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This proposed volume takes off from Volume 20, and expands the examination of implants into new and highly exciting areas. This edited book starts with an overview and introduction by Dr. Fan-Gang Zeng. Chapters cover technological development and the advances in treating the full spectrum of ear disorders in the last ten years. Chapters discuss brain responses to electric stimulation and their perceptual impact. The effects of acoustic environment after traumatic noise exposure on hearing and outer hair cells.

Changes in E-cadherin in the cochlea after traumatic noise exposure. Baltimore, MD. Acta Otolaryngol, Bielefeld, E. Henderson, D.

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In: Schacht, J. Springer, New York. The impact of mitochondrial energetic dysfunction on apoptosis in outer hair cells of the cochlea following exposure to intense noise. Membrane disruption: An early event of hair cell apoptosis induced by exposure to intense noise. Brain Res , Delayed mitochondrial dysfunction in apoptotic hair cells in chinchilla cochleae following exposure to impulse noise. Apoptosis 12, Harris, K. Increased resistance to free radical damage induced by low-level sound conditioning.

Ear Hear 27, Hear Res. Extremely rapid induction of outer hair cell apoptosis in the chinchilla cochlea following exposure to impulse noise. Damage and threshold shift resulting from cochlear exposure to paraquat-generated superoxide. Prevention of noise-induced hearing loss with Src-PTK inhibitors. Quantitative analysis of apoptotic and necrotic outer hair cells after exposure to different levels of continuous noise. Progression of outer hair cell death in the chinchilla cochlea following traumatic noise exposure.

Seminars in Hearing 24, Nicotera, T. The caspase pathway in noise-induced apoptosis of the chinchilla cochlea. J Assoc Res Otolaryngol 4, F-actin cleavage in apoptotic outer hair cells in chinchilla cochleas exposed to intense noise. Involvement of apoptosis in progression of cochlear lesion following exposure to intense noise.

Cross-Modal Re-Organization in Adults with Early Stage Hearing Loss

Noise induced morphological changes in the hair cell nucleus of the guinea pig cochlea. Glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor and neurotrophin-3 protect hair cell from exposure to traumatic noise: observation of the nuclear morphology. The temporal and spatial progression of apoptosis and its caspase-3 pathway in chinchilla cochlea exposed to intense noise. Poster presented at Association for Research in Otolaryngology, St.

Petersburg Beach, FL. Noise exposure and mechanisms of hair cell death. In: Henderson, D. Noise Research Network Publications, London. Zhonghua er bi yan hou ke za zhi 36, Zou, Y. Intense noise-induced apoptosis in hair cells of guinea pig cochleae. Noise Health 2, Intracochlear infusion of buthionine sulfoximine potentiates carboplatin ototoxicity in the chinchilla.

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Jacono, A. Le Prell, D. Henderson, A. Fay eds. New York: Springer; Temporary and permanent noise-induced threshold shifts: A review of basic and clinical observations. Otol Neurotol ;e— OSHA NIOSH Kujawa SG. Hear J ; Synaptopathy in the noise-exposed and aging cochlea: Primary neural degeneration in acquired sensorineural hearing loss.

Hear Res ; — Cochlear synaptopathy in acquired sensorineural hearing loss: Manifestations and mechanisms. Hidden hearing injury: The emerging science and military relevance of cochlear synaptopathy. Mil Med ;e—e Cochlear neuropathy in human presbycusis: Confocal analysis of hidden hearing loss in post-mortem tissue.

Deafness | Andrej Kral | Springer

Age-related primary cochlear neuronal degeneration in human temporal bones. Age-related cochlear synaptopathy: an early-onset contributor to auditory functional decline. Hinojosa R and Lerner SA.

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Cochlear neural degeneration without hair cell loss in two patients with aminoglycoside ototoxicity. J Infect Dis ;— Drug-induced ototoxicity: Diagnosis and monitoring. Drug Saf, manuscript accepted for publication. In Press. Strategies for assessing antioxidant efficacy in clinical trials. In: J.

Miller, C. Rybak eds. New York: Humana Press; Speech-in-noise tests and supra-threshold auditory evoked potentials as metrics for noise damage and clinical trial outcome measures. Effects of recreational noise on threshold and supra-threshold measures of auditory function. Semin Hearing ;— Hidden Hearing Loss?

No effect of common recreational noise exposure on cochlear nerve response amplitude in humans. Front Neurosci ;— Effects of noise exposure on young adults with normal audiograms I: Electrophysiology. Noise history and auditory function in young adults with and without Type-1 diabetes. Ear Hear doi: The effects of noise exposure and musical training on suprathreshold auditory processing and speech perception in noise. Effects of noise exposure on young adults with normal audiograms II: Behavioral measures. Hear Res Auditory function in normal-hearing, noise-exposed human ears.

Ear Hear ;— Letter to the Editor: Examination of potential sex influences in auditory function in normal-hearing, noise-exposed human ears, Ear Hear ;— — Loud music exposure and cochlear synaptopathy in young adults: Isolated auditory brainstem response effects but no perceptual consequences. Trends Hear ;21, Toward a differential diagnosis of hidden hearing loss in humans.

PLoS One ;11, e Effects of noise on speech recognition: Challenges for communication by service members. Outer hair cell and auditory nerve function in speech recognition in quiet and in background noise. Front Neurosci ; Translational issues in cochlear synaptopathy.

Neurotrophin-3 regulates ribbon synapse density in the cochlea and induces synapse regeneration after acoustic trauma. Wan G and Corfas G.

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No longer falling on deaf ears: mechanisms of degeneration and regeneration of cochlear ribbon synapses. Round-window delivery of neurotrophin 3 regenerates cochlear synapses after acoustic overexposure. Sci Rep ; Manipulating cell fate in the cochlea: a feasible therapy for hearing loss.

Trends Neurosci ;— Atoh1 gene therapy in the cochlea for hair cell regeneration. Expert opinion on biological therapy ;— Application of stem cell for the regeneration of spiral ganglion neurons. Cellular and molecular biology Noisy-le-Grand, France ;— Developing a molecular therapeutic for hearing loss. Carhart R. Basic principles of speech audiometry. Acta Otolaryngol Stockh ;— Carhart R and Tillman TW. Interaction of competing speech signals with hearing losses.

Auditory Prostheses

Arch Otolaryngol ;— Disturbed speech intelligibility in noise despite a normal audiogram: A defect in temporal resolution? J Otolaryngol ;— A word-recognition task in multitalker babble using a descending presentation mode from 24 dB to 0 dB signal to babble. J Rehabil Res Dev ;— J Am Acad Audiol ;— Wilson RH. Clinical experience with the words-in-noise test on veterans: comparisons with pure-tone thresholds and word recognition in quiet. Audition assessment using the NIH Toolbox.

Development of the Inner Ear Springer Handbook of Auditory Research

Neurology ;S45— Gatehouse S and Noble W. Int J Audiol ;— The Hearing Handicap Inventory for Adults: psychometric adequacy and audiometric correlates. The hearing handicap inventory for the elderly: a new tool. J Am Acad Audiol ;—91; quiz — Sensitivity to temporal fine structure and hearing-aid outcomes in older adults. Self-assessed hearing handicap in older adults with poorer-than-predicted speech recognition in noise. J Speech Lang Hear Res ;— Audiometric correlates of the Hearing Handicap Inventory for the elderly. J Speech Hear Disord ;— Audiometric and subjective assessment of hearing handicap.

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Arch Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg ;— Risk markers for the graded severity of auditory processing abnormality in an older Australian population: the Blue Mountains Hearing Study. Saunders GH and Forsline A. Cross-sectional age-changes of hearing in the elderly. Extratympanic electrocochleographic changes on noise-induced temporary threshold shift.