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As she stared at them she saw another, fainter image of her limp, broken body in the sodden red dress. You just had some water in your lungs, which I got out, right away. She could hear herself speaking, but the words seemed to come from someone else. She begged me to forgive her. Both men guided her back to the bed, where Michael lifted her onto the mattress.

A moment later they lay on either side of her, their hands stroking her and their voices soft as they murmured words of reassurance. They wanted to make love to her, Summer could feel that, but they held back, afraid it would hurt her. Deep inside she could feel the bones that had broken knitting back together, and the stab wound now sealed, but still tender.

I think I need more rest. Being sandwiched between her lovers made Summer feel more than safe, especially as their scents enveloped her. Troy smelled clean and cool, like the air after a light snowfall. Michael exuded a darker, earthier scent, like a grove of dark trees. Together they made her think of walking through the woods in the winter sun, with all the promise of spring waiting just beneath the snow.

Her eyelids fluttered as both men shifted down and put their mouths to her breasts. Troy cradled her right mound in his long, beautiful fingers as he licked his tongue back and forth over her peak. Michael stroked her belly as he fastened his mouth over her left nipple to tug on it gently. The sensations of having both breasts attended to at once made Summer forget about everything but her men, and how sexy they made her feel. He moved up behind her to rub his big hand over her bottom. They seemed to be entirely in sync now, and Summer felt their hunger for her like hot water flowing over her skin.

Her own desires seemed to be blooming inside her like a secret garden of dark flowers. He slipped his hand between her legs to slowly stroke one finger against her delicate folds. Though at first Summer thought Michael was rolling her back to him, he easily brought her on top of his big body. With her back resting on his broad chest, he cupped her breasts as he kissed the side of her neck.

Troy bent over her to kiss her lips as he parted her and began working his thumb over the aching nub of her clit. Summer shivered as she felt Michael caress her buttocks, and then trail a finger over the pucker of her rosebud. You will feel both of our rods stroking inside you, and it will make you come harder than you have ever done, Beauty.

Summer gasped as their sensual threats added to the pleasure their hands were giving her. She imagined being between their big, muscular bodies as they both worked their shafts in and out of her. It burned through the fear and doubt and worry to consume her with the heat of their shared passion. She shuddered violently and uncontrollably, and felt both of her men stiffen as the pleasure spread from her to them. Their stiff, swollen shafts pulsed and jetted inside their trousers. Michael nodded thoughtfully.

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Do you think there will be room for me, too? She drifted in the moment, languorous and warm. He gave her a quick kiss before climbing off the bed and heading into the bath. Silver Wood Coven Book 4. What Readers Are Saying. Abel strode up behind them. Troy knelt down and touched the dark stain before he peered at the ground beyond it.

Michael nodded. He gently touched her throat. He squinted and turned his head away. Troy glanced up at him. What does it say now? Michael Charbon. The attacker came up behind me. She touched her side. Troy was immediately on her other side, both of them keeping her upright. Am I the promise of spring? Overview Seventeen year old Ree McKenna has three goals: get through high school, convince her crush she is more than his best friend's little sister, and save money for college.

Fate, though, has other plans for her. After the untimely death of her older brother, Ree is haunted by dreadful nightmares and terrifying visions. To make matters worse, Ree has started to suspect that something dangerous is stalking her from the shadows. Product Details About the Author. About the Author Nichole Chase is a daydreamer. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Logan Jeffrey has a reputation He's gruff, deliriously handsome, and domineering. As a tenured criminology professor As a tenured criminology professor at the University of Newport in Southern California, he can say whatever he wants and won't have to worry about the repercussions of his attitude.

View Product. Against All Odds: Book 2 of Princes and. Shannon stood in his stirrups and raised his hands. The wave of fire swirled as The wave of fire swirled as it was hit by a great wind. The storm above began to seethe as his will fought against the collective will of the church. And Andy felt compelled to speak. The minister stared in silence as Andy gave him the news.

The "unspoken dream" both men shared was over. After Andy finished, the pastor looked at him as tears welled up. He won't wear a suit or a tie in the pulpit. There's no special parking space reserved for him at his church. Everyone calls him "Andy. As a teenager, Andy decided he was going to be a rock star after seeing Elton John perform live.

Today he has found fame, and infamy, on another stage. Andy Stanley is the founder of North Point Ministries , one of the largest Christian organizations in the nation. A lanky man with close-cropped hair and an "aw-shucks" demeanor, he is alone as he steps out of his office to greet a visitor to his ministry's sprawling office complex in suburban Atlanta. At least 33, people attend one of Andy's seven churches each Sunday.

Fans watch him on television or flock to his leadership seminars; pastors study his DVDs for preaching tips; his ministries' website gets at least a million downloads per month.

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Nothing is forever. As soon as somebody thinks forever, that's when they close their hand," he says, slowly clenching his fist. Things get weird. At 54, Andy knows something about weirdness. He was swept up in a struggle against another famous televangelist -- his father, the Rev. Charles Stanley, a Southern Baptist megachurch pastor and founder of In Touch Ministries, a global evangelistic organization.

The experience enraged Andy so much it scared him:.

Betrayal of the Chosen

I was trying to do the right thing. A new challenge for Andy Stanley. I didn't feel like he did that. There's no father-son preaching duo quite like the Stanleys. Imagine if Steve Jobs had a son, who created a company that rivaled Apple in size and innovation -- and they barely spoke to one another.

Two preaching giants and the 'betrayal' that tore them apart

That was the Stanleys. Neither man has ever fully explained the events that tore them apart 19 years ago -- until now. Charles Stanley remembers the first time he heard his son preach. Charles knows something about preaching. Millions of people around the globe grew up with the sound of his sermons ringing in their ears. He has preached from the pulpit of First Baptist Church Atlanta for 40 years.

Tall and lean, he delivers homespun sermons in a rich baritone while holding his black leather Bible aloft for emphasis. He's written at least 40 books. In Touch Ministries sits like a Greek temple on the crest of a hill overlooking the Atlanta skyline. A large American flag stands near its entrance, beside a row of gushing fountains. A mammoth portrait of a smiling Charles Stanley hangs just inside and bears the inscription: "Obey God and leave all the consequences to Him. It's an impressive sight, but it's not the type of life Andy envisioned for himself growing up.

His father never raised him to be a pastor. He didn't pressure me. I never heard that talk, 'You're the pastor's son and you need to be an example. What Andy remembers most about growing up with his father is not his fame, but his resolve. He tells this story in " Deep and Wide ," his new book about his father and the evolution of his own ministry:.


When he was in the eighth grade, his father waged a bruising battle to become senior pastor of First Baptist. The battle inflamed tensions so much that his family received nasty, anonymous letters and deacons warned his father that he would never pastor again. One night, during a tense church meeting, a man cursed aloud and slugged Charles in the jaw.

Andy says his father didn't flinch, nor did he retaliate. He kept fighting and eventually became senior pastor of First Baptist. But another church incident taught him a different lesson. Andy was raised as a Southern Baptist, a conservative denomination that teaches the Bible is infallible and that women shouldn't preach. His father was twice elected president of the Southern Baptist Convention. One Sunday, a gay pride group planned to march past his father's church. Leaders of the congregation, warned in advance, dismissed church early to avoid contact with the group.

But organizers of the march changed the schedule. Andy watched as First Baptist members filed out of the church and gawked at gay and lesbian marchers streaming by. Then he noticed a Methodist church across the street whose members held out cups of water for marchers and signs that said, "Everybody welcome! Come worship with us! The pull of the pulpit, though, was stronger than any reservations he had about church. Andy enrolled in college to become a journalist.

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But he abandoned those plans after a youth minister's position opened up at his father's church. Those who heard Andy's first sermons say his talent was evident from the start.

He had a knack for saying things that stuck in a listener's mind. He was funny, insightful, took on hard questions, and he nudged people to look at familiar biblical passages in a new way. Charles started televising his son's sermons on In Touch's broadcasts, and picked him to preach in his place when he was traveling. And when First Baptist opened its first satellite church on Easter Sunday , he appointed Andy as its pastor.

Within three weeks, Andy's congregation was turning people away at the door because they had no more room. Within two months, Andy's satellite church swelled to 2, members. Andy says his father was delighted. He started joking that the Stanleys would become a preaching dynasty. And both men began to share an "unspoken dream": that Andy would take the helm after his father's retirement. In Touch was no longer just a ministry; it was Andy's inheritance. Something, however, would drive father and son apart. Andy didn't know his parents' marriage was in trouble until he was in the 10th grade.

Before then, he never saw his father or his mother argue or even disagree. Charles and Anna Stanley seemed to have the perfect relationship. A year after his father appointed him to pastor a satellite church, he knew his parents' marriage was disintegrating. They had been to every counselor and doctor imaginable.

Eventually, his mother moved out and stopped attending church with his father. Anna Stanley had made her own mark on the church -- and on her son. She was always a very safe place. The Rev. Louie Giglio, one of Andy's best friends growing up, still remembers some of the lessons Andy's mother taught at summer Bible camp. The quiet exit of Anna Stanley from the pews went public in June when she filed for divorce.

Her action caused a sensation in Southern Baptist circles, where divorce is considered a sin by some based on a literal reading of the Bible. Some pastors shunned Charles; others publicly demanded that he step down. The scandal dragged on for years as the couple attempted to reconcile. In , Anna Stanley explained why she wanted a divorce in a letter to her husband's church that was excerpted in the local newspaper, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, in an article titled "Torn Asunder.

She said she had experienced "many years of discouraging disappointments and marital conflict. Charles, in effect, abandoned our marriage. He chose his priorities, and I have not been one of them. The impending divorce didn't just threaten Charles' family; it jeopardized his ministry. He had always preached unquestioning obedience to the Word of God. And wasn't Jesus clear about divorce in Gospel passages such as Luke "Every one who divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery, and he who marries a woman divorced from her husband commits adultery.

New Testament passages such as those had prompted First Baptist to institute a policy that prevented divorced men from serving as pastors or deacons. What would the church do when its celebrity pastor -- the man who packed the pews and beamed First Baptist's name across the globe -- got a divorce? Charles treated the calls for him to step down like he treated the punch in the jaw so long ago -- he didn't flinch. He said he would gladly work on his marriage but he wouldn't resign as pastor.

Gayle White, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution religion writer at the time, dug up a quote from the embattled pastor that explained his rationale and used it in her "Torn Asunder" article:. You do or die. You do whatever is necessary to win. It doesn't make any difference what it is. That survival spirit was second nature for Charles, whose father died when he was 9 months old and who grew up so poor that he learned about Santa Claus the Christmas morning he discovered in his stocking the orange that had been in the refrigerator the night before.

He lived in 17 homes by his 8th birthday. His mother, Rebecca, worked two jobs and was often away from home. But she'd leave her son notes, reminding him of chores, giving him advice or simply to say, "Charles, I love you. At night, she'd kneel beside her only child and pray, "God bless Charles here for whatever it may be. Just as his mother protected him, Charles shielded her.

She married an abusive alcoholic who told his stepson he would never amount to anything and sometimes tried to attack Rebecca. So it was really no surprise that, decades later, Charles would refuse to back down. He told opponents calling for his resignation that he answered to a higher authority. I was simply obeying God. Besides, what could he do -- make someone not divorce him? Charles, though, wasn't the only one in his family with a strong will.

His son had other ideas about divorce. The tension between Andy and his father had been building even before the divorce.