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Neither hell-nor-high-water can keep Gabby Hayes look-alike Hoot Dagney from the side of Bertha, his new bride. I walked over to the front bay window to gaze out at the beauty of the snow in a neighborhood filled with houses dating back seventy-five years, or more.

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I scooped up a forkful of pie, but never got it to my mouth. At the edge of the Rosier property, Craig Munro had climbed into a leafless tree with low branches. Using a telephoto lens, he was trying to take shots through the large, bow-shaped window. You captured her quirky innocence.

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I quickly moved away from them. Sadness was always something I could cope with. After mom and I were abandoned by my dad, that was something I lived with for quite a few years. Still sometimes my inadequacy taunted and played terrible head-games. The old, avenging Ronnie was back in a flash. I strode over to him.

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He immediately stood and followed me. I walked over to the bay window and took a bite of spinach pie as Ross hauled the reporter out of the tree and slapped handcuffs on him.

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The scene is set—and captured my attention—with the wintry, getting-ready-for-a-wedding first chapter. Of course, Ronnie and her friends become targets of the killer. Fast paced and delightfully written with wit and suspense that keeps you burning the midnight oil, this novel is filled with colorful characters, dialogue that is spot-on, and scenes that will make you drool with envy.

And with a truly satisfactory ending, what more could you want? Except your own personal copy.

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Curl up and enjoy. Will a wedding and honeymoon ever take place for Ronnie and Dawson? Grab a cup of joe or hot chocolate and immerse yourself for an enjoyable read. Ronnie is a detective with heart and soul, a character you can easily fall in love with. Deputy Sheriff Lt.

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Nike N. This novel will release within the next two weeks. Their joyous stay at the rustic, yet luxurious Heritage Cove Inn is shattered by a murder with a clandestine motive and tendrils stretching back to the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Filled with tension and fast-paced action, the book also brings out the romance between the protagonists and both the suspense and romance are handled as an experienced, great writing author should do—realistically and attention-grabbing.

Ronnie Ingels teams up with Lt Dawson Hughes to find the missing wife and daughter of nerdy radio DJ Harper, even though reported far later than they should have been.

The Redeemer (A Detective Shakespeare Mystery, Book #3)

Fear for the missing mother and daughter is building when the double protagonists go from questioning the elite society of Connecticut and grouchy local police detectives to an underworld of fashion and terrorism. Is the husband at fault? Time is ticking…and everyone knows time is a factor in finding a live child. Recommended highly! Hoot owns a diner and Bertha is his head waitress and chief pie baker. Bertha is one of those Christian women who is genuinely kind, from the heart. And Hoot is protective of her. Sweet, askance romance, warm intimacy, sophisticated themes presented tastefully.

Ages 17 to So, why is she surprised when her husband of one year cheats on her? The real shock is his murder, with the local lawman pegging her as the prime suspect. Ronnie is a sharp shooting, Brooklyn born and raised private investigator who travels to west Texas, where her cheating husband is murdered. As she hunts the killer to clear her name, she becomes the hunted. A chance brought to Detective Shakespeare whether he wants it or not. A chance brought to him by The Redeemer.

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Robert Kennedy comes the third entry in the acclaimed Detective Shakespeare Mysteries series, The Redeemer, a dark tale exploring the psyches of the serial killer, the victim, and the police, as they all try to achieve the same goals. And redemption. Create Widget. About J. Learn more about J.

About the Series: Detective Shakespeare Mysteries. NYPD Detective Justin Shakespeare, disgraced five years ago, battles to regain his reputation, while trying to solve some of the most disturbing cases ever seen in New York City. Also in Series: Detective Shakespeare Mysteries. Also by This Author. Report this book. Reason for report: — Select a reason — Book is or contains spam Book infringes copyright Same content is published elsewhere with different author for ex.