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The worms attach themselves to the intestinal walls and suck blood from the sheep, leading to anemia and eventual death without intervention from the shepherd. Like antibiotic resistance, anthelmintic resistance is becoming more prevalent from overuse and irresponsible use.

Selecting for this important resistance trait will help to allow us to raise our sheep on pasture without relying on excessive anthelmintic use. In order to help us identify the most parasite resistant, growthy, excellent animals, and therefore those we will either keep or market to other producers, we use an incredible resource known as the National Sheep Improvement Program. This is a data collection and processing program that allows us to scientifically predict how an individual animal will perform.

We collect data on each of our lambs during the first days of their life. We also measure fecal egg counts. This lovely task involves collecting fecal samples yep , mashing them up with a salt solution also yep , straining that solution and counting the number of barber pole worm eggs in each sample under a microscope YEP.

We send that data into NSIP, and those smart folks crunch the data and send us back a report on our flock, a resource we can use to identify our most genetically impressive individuals. In addition to observation of the animals for correct confirmation and adherence to the breed standard, we use this data to make informed, intentional decisions and further our breeding goals.

Shocking picture shows sea eagle carrying lamb — as Isle of Wight farmers raise concerns

Intention is a word we use frequently nowadays. I love it. Breeding these animals, raising flowers with intention is hard, thoughtful work. It requires investment - of money, time, education, fuel.

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If raising sheep is of interest to you, I encourage you to take a peek at some of the resources and events below, and never hesitate to reach out to us with questions. And keep following along on social media, because the next few weeks are the most rewarding of the year - when all the babies are born.

Latest from NZ

Keynote speaker is Temple Grandin!!!!!!! Tons of educational seminars, connecting with shepherds around the world. The next big event on the farm is when the lambs are sold around Christmas for, well, you can guess.

Will EWE marry me? Farmer's surprise wedding proposal using his SHEEP

This is how Pete keeps his sheep population to The rest are for shearing, which mainly happens in the spring. The sheep have migrated to the back of the shed and Pete asks if we want to catch a sheep. She sets her sights on one terrified lamb that tries to hide behind its woolly brethren to escape her clutches, to no avail.

He put up a good fight, but Tanya is determined. Pete tells her to put the sheep on his butt. Before we can start though, we have to name our little lamb-shearing victim and I choose the name Larry. It just seemed to fit. Pete starts by showing us the correct way to shear a sheep, putting the shears as close to the skin as possible and Larry seems as docile as, well, a lamb.

But I think Larry starts to have flashbacks of his capture when Tanya gets ahold of the shears and things go slightly awry. See what happened:. Things turn out OK. We manage to actually shear a sheep without slaughtering it and we feel pretty good about ourselves. As our video explains, we only got about 1. The alpacas are the cash cows, so to speak, of the farm. They only produce 2 kgs of hair, but their hair is sought after around the world for its softness. When we finally meet the alpacas, they rush us in similar fashion to the sheep because we are holding that blue box of pellets.

Their round, long-lashed eyes blink at us expectantly. Eventually, they get bored with the pellets and plop down on folded legs into the grass.

Gaye adds to the spread with potatoes, pasta salad and green salad, along with a lovely Cabernet-Merlot. We talk about our common interests, mainly travel. They ask us where they should go in Florida when their cruise ends.

Secrets of Raising Katahdin Sheep

Tanya, the New Orleans native, makes a pitch for her hometown. I have to pitch my birthplace Mobile, AL. We also talk US politics from gun violence to the economy.

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  • Shocking picture shows sea eagle carrying lamb — as Isle of Wight farmers raise concerns.
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  • One might make the mistake of thinking that Pete and Gaye are provincial, isolated on this farm in Rangiora. On our last day, we meet newlyweds and a group of girlfriends from Singapore.

    The Sheep — Old Slate Farm

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