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How did you handle the incident verses how the character does? What role did the suburban setting have on the story? Could the story easily take place in another time period? If so, which ones? Do you have your own high school story?

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Did you have to deal with bullying, acne, or not fitting in at school or at home? If the author was sitting in your living room, what would you ask her? How does your perception of Hannah differ from when you meet her in book one to the end of book two? Same question for Deacon, Toby, and Peter. How does the relationship between Hannah and Kerry change in comparison to Deacon and Toby? In the duology, family dysfunction is a predominate theme.

While mourning Deacon, Hannah longs for the same romantic attention from other boys. How does she go about this and what does she learn about herself along the way? Discuss the incident, and then turn the tables.

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Is it assault if the girl misleads the boy about protection? After learning more about Peter, do you think his obsession centered around Hannah or on Deacon more? Do you believe his feelings for her were ever genuine? When did it hinder a character and when it help?

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The duology takes place over one year October — October How did the time period play a part, if at all? Did you like how the duology ends and where the characters ended up? Was there a different resolution you had in mind? Read Perfect Revenge before starting with this one for a better understanding about the characters and the plot. In a predictable move, the governments of the world have all suddenly announced that it's set to end in six hours. But what happens if it just doesn't?

It is said that no one person is perfect and definitely not a well brought up Christian girl. Esther became a major disappointment overnight to her family turning her world upside down. Enrica smith has never experienced the real world nor handsome, Ruthless, Possessive men especially one with a Kink, One day she will meet Dominic, Ruthless French mobster who will change her Fate. A journey of self-discovery, self-worth and love.

I was convinced the gods never loved me when they paired me with Brady the single most conceit, selfish and arrogant person who ruined my life. Sit idly and let fate be was the last thing i'd do. Leah Indica was a sweet, kind, innocent girl. Kindness was her passion, love was her weakness. Leah never wanted to see anyone unhappy or in pain. She gladly gave her life to help another. A boy finds himself debating where his loyalty lies as he begins to develop romantic feelings for the girl, whose family he's been set out to destroy.

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They tried to be better adults than mom Jane but when Trixie repeats their mother's mistakes, can she be forgiven? Enlightenment leads to benightedness. Science entails nescience. From the time I was a very little girl, I can remember feeling the presence of someone.

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No matter what I was doing, or whoever else was in the room, it always felt like somebody was with me. Single mother, Julie Davidson, has learned to deal with estrangement from her family. Who can she trust to take care of her daughter Molly now that she has been diagnosed with a terminal illness? Search Search. Fandoms More Fandoms.

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