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On 10 November I went to live with the uncle of a lady I knew in the village of Bonowice. The uprising in Warsaw had just finished and they could take me in as a child whose parents had died during the uprising. There I came back to life.

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I was free. I could go wherever I wanted , and I simply gulped the air. One day a lady came to uncle's who suspected that I was Jewish. She fired off lots of questions at me, which I was able to answer because, as I said, I knew my religion well; so she decided that I was not Jewish. Here I was liberated by the Russians. I stayed in the country till 1 May I went to school; I was popular there, and I was very happy.

Annotated by Joanna B.

Mending Wall Analysis and Explanation by Robert Frost

Advanced Search. It shouldn't come as a big surprise, therefore, that 'Shibo Yangcong-san' is actually Japanese for 'Cripple Mr Onion'.

Too Much Information: Season 5

In the early 80s there was an American TV commercial for the Wendy's chain of restaurants, featuring an irate old lady looking at her hamburger and ranting "Where's the beef?! This became a national catchphrase for a while, and then permanently entered the language when it was used in the Presidential campaign by Vice President Walter Mondale and directed towards Senator Gary Hart as an implication that the latter's promises had no substance.

Terry says: "See? This is probably a genuine joke that Americans will get and most Europeans won't. Apart from her ability to cause as many problems for Rincewind as the Quantum Weather Butterfly, Pretty Butterfly's name also resonates with that of the operatic Madame Butterfly. It is obvious that Luggages are fairly common in the Agatean Empire, yet in The Light Fantastic Twoflower explains that he got his Luggage from one of those mysterious magic shops. Terry says:. They've got real clocks in Ankh-Morpork now, people wear spectacles What makes the Luggage special is its peculiarly endearing character Lord Hong finds the blade interesting because he has just discovered a way to quench red-hot sword blades without oxidising them.

I am told that traditional Japanese sword makers did actually use condemned prisoners, but that was for testing purposes only, not for the actual forging process.

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Apparently, sword quality was sometimes measured in terms of the number of bodies the sword could cut through with a single blow. After a successful naval battle at the town of Marathon in Greece, a man reportedly ran all the way to Athens, 42 kilometres away, to inform his leader of the victory.

He is also reported to have died on the spot from the strain after announcing their win. This is how the running event of the same name was born. Foot binding was a very common practice in China among women of the upper classes.

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As young girls, their feet would be wrapped in painfully tight bandages. When the girls grew, their feet did not. By adulthood the feet were barely half their proper length, which was considered attractive. Thankfully the procedure has almost died out. Well, he'd show them Three Solid Frogs is inventing the Willow Pattern Plate, the well-known blue oriental picture of a maiden standing on a bridge.

Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry. In , thousands of terracotta warriors no two faces alike!


Huangdi was the first emperor of a unified China BC , famed for being harsh, autocratic, and intolerant of criticism. So the producers roped in anyone who 'looked Japanese' -- mainly Koreans, the story runs. The actors didn't really have lines since their job was, basically, to be shot by John Wayne. In order to give them something 'Japanese sounding' to say, some genius suggested they shout, very fast, "I tie your shoe, you tie my shoe" In July , when his appeal appeared certain to fail,….

Zola accused the army of covering up its mistaken conviction of Dreyfus and of acquitting Esterhazy on the orders of the Ministry of War. Dreyfus affair , political crisis, beginning in and continuing through , in France during the Third Republic. The controversy centred on the question of the guilt or innocence of army captain Alfred Dreyfus, who had been convicted of treason for allegedly selling military secrets to the Germans in December He was noted for his theories of naturalism, which underlie his monumental novel series Les Rougon-Macquart, and for his intervention in the Dreyfus Affair through his….

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