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My opinions are my own. Jan 06, Glenn Conley rated it liked it Shelves: reviewed. While reading this, I wanted to punch the stupid fucking cunt of a narrator in the face so many times. She's such a whiney little bitch. I mean, in the very first chapter, some guy walks into her bookstore and she just swears at him under her breath.

Fucking jerkoff. Get the fuck out of my store And then, of course, she falls in love with him. Because he's the most interesting man in the universe. The last so-called superhero. But this isn't the story of the last superhero. Because th While reading this, I wanted to punch the stupid fucking cunt of a narrator in the face so many times.

Because there's really nothing heroic about him. I don't understand it, because when she first sees him, wandering through her bookstore, not only is she silently swearing at him, she also mentions in the narrative how old and homely he looks. So where's the attraction? I don't fucking get it.

After what seems like forever, they finally do fuck. And it's oh so amazing, of course. He's so dreamy, because he's controlling her fucking mind. He gives her fantasies inside her head that are more vivid than any virtual reality. And when they're fucking, she's not even aware of it. But that soon changes Because then the story becomes fucking bullshit Inception.

See, when this so-called superhero falls asleep, his nightmares come to life, and drag this stupid cunt into them. And in those nightmares, it's all out superhero war, like back in the good old days, when there really were villains to fight. Later in the story, it becomes full on Matrix-Inception. Where a group of people have to jack into superfreak's mind, in order to save him from all the super villains in his head. Yes, I know. Stupid as fuck, right? I don't understand why the fuck the author decided to go the Inception route.

Why have the nightmares at all?

Stan Lee Co-Created a New Superhero Before His Death | CBR

Why not just be some kind of Hancock tale? You know, where the washed-up hero has to make amends for his past, and ends up fighting evil in the real world once again. I could get behind a story like that. It'd be awesome. Hell, maybe another super villain will come out of retirement and wreck some havoc. Destroy a city or two.

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Why'd the whole story have to be in this fucker's head? There was just no reason for it. Well, other than the author just being a lazy cunt. View 2 comments. Dec 07, Ko rated it it was amazing. Great read! Jan 03, Ruth B rated it it was amazing Shelves: , fantasy , superhero. I always wondered how people would react if superheroes were real. Would we be friendly with them?

In this world created by Astrid, the last superhero walking on Earth saves Giana from a dangerous situation and from then on a chaotic, romantic, intense and why not exciting story starts to develop. Giana is a twenty-nine-year old woman, who owns a bookstore my dream job and I always wondered how people would react if superheroes were real.

Giana is a twenty-nine-year old woman, who owns a bookstore my dream job and to be honest has a lot to figure out about life. Like most thirtyish people she still needs to decide where she is going professionally and her personal life is a disaster. Here enters Steven S. Waldorf, a superhero with a shady past. Once she meets Steven, curiosity wins and she decides to take a leap of faith and gives him a chance.

The relationship between those two is really good. It goes from innocent and sweet, to hard and intense. I really like Giana because she is like a walking disaster but still manages to be the heroin of the story. She has a real and believable personality and of course she makes mistakes. I love characters with flaws because I can relate to that. Despite her doubts, her hesitating moments and all, she is everything I want in a character and more. Steven is hard to describe. There a shadows in his personality but his loneliness and despair is really well described.

This dark character was perfect to create such a story. The plot was flawless and easy to understand. The author creates a solid world, with explanations for all the questions you might have. The whole deal with the government is outstanding. There are moments that really blown up my mind because of the consequences of some choices. Now, I have to mention the dream land or the nightmares world.

The human imagination is powerful and can create things beyond our wildest dreams. So everything that happen in this place is fantastic. The scenes were written in a way that made easy to picture each moment. They were vivid, colorful and full of action.

The story was so gripping that made me impossible to stop reading. Each word dragged me more and more into a world where feelings and emotions were palpable and real. The author gave her the power and she became a living entity. This is the result of the writing style. The way the character talks to herself and describe the events for her is original and refreshing. It seems like she has forgotten that the reader is there observing her life.

Overall, this is an excellent book, very recommendable. If you like superheroes, love and fantasy you should read this one. Dec 16, Cyrano rated it really liked it. The plot of the book doesn't break a lot of new ground--man with a chequered past is redeemed by the power of love and a samurai. The world was well thought out--if you've been reading me for a while, you'll remember my comment about "It's just like now except elephants can fly".

It's a similar set up, but there's been thought put into how that changes things in the world. I appreciate that our protagonist reacts poorly to being mind controlled, and that our secondary character thought he was do The plot of the book doesn't break a lot of new ground--man with a chequered past is redeemed by the power of love and a samurai. I appreciate that our protagonist reacts poorly to being mind controlled, and that our secondary character thought he was doing a good thing when he did it.

In many stories involving mind control we tend to gloss over moral questions, but here I liked wondering to what extent Giana was being manipulated. Of course, I just finished watching "Jessica Jones" so I'm predisposed to look for that right now. I nearly rolled my eyes at how quickly said p. There were a couple of elements in the ending that I might have wished were handled differently, but this is a good story. It starts off easily, gently, getting our feet wet, picks up speed, and then throws you into the cuisinart for the big finish. But what drew me in the most was the author's voice.

We live inside Giana's head, and the action and dialogue are seasoned with her impressions and thoughts. It's like a kaleidoscope, or perhaps better like a pointillistic painting.

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Each element is a dot on the canvas, and put together they create a full picture. Your momentum carries you along--each bit may not connect, but the first bit allows you to jump or drop to the next. Her head feels a lot like mine, even if I did occasionally wince at pop culture references that will soon serve as anchors to stick the story in a certain time. Unlike some self-published works, this book has cleaned itself up nicely and there are very few typographic incidents.

Ten points for Hufflepuff! Dec 30, Dixie Conley rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed. This book was seriously engrossing, especially after it reached the halfway point. Before the halfway point, there were dull moments with too much ordinary life showing through, but once it hit halfway, it took off.

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You hereby warrant that you are 16 years of age or older or are visiting the Website under parental supervision. If Stan Lee revolutionized the comic book world in the s, which he did, he left as big a stamp — maybe bigger — on the even wider pop culture landscape of today. And that is to say nothing of the Hulk, the X-Men, Thor and other film and television juggernauts that have stirred the popular imagination and made many people very rich. If all that entertainment product can be traced to one person, it would be Stan Lee, who died in Los Angeles on Monday at From a cluttered office on Madison Avenue in Manhattan in the s, he helped conjure a lineup of pulp-fiction heroes that has come to define much of popular culture in the early 21st century.

Lee was a central player in the creation of those characters and more, all properties of Marvel Comics. Many believe that Marvel, under his leadership and infused with his colorful voice, crystallized that era, one of exploding sales, increasingly complex characters and stories, and growing cultural legitimacy for the medium. Under Mr. Lee, Marvel transformed the comic book world by imbuing its characters with the self-doubts and neuroses of average people, as well an awareness of trends and social causes and, often, a sense of humor. In humanizing his heroes, giving them character flaws and insecurities that belied their supernatural strengths, Mr.

Energetic, gregarious, optimistic and alternately grandiose and self-effacing, Mr. He charmed readers with jokey, conspiratorial comments and asterisked asides in narrative panels, often referring them to previous issues. Though Mr. He was born Stanley Martin Lieber on Dec.

The family moved to the Bronx. He was set on the path to becoming a different kind of writer when, after a few false starts at other jobs, he was hired at Timely Publications, a company owned by Martin Goodman , a relative who had made his name in pulp magazines and was entering the comics field. Eventually he was writing and editing stories, many in the superhero genre. At Timely he worked with the artist Jack Kirby , who, with a writing partner, Joe Simon , had created the hit character Captain America, and who would eventually play a vital role in Mr.

When Mr.

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Simon and Mr. Lee was appointed chief editor. As a writer, Mr. Lee could be startlingly prolific. Maybe not the best, but the fastest. Lee used several pseudonyms to give the impression that Marvel had a large stable of writers; the name that stuck was simply his first name split in two. In the s, he legally changed Lieber to Lee. Lee wrote training manuals stateside in the Army Signal Corps while moonlighting as a comics writer. His daughter Joan Celia Lee, who is known as J.

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A lawyer for Ms. Lee, Kirk Schenck, confirmed Mr. In the mids, the peak of the golden age of comic books, sales boomed.