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Paddy will discuss how different methods of transmission and even the instruments on which they are played can influence the character of a tune. An older generation of musicians, including piper Willie Clancy, accordionist Joe Cooley, whistle player Micho Russell, and fiddlers Michael Coleman and John Doherty had a profound influence on the character of Irish traditional music.

Paddy will talk about the legacy of these legendary musicians, some of whom he learned from firsthand.

He is also a fine singer in English and Irish. When speaking at libraries and other community settings, Erin often brings her husband, Irish traditional music icon Paddy O'Brien, to play a few tunes to set the mood. Erin offers talks about each of her books, and a more general program about all books in the series:. Erin also does special keynote addresses and other public speaking engagements at library events, book fairs, writers' conferences, and schools.

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The Irish Music and Dance Association is a c 3 organization. Explanation : An age appropriate overview of traditional music and its role in the Irish community, current and historical. Chad places this into a framework that a particular audience will understand, for example likening Somali story teller musicians to the Irish harp tradition.

With more experienced musical students, Chad provides an explanation of instrument construction and music theory; including modal systems used in traditional music.

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People generally believed it was unlucky to call fairies by their name and consequently appellations such as na daoine maithe [the good people], na daoine uaisle [the gentry] or bunadh na gcnoc [the people of the hills] were used. A calamity at sea or an untimely death might be explained by a curse or fairy abduction.

There are tensions between mortals and the fairy world, between the living and the dead, the realms of good and evil. It is thought that young boys were sometimes dressed In skirts to protect them from fairy abduction. A belief existed that the fairies would choose boys before girls. At the time of going to print, sixteen of the thirty-eight contributors featured in the sound recordings on the CDs were living. The earliest recording dates from the early s while some of the material was recorded in recent years.