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Deutschland 83 Certificate: K Drama History Romance. Before the Fall Certificate: K Drama Sport Thriller. Certificate: K Drama Thriller. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Volker Bruch Wilhelm Winter 3 episodes, Tom Schilling Greta 3 episodes, Miriam Stein Charlotte 3 episodes, Ludwig Trepte Viktor Goldstein 3 episodes, Mark Waschke Jahn 3 episodes, Hildegard Schroedter Oberschwester 3 episodes, Christiane Paul Lilja 2 episodes, Sylvester Groth Hiemer 2 episodes, Alina Levshin Alina 2 episodes, Lucas Gregorowicz Jerzy 2 episodes, Maxim Mehmet Hauptmann Feigl 2 episodes, Adam Markiewicz Stanislawski 2 episodes, Johanna Gastdorf Friedhelms Mutter 2 episodes, Peter Kremer Bertok 2 episodes, David Zimmerschied Schneider 2 episodes, Joel Basman In other words, they would link all three strategies such that the already-existing hierarchy of time would not be interrupted and the WTO conference would occur as scheduled.

But that of course, did not happen. The main reason the Seattle WTO protests successfully forced the cancellation of the conference was that this static image of space was overcome both temporally and tactically. At the very moment the AFL-CIO members would have been rounding the corner back to the stadium, thousands of rank-and-file members of the International Warehouse and Longshore Union, Sheetmetal Workers, Steelworkers, and other unions broke off and marched through a line of parade marshals to join the actions downtown.

At that same moment, the black bloc, homeless youth, and, as might surprise some Occupiers, many who had proclaimed nonviolence began countering the police assault on the protesters, which had intensified long before any windows were broken. Between these two breaks from the interlinked spatial strategy, a new countertemporality was introduced at the very moment the Seattle Police and Secret Service had intended to mobilize it to their advantage.

This is why the two protest groups—around 25, mobilized by DAN and about 25, mobilized by the AFL-CIO—are not remembered today simply as the 50, who were flushed out of the downtown space, like so much refuse. While space was occupied temporarily, time was occupied permanently. What in this, though, helps Occupy? Despite the emergent willingness to change tactics with the seasons and evictions, Occupy has been ridiculed by the media for not recognizing the largely middle-class pedigree of many of its participants.

Even if they are currently in a precarious position, the argument goes, chances are that eventually a good portion of them will end up at least financially stable. Which is a lot more than can be said for the permanent underclass or many people of color or many others who are not showing up in as great of numbers. But his argument was not only that minorities under the modern state are subjected to an artificial, selectively-enforced state of emergency. It was also that in some sense, everyone is, or that in the right conditions could be, as happened under Nazism.

That of course, is why for Benjamin, the emergency situation is not the exception but the rule.

His concept of multiple, coexisting times might also tell us something about the internal divisions that appear today within Occupy, such as for instance that which followed the Oakland General Strike. It is no surprise of course that the dominant perception of space, marked by discourses of property and nationality, continues to hold sway even amongst those who would transform it. This is especially important since for individuals, time is marked by a succession of affective attachments that overgrid one another in ever-deepening layers, over the course of a lifetime.

Those who mobilized or were swept up by the movements of the late s, for instance, necessarily experience subsequent events differently from their equivalent in the late Nineties. As the emergence of Occupy the Hood demonstrates, the same could be said of many other temporally framed experiences.

Occupy is not a single, homogenous collectivity. Rather, like the Sixties and antiglobalization movements that preceded it, it is a divergent assemblage of individual and collective singularities. They will then either increasingly resonate and compose a more formidable countertemporality, or progressively decompose, as occurred with the Sixties generation following Reagan, and the Seattle generation following Bush. Which way it goes is of concern not only for those who claim that there has always been a single, unified tactical line within Occupy.

It is also one for those who seek to invoke or apply tactics that have not heretofore been widely employed. Every situation is different and occupying time rather than space does not mean anything goes. Rather it means that because it is the only possible basis for increased resonance, multiplicity should be valued more than unity, just as dissensus should be valued more than consensus. In other words, one should first attempt to perceive the temporal divides that organize experience differently.

There are many signs already that a tactical approach is returning in a manner that could expand this emergent counter-temporality. As winter closes in and public space becomes more difficult to hold, a more complex focus is evident in the move to organize further strikes in cities and institutions, to occupy buildings left vacant by bank foreclosures and capital flight, to acquire buses and other vehicles for enhanced mobility and shelter, to move from permanent to flash occupations, and to concentrate outdoor occupations on the warmer regions as winter intensifies.

During the Oakland General Strike, the Occupy feed was juxtaposed to corporate television feeds, producing a new kind of live montage. Ultimately, such innovations begin with the loosening, not the tightening, of the relation between perception, affection and action.

If Occupy is to truly become movement , it must dispense with the static image of the movement. Movement is not the prefigurative realization of a future ideal. It is that which sets conditions of possibility for continuing movement, situational bases for new situations of time. We call communism the real movement which abolishes the present state of things. Filed under Occupy. Tagged as jason adams , occupy , time , walter benjamin.

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