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The Designated Target Perk enables the Gunner to make targeted enemy vehicles within 10 degrees of your reticle remain visible for two more seconds than they normally would remain visible. This Perk works only while in arcade view or sniper view and not in SPG strategic view. However, any allied vehicle will benefit from a team mate's use of this Perk, including SPGs using strategic view.

If two Gunners on the vehicle have the Perk, the effect is not cumulative. Ah a thread on designated target and light tanks.

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Its a very good skill for light tanks to have as it helps them to keep spotted targets highlighted for longer so your team mates and arty can hit the highlighted tank. The extra 2 seconds makes all the difference for your teams tanks to dial in with their aim time for more accurate shots. The spotter tank with designated target is the teams eyes. That being said the spotter tank does just that it spots and does not shoot, as soon as he shoots he will light up like a Christmas tree on the map and can expect lots of incoming.

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I have never found it a good skill and in my mind be quite low on the priority list for crew skills. Come visit my stream: twitch. Honestly it's work better for my It has a superior camo rating, is smaller and faster. The Leopard is better at shooting stuff that is far, far away though. Was too afraid to ask due to some toxicity in chat already. Dont worry about getting called noob. Would hate to see these people with any real knowledge or power. Luckily for us they don't like daylight or taking showers so were safe for the moment.

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I've tried "Highlight Target for Allies" in the controls tab but it doesn't work. You can find other setting info and the help screens here. In order for the command to work you need to be in range of the target and you need to have your cursor on the target. If the lag is bad you may need to try again. You may need to have the target locked, which you can do with the X key. I don't remember. This appears to have disappeared from the settings now - does anyone know how to make it work in 0.

As for those who refuse to help you in game, and just name call- I just think of them as folks with no credibility, and simply don't care what they think. Amazing how often they're the ones crying about poor teamwork, and how it made the team lose.

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Go figure. Just point your mouse at the enemy you want "designated" and hit F3. It used to be a keybind, but this quick command functionality has replaced it. Similarly, you can direct your team to capture an area by pointing your reticle at a capture zone and also hitting F3 - context sensitivity ftw. If you are trying to issue a command such as AA priority , hold down the key s to do that and the cursor comes free - then click on the target.

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Or just point your reticle at it.. I was trying to designate or point out a priority target, like a DD that let itself get spotted, so everyone knows where it is.. I now use chat to do that, but I don't always have free hands to type in game!

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Turkish T 129 Attack Helicopters Unleash 30mm Cannon On Designated Target

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