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    Jacobs, Diurnal and seasonal variation of carbon dioxide exchange from a former true raised bog. Global Change Biology, 4: - , Sterk, A. Jacobs, J. Van Boxel, The effect of turbulent flow structures on saltination sand transport in the atmospheric boundary layer. She often reads her poetry accompanied by a band of Moroccan musicians. Discussions with American poets, or with professors specialized in themes related to her writing e. A video of Madani reading with translator Marilyn Hacker.

    Excerpts from Tales of a Severed Head :. On jadaliyya. Skip to main content. Jun Jul 2. Jul 6. Jul 9. Sep Jul Sep 8. Apr May Mar Aug 4. About us. Awards Donate Archive. Contacts Resources. Rachida Madani. The performances and lectures she offers include: Short talks about her work followed by a discussion with the audience.