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Highly recommended. Hutchens An introspective explanation of the Scottish Rite upper degrees. Masonic Words and Phrases by Michael R. Albert Mackey.

So geht Korsika!

Mackey's Jurisprudence of Freemasonry by Dr. Mackey Masonic laws and governance. Some of your own Grand Lodge laws may supercede these written laws, however, this book is foundational to understanding and practicing Masonic law. This book provides an excellent introspection into the need to go "back to the basics" within our lodges, and it rightfully calls each member to be a guiding light to assist both new and long-time brothers to truly learn the meaning of the Craft, and not simply be satisfied to only memorize the words within the ritual.

The Masonic Wife was written to answer many of the questions that men and women have about Freemasonry. It will answer questions such as: Is Freemasonry Good or Evil? Macoy's Modern Worshipful Master's Assistant. If you are a collector of original or older works by famous Freemason authors of rarely found Masonic books for your Masonic library, feel free to browse the links on my Rare Masonic Books page.

Even if you are not a collector, you may find many of these works to be interesting historical Masonic reading. Masonic Rings. Rare Masonic Books. If you are a newly Entered Apprentice, I would suggest you read about one of Freemasonry's most important symbols The Pythagorean Theorem , also known as the 47th Problem of Euclid. Lodge Etiquette. Freemason Symbols. Masonic Degree Verses. They also help conduct the candidates during the degree conferrals. In some jurisdictions, the Masters of Ceremony are responsible for answering alarms at the preparing room, examination room or outer doors.

Jewels are suspended from a white ribbon by way of collar. During the Agape, every Mason must respect certain etiquette, when it comes to eating and chewing. It must be very elegant in the presence of visitors, and especially in the presence of profanes. Feminine principle. In Hermetic philosophy, they pretend to solve and explain all the phenomena of nature from the three chemical principles: salt, sulphur, and mercury. It invites the candidate to appear naked and poor, in order to control his passions, especially the one of possession, of power, of vanity.

The Sun is at the opposite of the pillar "J". Ashlar, the Perfect Ashlar, and the Trestle-Board. They are termed Immovable, because they are appropriated to particular parts of the Lodge, where alone they should be found, namely, the Square to the East, the Level to the West, and the Plumb to the South. Also, a candidate, on receiving the Second Degree, is said to be "passed to a Fellow Craft.

This symbol refers to the complementary duality of the two principles: Body and Spirit. Mother Lodge may also refer to a Lodge which sponsors the creation of a new Lodge, the Daughter Lodge, to be warranted under the jurisdiction of the same Grand Lodge. Mystery - mysterion in Greek, is derived from the Greek verb myein.

The plural, mysteria , was first used in application to the Eleusinian Mysteries. The Greek terms for initiation, myesis and telete , also became first widely used at the Eleusinian cult of Demeter. While the modern meaning of the term mystery means something unknown, to the ancients mysterion meant something divine, deeply profound and worth knowing. Naphtali - one of the sons of Jacob, brother of Joseph, and a founder of one of the twelve tribes of Israel. In Freemasonry the newly initiated and uninstructed candidate is sometimes so designated.

A wall being erected on any part of the earth farther north than that, will therefore, at meridian, receive the rays of the sun only on its south side, while the north as a symbol of darkness will be entirely in shadow at the hour of meridian. It is for this reason that apprentices sit on the Northern column, side of the Temple where there are no windows. To us Masons, they represent the ever sustaining power of our God supporting and directing us in the great work we have to do.

As they were placed at the entrance of the Temple so are they placed at the beginning of our journey to the Middle Chamber to remind us that we are passing from the world of the seen and temporal, the material world, to the realm of the unseen and eternal, and the spiritual realities. Notice - a call issued by the Secretary, by order of the lodge or Master, or by other competent authority to attend or perform as specified. Novitiate - a beginner ; a novice.

It is venerated, not because it has any supernatural efficacy, as thought the Pythagoreans and others, but because it has concealed within some allusion to a sacred object or holy thought, which it symbolizes. The number three, for instance, like the triangle, is a symbol; the number nine, like the triple triangle, another. The Masonic doctrine of sacred numbers must not, therefore, be confounded with the doctrine of numbers which prevailed in other systems. The most important symbolic or sacred numbers in Freemasonry are three, five, seven, nine, twenty-seven and eighty-one.

The most important oath is considered to be the one taken during Initiation. By his obligation, a Freemason is bound or tied to his Order. Phi 1. Base principles adopted by the majority of Masonic Obediences. In principle, no decor is worn by members of the Lodge. The opening is made by announcements between the Worshipful Master and two Wardens. Then comes the opening itself with the illumination of the Lodge, and according to the Rite, the invocation to the Great Architect of the Universe, the grand honours and acclamations.

The Speculative Science is that which is practiced by the Freemasons of the present day.

The Three Degrees of Freemasonry

He is the one who can intervene directly and who can stop the work, if the law is not respected. He may also be called upon to present a paper to celebrate milestones in the life of the lodge. It may be defined to be a brotherhood, fellowship, or association of certain persons, united by laws and statutes peculiar to the society, engaged in a common object or design, and distinguished by particular habits, ensigns, badges or symbols.

Palliate - to try to conceal the seriousness of an offense by excuses and apologies ; to moderate the intensity of ; to reduce the seriousness of ; to relieve or lessen without curing. Passions - great emotion ; the emotions as distinguished from reason ; powerful or compelling feelings or desires. With space for your Masonic history, and signatures for your lodge attendance, it also has pages for you to get signed by lodges you have visited. Word given during an Initiation or a Passage to another Degree.

Pectoral - in, on, or of the chest. Pedal - of, or relating to, the foot or feet. It is associated to vigilance, and appears on the Hoodwink of the Chamber of Reflection. Pilaster - an upright architectural member that is rectangular in plan and is structurally a pier, but is architecturally treated as a column ; it usually projects a third of its width or less from the wall. An instrument used to loosen the soil and prepare it for digging.

It is one of the Working Tools of a Royal Arch Mason, and symbolically teaches him to loosen from his heart the hold of evil habits. What this means is that the people that engage in the ceremonies there, as well as their movements are supposed to symbolize the movements of the celestial bodies, planets. It is an attribute of the Junior Warden. In the Old Constitutions known as the Halliwell or Regius Manuscript, there are fifteen regulations which are called points.

Some authors define point as "a head or chief matter.

Freemasonry’s Sacred Space in America - Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Religion

The 30th Degree or "Kadosh" means Holy or Consecrated. That is the moment when he writes his philosophical will, his last wishes before his profane death. It is also the emblem of deep research of truth, confidence and balance. By their number, by their symmetry and by their left uncovered pips, they symbolize the Masonic family whose members are harmoniously connected by the spirit of order and fraternity.

Pommel - a ball or knob. At its entrance was a gate made entirely of Corinthian brass, the most precious metal known to the ancients. Besides this gate there were the two pillars Jachin and Boaz, which had been constructed by Hiram Abif. Precepts - a principle or instruction intended especially as a general rule of action. This position requires a great kindness and a lot of dexterity. Prudence - the ability to govern and discipline oneself by the use of reason ; skill and good judgment in the management of affairs or the use of resources ; caution or circumspection as to danger or risk.

Profane - derived from the Latin profanus, from pro before and fanum temple. In Freemasonry it refers to one who has not been initiated into the mysteries of the Craft. Only the Lodge officers can ask him questions, in turns. There is also suspension, which is a Masonic punishment, consisting of a temporary deprivation of all the rights and privileges of Freemasonry. Raise - When a candidate has received the Third Degree, he is said to have been raised to the sublime Degree of a Master Mason. The expression refers, materially, to a portion of the ceremony of initiation, but symbolically, to the resurrection, which it is the object of the Degree to exemplify.

The ceremony of initiation into a Degree of Freemasonry. Synonym: neophyte. Also, Grand Lodges are the superior body of any jurisdiction. They alone constitute the authority which can form or recognize a local lodge as being Masonic. But it has in modern times been loosely employed to signify almost any kind of ornaments. Hence the collar and jewel, and sometimes even the apron, are called by many Freemasons the regalia.

Some Lodges have abandoned parts of Landmarks, considering them to be "archaic" non admission of women, evocation of the Great Architect of the Universe. Reprehend - to voice disapproval of ; to express an attitude of unhappiness and disgust. A registered letter to his Worshipful is enough. However, he also needs to make sure he fulfilled his duties. In general, t he spirit of the law of Freemasonry does not recognize the right of any member of a Lodge to resign his membership, unless it is for the purpose of uniting with another Lodge.

This type of resignation is called a demission. It usually announces the arrival of the day and sometimes also symbolizes resurrection. The rope of the recipient in the Initiation ceremony. The knotted rope was used by the builders to define proportions, draw right angles and circles. The tassel is the graphic representation of the Chain of Union. The knots are also called the Lemniscate. In Continental Masonry and in some advanced Degrees, these traitors are called Assassins.

Enter the secret world of the Freemasons

All the various Rites, except the York and English Rites, begin their systems with the Fourth degree, some claiming as many as ninety-six degrees. The mode of opening and closing Lodge, of conferring the Degrees, of installation, and other duties, constitute a System of ceremonies which are called the Ritual. In certain circumstances the Bible may be replaced with another symbol.

Salutary - producing a beneficial effect ; remedial ; promoting health ; curative ; wholesome. More than a formal discretion, the real secret of Initiation, is actually incommunicable. Every six months a secret word is communicated by the Grand Orient to all the Lodges under its jurisdiction. This custom was introduced October 28, , during the Grand Mastership of the Duke of Chartres, to allow him better control over the Lodges, and to ensure that Lodge members could recognize the members who were not constant in their attendance, and also those Freemasons who either belonged to an unrecognized Rite, or who were not affiliated with any Lodge.

In the absence of the Master he presides over the Lodge, appointing some brothers, not the Junior Warden, to occupy his place. Seraph - an order of angels; one of the 6-winged angels standing in the presence of God. Manual Brother or Artist of the Lodge. It can also be white, with the participation of profanes. Severally - one at a time ; each by itself ; separately ; independently. Shod - wearing footgear; with shoes on.

The signs differ according to the Degrees. It is the symbol of the profanes death, who was reborn in real life by Initiation. As the means of inciting the mind to the contemplation of the most solemn subjects, the Skull and Cross-Bones are used in the Chamber of Reflection in the French and Scottish Rites, and in all those Degrees where the Chamber constitutes a part of the preliminary ceremonies of initiation.

The Skull and Cross-Bones are a symbol of mortality and death, and are so used by heralds in funeral achievements. His wisdom had become legendary. Near these days are those in which the Christian church commemorates Saint John the Baptist and Saint John the Evangelist, who have been selected as the patron saints of Freemasonry. When Operative Masonry was dropped out of the Craft in the eighteenth century, only the speculative elements remained and these became the basis of our present Fraternity. We usually date the birth of speculative Freemasonry at the creation of the Grand Lodge in London in By Speculative Masonry we allude to a proper application of the useful rules of the Temple Builder whence our souls will derive a spiritual strength and beauty.

It has been written that the spheres were the symbol of the Masonic universality, and teach us to so regulate our lives that when we pass from earth, the terrestrial, it may be to that other and better world, the celestial. The spheres are in all likelihood the symbolization of the mastery of the compass. It inculcates the lesson of morality, of truthfulness, of honesty. Allegorically represents balance and straightness.

Masonic Education Basics

One with three steps, the other with five steps. In the French and Scottish Rites lighted candles or torches are called stars when used in some of the ceremonies, especially in the reception of distinguished visitors, where the number of lights or stars with which the visitor is received is proportioned to his rank; but the number is always odd, being 3, 5, 7, 9, or Steady - constant in feeling, principle, purpose, or attachment ; dependable ; firm in intent showing little variation or fluctuation ; unwavering ; resolute.

Symbol of great meaning, used by the Master of Ceremonies. The Worshipful, when he has suspended a work for a recreation, starts it up again by uttering the phrase "my Brothers, the work starts with strength and vigour". The way of entering the Lodge. Each Degree has particular steps. Traffic in the Temple must follow a specific way. Subdue - to bring under control, especially by an exertion of the will ; to reduce the intensity or degree of ; tone down. Sublime - lofty, grand, or exalted in thought, expression, or manner ; of outstanding spiritual, intellectual, or moral worth ; tending to inspire awe.

This notice shall specify the place where the meeting will take place, the day and time, the composition of the workshop, and the order of the day. In general, any question which is not on the agenda should not be brought up in the Lodge. It is customary to include the names, addresses and telephone numbers of the Worshipful Master, the Secretary and the Treasurer, on the summons. Superfice - a geometrical object which is of two dimensions and exists in a single plane. Superfluity — excess ; unnecessary ; immoderate, especially living habits or desires.

Superfluous - exceeding what is needed ; excess ; unnecessary. Superstructure - anything based on, or rising from, some foundation or basis ; an entity, concept, or complex based on a more fundamental one. The Worshipful Master handles a Flaming Sword. In this sense, Freemasonry is essentially a Science of Symbolism. Is usually used as caption of Masonic documents. It represents the "Mystic Tie"; that bond which unites men of diverse opinions into one sacred community of Friends and Brothers. They are most often represented by keys 'Silver Tears' on the sets.

Temperance - moderation in action, thought, or feeling ; self-restraint ; a habitual moderation in the indulgence of the appetites or passions. This Expert is never met in English Masonry. He is, therefore, the understudy of the whole body of officers, a superior sort of general utility man. It is the title given by the Talmudists to the name of God, Jehovah, which in the original Hebrew Consists of four letters. The Tetragrammaton, the symbol of Divine Light and Truth, is considered in the advanced degrees of Freemasonry, like the Orient in the lower, as the great source of true Masonic Light.

This is the name of God that only the Grand Priory was allowed to pronounce once a year. It is possible to establish a connection between these elements and the Pythagorean Tetractys "Fire. Water, Earth The sum of the first four numbers is Going from 4 to 1, it is going from the material, from the tangible, from the mineral to the Divine, through the fluid, liquid or gaseous. After the number One, it is the first undividable number. The number Three therefore means the balance: physical, moral, intellectual, or cosmic. The Three, in Masonry, is the number of the Apprentice with his three years, his three steps, the three steps of the stair.

This number reminds us of the three great lights, the three kingdoms of nature, the Holy Trinity. It is probable that the idea was suggested by the sacred character of the number three as a Masonic number, and these tree dots might refer to the position of the three officers in a French Lodge. In the Masonic Temple, the throne is replaced by a Chair. For the one who was the best worker in brass, they made a brazen tomb and there laid the cadaver of Master Hiram. All Master Masons of the Globe respect this Masonic tradition. Tongue of Good Report - having a good reputation ; those who know you report that you are of credit to yourself and to society.

He draws attention, for example, to the chairs—an obvious material detail of the lodge. Masculine decoration suggests that Masons imagined proximity to Masonic interior geography would prompt moral masculine performances. Conceived at a time when most American men associated manhood with whiteness and defined it in contrast to womanhood, Masonic sacred space has long entailed an ironic penchant—waning by the turn of the 21st century—for racial and sexual apartheid.

Prince Hall Freemasonry, named for its eponymous founder, emerged alongside the white American organization in the 18th century. Prince Hall Masons have perceived their lodges as proud and assertive black physical and human spaces. OES matrons, as stridently committed to the cause as Masons, meet as chapters. They sometimes have their own buildings, or they may meet in Masonic temple meeting rooms, churches or schools, or even Masonic lodges on days the men are absent.

Prince Hall OES chapters are common, and open to all women. From the beginning, then, Masonic space was racialized and gendered. Masonic space as sacred space, however, promotes the continuous, unchanging reproduction of Masonic ways of seeing and knowing. Scholarship of American Masonry has only touched on Masonic geographical and spatial awareness. Numerous extant Masonic monitors, or guidebooks, to Masonic rites and their performance these now take in internet websites, that include online Masonic dictionaries, e. Important select historical monitors include:.

Davis, Z. Find this resource:. Duncan, Malcolm. Gentleman belonging to the Jerusalem Lodge. Boston: Gilbert and Dean, Morgan, William. Illustrations of Masonry. Chicago: Ezra A. Cook Publications, Webb, T. Bullock, Steven. Carnes, Mark. Secret Ritual and Manhood in Victorian America.

Phillip Gordon Mackintosh

Curl, James Stevens. Hackett, David. Berkeley: University of California Press, Harland-Jacobs, Jessica. Builders of Empire: Freemasons and British Imperialism, — Kuhlke, Olaf. Lance Brockman, C. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, Mackintosh, Phillip Gordon, and Clyde R. Moore, William. Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press, Walker, Corey.

Urbana: University of Illinois Press, William T.

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