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Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How do I say that I am interested in a lot of things without coming off either as superficial or arrogant Ask Question.

Kirtiman Sinha. Kirtiman Sinha Kirtiman Sinha 64 1 1 gold badge 2 2 silver badges 7 7 bronze badges. I just tell people I have too many interests. Conveys the situation accurately, and avoids self-aggrandization. Why would being interested in lots of things be seen as either? Now if you claimed that you were expert in all those things, that might be arrogance. You have varied interests , which is extremely common and nothing to feel self-conscious of. A word would be versatile. Jack of all trades - doesn't that have a kind of negative connotation? As long as you don't mention the "master at none" part of the idiom, it is fine.

Just for your information, the whole saying is "jack of all trades, master at none.

How they make you feel and what you can do about it.

Yeah I do know that but so do most people, especially the admission committee at the grad school i am applying to. Karan see the new word that I added. Look for synonyms. Bookeater Bookeater 7, 2 2 gold badges 17 17 silver badges 35 35 bronze badges.

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We seem to sharing a seat while riding in the same train of thought. I am working on my grad school SOP. So the problem with versatile is that declaring yourself to be versatile seems arrogant. Doesn't it? Karan, versatility declares broad interest and flexibility in a society focussed on specialism. No claim on excellence. So I do not think so. But in the end it is about what YOU think. To me, versatile suggests: you're very flexible or, you don't really care what subject you study and will deal with whatever comes your way.

Keeping it simple: "I have a wide range of interests, including PixelSnader PixelSnader 4 4 silver badges 8 8 bronze badges. Best answer in my opinion.

Polymath could work: I'm a bit of a polymath: I like maths but also love history and am pretty good at sports. From Wikipedia : A polymath is a person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas; such a person is known to draw on complex bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems.

Rand al'Thor Rand al'Thor 3, 7 7 gold badges 24 24 silver badges 48 48 bronze badges. Polymath means you're good at lots of different things, which isn't necessarily the same as being Interested in lots of different things. Yes but I think it fits perfectly. Additionally, individual variation exists among the spectrum of personality disorders, and any psychological trait, really. That being said, healthy boundaries are important, and if someone is toxic to you, set up those boundaries, even if that means cutting off ties. I had to cut off ties with a few former friends. I now have a better eye and ear for toxic behavior.

These behaviors fit narcissistic pd and sometimes borderline pd, although its pretty common for these two disorders to co-occur. And I agree that if you encounter someone like this, run as fast and as hard as you can, they will do a lot of emotional damage to you if you stick around. People with any personality disorder are just that, people.

Most individuals with BPD have had intense trauma that has resulted in survivor like behaviors. I hope you are not in the helping field and talking like that about a person. Sky2rose, if I may, I'd like to share my response to your post. First I agree with you.. I have one child, a daughter, that fits the description almost to a 'T'. She did have an intense trauma around 14 yrs old when she ran away with a girlfriend She became very manipulative after that. I knew it Helped her out of some very serious events in her life..

Yet, when I lost my home due to loss of a job, she put me out on the street after one week and I was homeless for 4 years. Still I was there to help her when she and my grandson were homeless. Recently, I took a stand. I would not do what she wanted. I even shared how I really felt.

Ordinarily, I would have given in, believing in keeping the peace in the family. This time I didn't. I didn't walk away I don't regret my actions one little bit. I just wanted to share that while I agree with you that they are most likely displaying survivor behaviors, I also agree with the author..

I agree that people in relationships with people with BPD or other personality disorders should have boundaries and do what is right for them. My response only comes from hearing so much stigma around BPD and people, even experts, saying they can't be treated. The person has to be interested in change, but DBT works very well and people can change in my experience. I agree people diagnosed as BPD or some variant. I also agree from personal experience they can be very difficult to deal with.

But when I hear people in the behavioral health field speak or write of these people as untreatable and those who must be avoided just infuriates me. These are the people most in need of professional help and unconditional caring in order to ever have a hope of heal. Note: unconditional caring is not without personal or professional boundaries. Finding the balance is key. I suspect you haven't had a personal relationship with a person described in the article or that you are still trying to resolve a relationship with such a person.

I've been around the bend with such people and my experience is that they have no interest in therapy or change and therein lies the major problem. Exactly Martha! These people are nightmare to deal with.. I gave myself a promise that I will never again support such person and feel the inner void and isolation that comes when you walk with them , playing doctor and friend "I have my son, i don't need professional help! Now they label me 'egoist' and 'difficult' and I would reply"Hey, i'm just a product of my environment"..!

Please be aware of what others write about personality disorders that are not judgemental i. It's human. And, a good question to ask anyone with a personality disorder is "Who has been toxic for you in your life? So, please, stop blaming personality disorders or people who have them. The spectrum is vast, and every individual is different. So, do not think so much in black and white, and stigma can kill. Be kind to those who need it most. It's only treatable if the person actually believes there is a problem, which they rarely do. You must not have experienced the worst end of the spectrum Maybe you were treated and improved, but that is not the norm.

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Maybe you're in a sensitive state because of your personal experience and you've read something into the article. There is NO finding balance with the worst of these cases. Self-preservation and healing is key when suffering at the hands of these type of people. I do understand and can partially agree with your point. Do you however, consider the ongoing damage that is being inflicted upon the people who are abused by people with personality disorders?

The other person is usually blamed for the pd persons difficulties. It is excruciating to be in that position esp. Then this helpful person is in dire need of emotional help. Thank you for speaking up. People with BPD need to hear others speak up for them against ignorance. People have their perspectives, but I wish people would understand it's their own perspective and not a collective truth.

I have BPD, and you'd never know if you met me. Because I don't fit any stereotype. And those who do need the help the most. The flip side of someone with BPD is a huge capacity for compassion and love. That's all we really want, anyways. If we had gotten what we needed when we were young and vulnerable, we wouldn't have developed BPD. This is a fact, and I'm not saying it out of blame. It's simply true. It's curable, and one of the most stigmatized disorders.

In BPD, stigma can kill, literally. People who judge others with BPD without taking a look at their own responsibility seem kind of just as toxic as anyone the article describes. That is an odd statement to make. It is significant and costly to those non-BPD's involved.

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Not even close to the same. Toxic people need to be a the back of the sympathy line. Every single person they abuse and hurt is entitled to all the sympathy the require. IF there is any left over, then the toxic person can have the scraps. I am in therapy trying to over come my own toxic behaviors and during my recovery I realized I am surrounded by personality disordered people. My mother seems to show some traits of bpd, avoidant, and dependent. I was with my ex for 12 years and he has traits of Npd and Bpd.

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He lied, gaslit, blame shifted, guilt tripped and did all kinds of crazy making behaviors. I would try to address this in a loving manner and he then would blame shift on me and project. I couldn't tell what behaviors I was actully doing and which were his. Needless to say after he kept talking about a new "friend" who was having boyfriend problems during the holidays and showed up drunk to my Aunt's house on Christmas of last year, I sat down and re-evaluated our relationship.

The final straw was him waking me up in the middle of the night to have sex and after saying no due to feeling sick from just having my wisdom teeth out, he would not let me go to sleep until I had sex. It wasn't a decision I took lightly and when I finally cut contact and broke up in September, he threatened to kill himself and claimed I just gave up out of the blue. However I repeatedly tried to address all his toxic behaviors for over a year and he did not hear me.

I know it all came from his family and a traumatic incident as a child, but my love can't fix that. It is very isolating to be with a person unable to love you back. I recently had to take a stand against my own 24 year old daughter after over 2 years of pain and hurt. This was something I thought I'd never do, as she is my only child My own husband not her father was still recovering from his own personal breakdown he suffered in when I was spending a morning with my daughter back in February I knew my husband was suffering a bad panic attack earlier in the day, so when my daughter and I came back from something and I noticed his car was home, I knew he had to have gotten off work early.

I told my daughter we'd have to continue the visit later in the week Upon talking to her later, she suddenly gave me a giant laundry list of things that had gone wrong in her life while living with me Her own father and I broke up when she was 6. I did listen carefully, then wrote her back with the stuff I owned up to. She never once apologized for anything she did or said She talked to me ONCE on the phone - it was a week before my birthday and she was asking if she could come visit for my day.

Of course I was overjoyed - until she said I still needed to apologize for saying she said something she claims she didn't say which was my husband's illness bit. I had just had surgery the week before and started crying, wondering why on earth she was treating me this way! Needless to say, that birthday visit never happened. I did not hear from her again until this past Christmas - when she suddenly showed up at my door! I hugged her like crazy I found out later at the beginning of this past May that it was only me she wanted to have therapy for.

She was wanting to prove she was right and I was the wrong one. Again, she had started the previous laundry list of things I had already apologized for, but this time with even more details of the same things. Again, she held a Mother's Day visit over my head. This was when I finally put my foot down and told her in no uncertain terms to stop hurting me and that I would not allow it. I asked her for space this time, but she kept trying to come at me with her texting.

I finally had to block my own daughter. I was tired of being disrespected.

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My managers. My family. My friends. My husband. Over-apologizing may sound friendly. But, it has some detrimental consequences. And perhaps worst of all, it often means that I am trying to take responsibility for things over which I have no control. Essentially, I am downplaying my wants, desires and needs for fear of potentially inconveniencing someone else. The basic premise was this:.

I am apologizing for asking for what we really want. I am apologizing because I fear that I might inconvenience someone else. Most of our friends have toddlers.