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The students who were exposed to the old age related words walked down the hall much more slowly than the others. What happened was they were primed for thoughts of old age even though it was never mentioned. Studies have shown that the topics, phrases and words we use can automatically trigger feelings of lust and love. If you do it right, the girl will have mentally gone on a date with you before your Tinder conversation has ended. Even if this thought only happens for a split second in her mind, it will have the effect of framing you in a completely different light.

Humans place a higher value on an object that is scarce, and a lower value on those that are abundant. Peter Rosback—of Sineann fame—made this wine, and as expected, it is big, smooth and silky. It has sweet blackberry notes, with just the perfect balance of spiciness. One sip of this Syrah with a thin layer of brownie, chilled bittersweet chocolate mousse and house-made ice cream makes this the perfect romantic coupling.

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For a red, I like the Domaine Serene Jerusalem Hill Pinot Noir for its silky pretty fruit that deepens and shows immense depth, creating a beautiful and sexy complex glass of wine. Get a little wild, as in Oregon wild Yellowfeet and Hedgehog mushroom and beet tart with sugar pumpkin sauce to ground the sexy Pinot Noir fruit.

The very sexy bubbles in the Argyle Extended Tirage Willamette Valley Sparkling Wine have both delicate texture and elegant complexity from patient extended lees contact.

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For me, sex appeal has more to do with the subtleties of an unspoken confidence and charm, and has nothing to do with a show-stopping gregariousness and larger-than-life attitude. With wine, I can draw a parallel in that I often choose wines that offer me many things, that are not simply one or two-dimensional. I want something that sometimes defies explanation, but with all certainty, demands reverence and thought. That is sexy to me.

It is balanced.

Seducing the Angel

The nose and initial taste suggests red and black fruits and then it folds into a palate of leather, dirt and black olives. It has a clean, honeyed nose with notes of Golden Delicious apples. Rather, the most endearing quality of this wine is how it finishes with this pleasant burst of acid. This has been my go-to white for the winter season. The wine shows upfront aromas and flavors of citrus and honey.

On the palate, a touch of lime is offset with a mineral quality and some old-vine character. It is refreshing and complex with flavors of honey, brioche, strawberries, yeast and a mineral note on the finish. Great natural acidity and low dosage make this a wonderful food wine. For a food pairing, think decadence: foie gras, perhaps, or Kookoolan Farms chicken liver mousse, or even salt cod brandade on crostini. This wine is pretty perfect just by itself, too. Book a night at Timberline Lodge. Watch the bubbles rise in the glass, watch the snow pile up outside.

Call in sick for work tomorrow. Take the second bottle up to Silcox Hut for another picnic.

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  • How romantic; how Oregon. This wine immediately makes me think of my favorite Grower Champagnes.

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    The nose combines toasty, yeasty aromas of apple and peach with a nice mineral note. Duration: 7 hours 1 minutes. Similar Titles.

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