound. Playboy Bunny Neopolitan [Rochelle].

Playboy Bunny Neo as Rochelle. Ex-Army Bill. Bill decided to ditch his plain military jacket in favor of his more decoreated one, along with a new shirt and pants! Half-Life 2: Highway 17 L4D2 v2. The survivors were trapped in a dock, they must go through Highway 17 to find the evacuation point and call for help to leave out here. Author: taoliguoshu editor Version: 2. The Sacrifice Army Soldier Bill replacement.

Created by AlphaGarg.


Army deserter, Vietnam War veteran, and the only character with a full name. Uses Bill's animations, as it should, and will NOT conflict with any addons that don't alter the character's animation files. Earlier today I saw that there was no 3D recreatio JAiZ' custom radial menu. Created by JAiZ. AK replacer. Variant with fixed stock and different front handguard.

William Gibson. Virtual light

M16 replacer. This one is a variant with collapsible stock. Created by Mickcolas. Created by Ameli. Created by NPCsnake. Max Payne Nick. Credits to Remedy for the model and textures, I just ported it over to l4d Rebecca Chambers Coat mod 1. Created by TNTaaa. Bo2 ScarH [Real Anim] 2. HK PSG Questionable Ethics. Created by Sorin. Rainbow Transparent AK Created by Hekmatyar. Like friends remember to evaluate my work,The first time I want to know Fallout 3 Chinese Ak Insurgency - AC Hello, so continuing with the INS2 stuff, i bring you guys the AC, this one will replace the hunting rifle and it comes with its original animations and sounds.

Not much to say than i hope you guys like it or not and i see you guys on the next one, cya The ridiculous birthday party madness continues. Hotline Miami Jukebox. N Re your brains:Hydrogen-M. N The saints will never come:Paris-M. N Midnight ride:Hotline-Jasper Byrne Hotline Miami Concert. Created by Aru-Hafizu. N - Paris 3rd song - M. Also is my first mod thanks! Hotline Miami grip pills. Created by Richard V LionHeart. Hotline miami "The son" Axe. Created by redday. Coach Burgers Credits Music. Created by GageTheSpartan. This was so annoying to do.

Took me about an hour just to find the file, which is sad, and another 30 minutes to get things to actually work. But finally, it's done. If you want me to make another version for L4D1, ju Created by CastorJudo. You are on a Aperture space station, you have to choose survive hordes of infected or refuel a UFO to escape. Survival and Scavenge mode only. My participation to the l4dmaps. I was very inspired by the movie Moon. I recomm Dead Center 20 Years Later. Created by eltoy. StarWars HealthBar. Created by Crazy4Ever. This will give you 4 colored lightsabers The incred Lee Everett - The Walking Dead.

Replaces Louis Prior to the outbreak, Lee was a professor who taught history for six years at the University of Georgia. He had a mother, father, and a brother living in their hometown of Macon, looking after their family business. He was also convicted Command for console: "map gunshop20years survival" [Beta 1. I introduce to you, Better and new lines for Rochelle!!! I don't know about you, but I feel a LOT of her great lines were cut, leaving her kind of boring, or sometimes even annoying.

Looking through her voice files, I heard things that I never heard he Created by Scrufus. Rocky's port of the black mesa spas to L4D2, although there is a way to overlap the sounds, i have uploaded this for people that don't know how to overlap the sounds or just want the stock sounds. In short, it removes the "weird" firing sound, altho Cod4 R [Real Anim]. Jill Valentine Cyan Magpie. California Spitters. Sunkissed spit so hot, she'll melt your popsicle.

Two completely opposite forces work together to put an end to everything on their way Check out the animated version!

Unrealistic and better flashlight! Slightly more realistic! This modification replaces your bad flashlight, but instead of it having really sharp edges like Nepgearsy's mod, it has smooth edges, and is slightly more realistic Loading Spinner. Created by not available. This Spinner will replace default L4D2 spinning load animation Created by Flim-Flam Fadinger Doober. I will be releasing multiple animation sets for this one, so check them out if you don't like these animations. Also, please let me k LED Flashlight.

Tank Music [Gefradah - Cancertid]. Created by Teidor. Created by FSRL Lepotitsa Spitter. Created by mrlanky. Seems to work ok but the spitter is a little hard to mod for so let me know if you see any problems. Test Reskin - Nick. I'll stick to doing Heer reskins considering I was unable to make his insignia appear only on his left sleeve.

This was my first survivor skin, it will re Created by Kurumi. She take me some hours for fix some problem with the M16 Sounds Redux. Created by Janitor For a Lifetime. Want to imrpove souns but leave your visual experience the same? Panda Zoey. Created by Panderobep. This turns Zoey into a panda lover. Self explanatory and took 5 minutes to make. Weapons Booster. Created by Davide Boost your weapons stats for an easier yet funny gameplay! Recommended for fun or decrease the game difficulty. Would you like to expand your reserve ammo only?

Then Grab this! Created by matt. Sparta remix Steam Med Kit. Steam Valve med kit Logo and text glows in dark With a black mesh design You've got a friend in me Toy Story - Credits song. Created by Maelon. This mod changes the credits song to: Randy Newman - You've got a friend in me - The main theme of Toy story I personally think this is a fitting song, after a hard campaign and finale, everyone deserves calming music. Fancy Glass Table. Somtimes, oh just sometimes , how I wish I was you guys, and not a workshop author, how I wake up every morning wishing that I wasn't me, and not just for the usual socioeconomic factors, but instead so that I Hitman Ave maria death song.

Created by Faith4Dead.

  • Red Cheeks For Charity!
  • Chest Imaging Case Atlas.
  • Run your code first!.
  • Screaming Females – “Black Moon”.
  • Tabel: Siin on kõik Netflixi sarjad ja filmid, mida Eestist vaadata saad | Diktor.
  • CARMELO Sa vie...Son Destin raconté par ses filles (French Edition).

As a request from DoomedYoshi, i have made this! Boomer - correct viewmodel. Have you ever realised that the Boomer has a viewmodel that doesn't look like the skins you have? That is because it has an entirely different model that also uses entirely different textures. Meaning that every skinner would need to make a skin for t. Credits: valve - animations with repositioned camera and added walk movement me - compilation and stuff. Cucker's Vocalizer. The best vocalizer on the workshop! If you like the mod, don't forget to leave a thumbs up so more people can see.

Above examples are only Nick's menus. All survivors have 8 unique menus. You get the id Engineer's Wrench [Crowbar Replacement]. Created by TonyFraggins. This is my first model replacement mod, I would like to create custom anims for the weapon but for now, I just wanna focus on the basics, then if I think I'.

Tattooed Tank. Created by rahzel brokenmouse. First Texture mod, basic but really funny. Guess he just got out of jail. Guardian of Hell. Created by NovassavoN. Fallschirmjager Bill. Bill wasn't actually in Vietnam, that's his cover up. A reskin of Bill Includes. Angry German Tank. Created by Ei Mainoksia. This is how much you could do in a few hours Created by Freshboy This was a request made by Shadow , to revert the inventory position back to it's original state. So here is an alternative version, for those who liked the original position of inventory. Insurgency - M14 EBR.

This weapon will replace the Military Sniper and it uses its original animations and sounds. So since i've done the AC to replace the Hunting Rifle i throught why not mak A Challenger Approaches. But how low can you go? Credit goes to an0nymooose Oh my god You guys made this mod go on the front page.

By popular request. Takagi Karakai Jozu no Takagi-san. The series features the daily life of Takagi, who loves to tease her classmate and friend Nishikata, and Nishikata's failed attempts Wiggle Sudden Attack 2 [Hunter]. Louis Styled Nick Without Tie. Created by BrekkeBoy. Attack On Titan -Zoey v1 Reskin. Created by Silverado Here is Zoey dressed as a recon corps.

This is only version 1, I might add more to her in the future. Thanks and Enjoy! Easy Rider Nick. Created by miztaegg. Credits: PappasKurtz for the original release Eranthis for Created by Robert J. Grandpa Bill Color 2. When the hell breaks loose, Grandpa Bill didn't have much time to put on his uniform, only grabbed his beret, an assault rifle and of course a pack of Lucky Strike, heads outside to fight the infected bastards on his own.

This color style resembles the ori Created by Tangerine. Looks like Bill found another job, since the army couldn't hold out. Let's hope he doesn't die restarting a generator, or exploding a tank for save his team on a train This mod includes. Cool Nick. Nick wears glasses Depending on the light conditions the glasses changing to light grow, dark grow or specular. NOT compatible with Nick mods that have their own custom model.

Cyber Screams: Numchuks' Curse (Cyber Screams 1)

M16A2 Silenced. HK33A3 SG SG replacer. Yet another version with the same HK Just added the holographic sight. HUD addon by Ale Hanzo Casual Skin as Nick. Created by al. I did not rip this model, I got it from here. Afrika Korps Ellis. We all know Georgia gets pretty hot sometimes, but Ellis decided he needed something better. He knew that in order to stay nice and cool, he'd need a cool fabric to wear, therefore he chose the tropical uniform of the Deutsche Afrika Korps DAK.

A res Spas Reanimation Without Sounds. This mod wasn't made by me. I just removed gunfire sounds to make it compatible with sound mods and reskins, also it was a weird sound bug that not always fix with rebuild audio cache, so for me, it's fair to remove them. If the original authors want this Postcard Euro-capital setting with added tax-production credits: check. Making more films this decade five than in the previous 40 years four seems to have made the ever more self-parodic Terrence Malick forget what editors are for. Both should either consider a pause — or maybe stepping things up to Miike levels.

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