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Ibiza Virgins' Guide: where to stay on Ibiza? | Ibiza Spotlight

Relentless From Good to Great to Unstoppable. Any info would be great.

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Hey Dave — check out these hotels near Kreuzberg. Where is the link to download the PDF format Berlin-guide-for-foodies which is sorced from the original B Hipster guide, could not find it on the BiteMojo site that you recommended! Hi Paul — it was a one-time promotion, but please send me an email and I can try and track down a copy for you :. What good bars and nightlife is there in Tempelhof?

We have just booked into a guesthouse Pension Friedrich-Wilhelm and wanted to know whats around. Considering you only have to pay a one time fee for the plugin, as opposed to aproximado plugins, I would recommend WP Profit Builder in a heartbeat.

Ibiza Virgins' Guide: where to stay on Ibiza?

That suggests that there is typically more area with a short-term Airbnb leasing than with a hotel room. Coming from the UK where we tend to dress up for a night out. Yep — casual is king here! Dress to dance, not to impress. More Berlin fashion tips here. Thank you for keeping this blog, I already found a few good tips in it for my next trip to Berlin 7th time, yay! Adam — really enjoy your blog. My bf and I are looking forward to visiting in October.

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What are your thoughts? Thank you Thank you KC! Hi Adam! I was wondering if you have any info or advice on your blog about obtaining a residency permit. My boyfriend and I and heading to Munich end of September and would like to stay through until March. So we will have an apartment and hopefully jobs! Let me know of any key pointers or musts going this route. Ps we are American. Excellent blog mate. Four of us are venturing from Scotland for a 3 night stay in mid-August.

Hey Adam, Brilliant blog : I am writing a report on the creative scene in Berlin fashion,graphic,music etc etc. I was wondering if you could direct me to a any particular district or zone where they hang out or work out of. Kreuzberg and Neukolln are going to be your best bets. Look out for galleries and small art shops there. Hey, Could you please recomend wich spot is a cool place to visit and see Graphic Design — Art and Clothing?

Try the Bauhaus Archiv museum for design history. And maybe a lot of the indie fashion shops in Mitte and Kreuzberg, as well as the art galleries — there are many! Came across your website and loved it! We prefer blues rather than classical style, but anything goes really.. Check out b-flat in Mitte near Rosenthaler Platz. Wednesdays they do a free jam session. Will I have difficulty getting in? Is there a better time to try?

I would add that anyone looking for nightlife should look for a hotel or hostel in the east, some of the best nightlife is here. I can recommend the one80 hostel at Alexanderplatz. A guy approached my mate for a handshake, then turned it into some weird arm wrestle. It was only once he had gone, my friend realised he had his Roley swiped.

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Hi Adam heading to Berlin bank holiday weekend. Staying at i Husbands 50th surprise so wanting to make it as memorable as possible. That said, we would still like to watch it, so can you recommend any nice not lager lout bars what would be showing the football? Know anything about Wolfsburg? Just a southern boy in the US from Nashville about to venture to Europe for the first time.

Do German women love Southern US accents? You might also check out the Literaturhaus which is a great spot for lunch, plus a cool bookshop with some really unique events. Hey Adam! Myself and my boyfriend are going to berlin and we were thinking of staying in the hotel lux 11, were a young couple and we want to stay somewhere cool and accessible do you know if that would be a good choice?

Definitely caters to a young adult audience :. So happy to find this blogpost! This will be my guide there : Thanks :. Thanks Adam : Could I maybe ask you for your opinion?

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We are considering two flats. One in Charlottenburg and the other one nearby Arkonaplatz. The other one would mean cca. I would appreciate any idea, which could help us to solve our dilemma :. Arkonaplatz definitely has a lot more action in the immediate nearby streets.

Arkonaplatz, though, is also in a great family-friendly area and cool to many more bars, cafes, parks and restaurants. I will say that transportation is pretty great in Berlin and getting around is hardly ever an issue. Hopefully, we can meet soon on one of your events :. I blindly came to Germany from L. After reading this blog, I am so excited to be in the city for a week!

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  6. Looking forward to visiting your other blogs and cities. The reason behind all of it is a kindly cleric named Valentine who died greater than a thousand years ago. Thank you for any other wonderful post. The place else may just anybody get that type of information in such a perfect manner of writing? I am moving to Berlin in two weeks and this blog post has got me so excited! The brunch looks delicious and the outdoor karaoke sounds hilarious. Ahh Berlin.. For me, I stay in Freidrichshain.

    Definitely hire a bike about 6euros a day.

    Found at these bookshops

    You want Currywurst??? EAST baby! If you got a group of friends, do the Bierbike. Loads of fun haha. Awesome guide!! I am going to Berlin in August and staying until the end of December. Right now I am leaning towards Kruezberg for my stay but need some better input. I am 21 years old and want to live somewhere with cool bars, good cafes and restaurants that are not too expensive student budget haha , and close to or near the best nightlife. I love electronic music so ideally ones centered around that. Choose an Option What do you want to be today? Be bold and express your idea with a word on your bikini swimwear.

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