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Why is the Red Room in Hill House putting them through these paces? Ghost Nell reappears within the room and offers a solid explanation. And that every house has eyes and bones and skin and a face. This room is like the heart of the house. No, not a heart - a stomach.

It never discusses the origin of Hill House or what made it so evil. It does, however, offer a clear explanation for the nature of this evil. The house is essentially a lonely person looking to consume all who would enter it. Years ago the Crain family escaped its clutches and the house has never fully let them go. Not by a long shot. It took a different form for each of them. Now that the Crains are finally back in the Red Room, it is putting on new faces once again so that the siblings can be better consumed into the framework of the house.

Thanks to the magic intervention powers of Ghost Nell, however, they are now aware of the scheme. For years now Hugh has known more about the house and the way it works than his children. After Hugh drops the kids off at the motel, he returns to rescue his wife only to find that she has jumped off the balcony to her death.

Hugh holds the body of his dead wife, wailing, as The Dudleys approach. The Dudleys find out the awful news that their daughter, Abigail, was poisoned by Olivia and died. Since Abigail died in the house, her ghost now haunts it. This is confirmed for Hugh when he sees Olivia getting up and walking away from her own dead body. Those who die in the house are destined to stay there as ghosts. Hugh is at first horrified to realize this and wants to burn the house down. Dudley convinces him otherwise. Dudley says.

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The Dudleys want the house to stand so that they can come visit Abigail. Over the years Hugh will come to appreciate the decision as well as he visits Olivia. Olivia has some hold over the house it seems - or at least she has a similar say to the other ghosts that inhabit it. Hugh tries to convince Olivia to open the door and let them out. Olivia wish they never left. The night sky is filled with dead stars.

This is our forever house. Everyone can be safe here. Jobs left after one semester, but remained in Portland for another 18 months auditing classes. View all New York Times newsletters. Leaving school, however, also freed his curiosity to follow his interests. I loved it. And much of what I stumbled into by following my curiosity and intuition turned out to be priceless later on. He returned to Silicon Valley in and took a job there as a technician at Atari, the video game manufacturer.

Still searching for his calling, he left after several months and traveled to India with a college friend, Daniel Kottke, who would later become an early Apple employee. Jobs returned to Atari that fall. In , he and Mr. Wozniak, then working as an engineer at H. Personal computing had been pioneered at research laboratories adjacent to Stanford, and it was spreading to the outside world. Wozniak designed the original Apple I computer simply to show it off to his friends at the Homebrew. It was Mr. Jobs who had the inspiration that it could be a commercial product.

In early , he and Mr. Wozniak would be the technical half and Mr. Jobs the marketing half of the original Apple I Computer. Starting out in the Jobs family garage in Los Altos, they moved the company to a small office in Cupertino shortly thereafter. In April , Mr. Jobs and Mr. It created a sensation. Faced with a gaggle of small and large competitors in the emerging computer market, Apple, with its Apple II, had figured out a way to straddle the business and consumer markets by building a computer that could be customized for specific applications.

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By Apple was in the Fortune No company had ever joined the list so quickly. Jobs shifted his focus to a new and ultimately short-lived project, an office workstation computer code-named Lisa.

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An Apocalyptic Moment. By then Mr.

Comedian Brody Stevens Dead at 48

The Alto, controlled by a mouse pointing device, was one of the first computers to employ a graphical video display, which presented the user with a view of documents and programs, adopting the metaphor of an office desktop. Jobs said of his visit in a oral history interview for the Smithsonian Institution. It was so obvious once you saw it. It was so clear. As the founder of Apple, Steven P. Jobs transformed the personal computer and created a series of revolutionary products that extended computing into every nook and cranny of our culture. In he joined a small group of Apple engineers pursuing a separate project, a lower-cost system code-named Macintosh.

The machine was introduced in January and trumpeted during the Super Bowl telecast by a second commercial, directed by Ridley Scott , that linked I. A year earlier Mr. Jobs had lured Mr. Sculley to Apple to be its chief executive.

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  5. A former Pepsi -Cola chief executive, Mr. Sculley was impressed by Mr. He went on to help Mr.

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    Jobs introduce a number of new computer models, including an advanced version of the Apple II and later the Lisa and Macintosh desktop computers. Through them Mr. Jobs popularized the graphical user interface, which, based on a mouse pointing device, would become the standard way to control computers. But when the Lisa failed commercially and early Macintosh sales proved disappointing, the two men became estranged and a power struggle ensued, and Mr.

    Jobs lost control of the Lisa project. The board ultimately stripped him of his operational role, taking control of the Lisa project away from him, and 1, Apple employees were laid off. He left Apple in He was barefoot as he spoke, and wearing blue jeans. The aim was to build a workstation computer for the higher-education market.

    The next year, the Texas industrialist H. But it did not achieve Mr. The purchase was a significant gamble; there was little market at the time for computer-animated movies. Jobs emerged a billionaire. The sale made Mr.

    Steve Jobs's last words: 'Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow' | Technology | The Guardian

    His personal life also became more public. He had a number of well-publicized romantic relationships, including one with the folk singer Joan Baez, before marrying Laurene Powell. In , his sister Mona Simpson, a novelist, threw a spotlight on her relationship with Mr. The novel centered on a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who bore a close resemblance to Mr. It was not an entirely flattering portrait. Jobs said about a quarter of it was accurate. I call her and talk to her every couple of days. His wife and Ms.

    Simpson survive him, as do his three children with Ms. Return to Apple. Eventually, Mr. Jobs refocused NeXT from the education to the business market and dropped the hardware part of the company, deciding to sell just an operating system. The next year, Mr. Jobs returned to Apple as an adviser. He became chief executive again in Shortly after returning, Mr. Once in control of Apple again, Mr. Jobs set out to reshape the consumer electronics industry.

    He pushed the company into the digital music business, introducing first iTunes and then the iPod MP3 player. In , Mr. His fight with cancer was now publicly known. Apple had announced in that Mr. Jobs had a rare but curable form of pancreatic cancer and that he had undergone successful surgery.

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    Four years later, questions about his health returned when he appeared at a company event looking gaunt. Apple began selling the iPhone in June The company sold Although smartphones were already commonplace, the iPhone dispensed with a stylus and pioneered a touch-screen interface that quickly set the standard for the mobile computing market. Rolled out with much anticipation and fanfare, iPhone rocketed to popularity; by the end of the company had sold almost 90 million units.

    Although Mr. But after a company investigation and one by the Securities and Exchange Commission , he was found not to have benefited financially from the backdating and no charges were brought. The episode did little to taint Mr. As the gravity of his illness became known, and particularly after he announced he was stepping down, he was increasingly hailed for his genius and true achievement: his ability to blend product design and business market innovation by integrating consumer-oriented software, microelectronic components, industrial design and new business strategies in a way that has not been matched.

    Stay Foolish. An obituary on Thursday about Steven P. Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, misidentified, in some editions and at one point, the city in California where he went to high school. It is Cupertino, not Los Altos.