Manual Communication in Health Organizations

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Understanding and applying the concepts discussed in this book can enhance communication in health organizations, which ultimately benefits health care delivery. Communication in Health Organizations offers students, researchers, and health practitioners a unique multi-disciplinary perspective that invites stimulating reflection, discussion, and application of communication issues affecting today's health system.

Communication in Health Organizations. Culture can be defined by group membership, such as racial, ethnic, linguistic or geographical groups, or as a collection of beliefs, values, customs, ways of thinking, communicating, and behaving specific to a group. As part of a cultural group, people learn communication rules, such as who communicates with whom, when and where something may be communicated, and what to communicate about.

Members of a cultural group also learn one or more languages that facilitate communication within the group. Sometimes, though, language can get in the way of successful communication.

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When people and organizations try to use their in-group languages, or jargon, in other contexts and with people outside the group, communication often fails and creates misunderstanding and barriers to making meaning in a situation. When these professionals want to share information, their jargon may have an even greater effect when limited literacy and cultural differences are part of the communication exchange with patients, caregivers, and other healthcare workers.

Review the Find Training section of this website for courses in culture and communication. Translated materials and interpreter services can help bridge language differences, but translations and interpreter services may not be fully accurate or complete.

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Not all languages have words for something that exists in other languages and cultures, and not all words and ideas can be easily translated into or explained in another language. Or, people may have weak literacy and numeracy skills in their native language, and translated materials are too complex or technical for them.

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The interpreter may not be fully attuned to the need for everyday language, making it difficult for the client to fully comprehend the information. Before answering the questions below ensure that you have registered to record your answers in a personal portfolio by entering your email address in the sidebar on your left.

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Think of your workplace Think of a communication exchange with a patient and family that was satisfying - what was good about it? Why did it work? What about that experience could be replicated? Think of an experience at work that is related to patient safety, a 'bad patient outcome' - what role did communication play in that?

Communication in Health Organizations

World Health Organization. Communication During Patient Hand-overs.

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