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Beautifully written, it reinvents one of the inconic monsters in ways that are both classical and up to the minute. We can be sure horror fiction is still vital when it's reimagined as freshly and vigorously as this.

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With Motherless Child , Glen Hirshberg has also demonstrated that, in the hands of a sufficiently talented writer, there is no figure that is past its prime. Always one of his generation's finest stylists, its most able students of character, he has written one of the best books of the year.

The vampire novel has survived TWILIGHT and is dead and kicking as ever, and it will remain so as long as there are writers of Hirshberg's caliber to ring new changes on this venerable archetype. Generally I inelegantly express this sentiment just before another work comes out that proves me wrong.

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And here I am, doing so once again just as we're blessed with Glen Hirshberg's Motherless Child , a superbly gritty and intense novel that neither knows nor cares about genres, literary or vampire. Hirshberg is the sort of author who brings an authentic voice of the sort of people you might know, caught up in circumstances beyond our imaginations, to the printed page.

Natalie and Sophie, single mothers, meet the Whistler - and his mother. It proves to be unfortunate for all concerned, other than the reader who will be gripped with the white-hot fury of Hirshberg's ability to write great prose, great characters, and great sleaze in a novel that makes you feel.

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He peels away the American dreams of motherhood and rock and roll to their bloody core. He writes as if possessed by a falling angel.

And he brings a genre that deserves to die to shuddering, bloody life. He's probably damned by all this, but readers won't give a damn. A great novel about vampires is a great novel. Put a stake through it. Pub lisher.

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