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Several thresholds have to be crossed before that can happen. The first will come in a matter of hours; another after a night in the woods; yet another in a few days. I relish this gradual return to a simpler existence, yet something deep inside me recoils in the mute terror from it.

More has been abandoned at the trailhead than the mere amenities of modern living.

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With a little coaxing from the forest, a wilder self will slowly emerge but only at the expense of something more refined, genteel. It's a trade-off to be sure. See All Customer Reviews.

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    USD Overview Forest Under My Fingernails is a beautifully written book about a mile, 33 day backpacking trip. At different times gently introspective, humorous, and thought-provoking, this book explores the changes we go through as we gradually immerse ourselves in the deep woods, and the different rhythms we experience there. Walt's work is relatively unknown, but we regard him as one of the most eloquent nature authors and poets writing today.

    About the Author Walt McLaughlin author has backpacked extensively throughout the Northeast during the past twenty-five years. Since receiving a degree in philosophy from Ohio University, he has worked as a bookseller, hiking guide, outfitter and freelance writer. Also in print is a narrative of his brief sojourn in the Alaskan wild, Arguing with the Wind, along with a collection of essays entitled, Stalking the Sacred. Walt lives in St. I was slightly dismissive — I had tried the brush-on nail-biting lotions without success years ago so how could this be any different.

    Anyway, having coincidentally been on a mission to tackle and solve my habit, I read the pack and decided to give it ago — after all, at the end of the course 33 days it says I will have long nails to be proud of! The pack contains a variety of products to apply to your nails but, most importantly, a day by day guide of what to do! This really helped and each day I vigilantly read the instructions and kept to the course. The first couple of days I absent mindedly bit my nails and was sharply reminded by the absolutely foul tasting liquid I had applied.

    It really is nasty and there is no way you can get used to the taste. It stays on even after washing your hands so there is a constant reminder.

    Do you bite your nails? Well, it's time to stop! - Go New Forest Card

    It also amazed me how quickly my nails could recover once left alone, and this inspired me to continue with the course. At Day 33 my nails were no-where near as long as I would like, but much better nonetheless as you can see.

    Nails and gloves in the winter forest (asmr, no talking, long nails)

    I continued and, after 60 days, my nails looked amazing and I was really proud of my achievement. I probably overdo the pampering a bit, I carry around the little plastic case with me everywhere, but having not had nails for so long I am making the most of it! I went to see Joy at Creatif Perfection on 11 June to show off my achievement and had a manicure, with a promise to do a blog.

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    5. Not long after seeing Joy, I broke a couple of nails I let them grow too long! I was so tempted to bite them right down but I knew that if I did, down would go all of the others and what an absolute waste that would be. I had a serious talk with myself as to how I would feel if I was back to square one, and the time and effort I had put in to grow them, and thankfully I managed to recover them and they have grown back up — I think I had become too complacent and had not prepared myself for any setbacks, but happily I still have nails that I never, ever thought I would be able to achieve.

      Forest Under My Fingernails: Reflections and Encounters on the Long Trail

      Good luck! Go New Forest Card. Do you bite your nails?