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Sanderk36 September 12, Report. Great release but mostly impressed by some peoples deep deep pockets. Wish I could do that. Reply Notify me 1 Helpful. Graffixload June 29, Report. Anyone know the sample used for "Easy to love"? Life changing stuff in the right environment.

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Reply Notify me 3 Helpful. Daugvinas August 25, Report. I keep going back to this. Irresistible grooves on both sides. EverydayStruggle May 12, Report. Lots of top stuff on this label from what I've heard so far. Since it is a limited no repress label, It's too bad I missed out on this one, but it is what it is.

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At least now I know to hunt their newest releases when it becomes available. Sheets printed before the error was noticed constitute the uncorrected state; sheets printed after it was caught constitute the corrected state. Thus in the first Shakespeare folio of , page is incorrectly printed in a few copies.

Clearly, the error was caught early in the pressrun, because most surviving copies have the correct page number. Variant states generally occur in the printed sheets, before they go to the binder, and before publication. These terms—edition, impression, issue, and state—are important to the book collector because they help describe priority of publication. Collectors tend to desire the earliest form in which a book was published, preferring the uncorrected state of the first issue of the first impression of the first edition to all later ones.

William Matheson has dealt with the logic and illogic of book collecting in Chapter 1 of this book, however, so my task here is not to defend the sometimes seemingly indefensible preferences of collectors, but rather to lay out the vocabulary used to determine and describe these preferences.

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But the word is shopworn. Some definitions of the resulting, frequently found compounds are in order. The two main sorts of bibliography are:. Historical bibliography : the history of books broadly speaking, and of the persons, institutions, and machines producing them.

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Historical bibliography may range from technological history to the history of art in its concern with the evidence books provide about culture and society. Textual bibliography : the relationship between the printed text as we have it before us, and that text as conceived by its author. Handwriting is often difficult to decipher; compositors make occasional mistakes, and proofreaders sometimes fail to catch them; but especially in the period before about we often have only the printed book itself to tell us what the author intended.

The equipment of the textual bibliographer is both a profound knowledge of the work of the writer being edited and of his or her period and an equally profound knowledge of contemporary printing and publishing practices. Descriptive bibliography : the close physical description of books.

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Cancel Forgot your password? Year Language Undetermined 1. Impressions : for snare drum and 2 tom-toms, pour caisse claire et 2 toms by Nicolas Martynciow. Musical score.

12 STYLES OF RAPPING! (YOUTUBER EDITION) ft. Ricegum, Jake & Logan Paul, KSI, Zias!, and more!

Impressions : for snare drum and 2 tom-toms by Nicolas Martynciow.