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In fact, the only plastics you'll find are found in the rear and side vents, hinges and bottom-mounted speaker grille. The notebook's lid is simultaneously edgy and spartan, with a large Legion logo engraved along the lower left side of the lid. Look closer, and you'll notice a small, backlit version of the company's three-pronged Legion symbol hiding out in the O.

There's a small, glossy Lenovo emblem on the protruding rear for an extra touch of flash. Opening the laptop reveals more of that minimalist, industrial design.

Legions (In Hiding)

The keyboard is nestled in a slight recess in the dark-gray aluminum keyboard deck. The power button sits directly above the keyboard and directly below the webcam, which has been relocated to the bottom bezel to make room for the superslim top and side bezels. The touchpad sits in the center of the palm rest toward the bottom of the system. At There's only a USB 3. The rest of the ports sit at the rear of the system and include two more USB 3. Colorful and bright, the Y's The IPS panel did an excellent job of showing off the lead actress' mocha-hued skin in the If Beale Street Could Talk trailer, which only served to highlight her emerald-and-gold shirt.

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Legions (In Hiding) Lyrics by Testament

Details were sharp enough for me to watch wisps of smoke taking shape after a long cigarette pull, then see them dissipate back into the ether. An inky-black sky gave way to a changing gradient of rose, persimmon and marigold as the sun rose on the horizon. It was all the better to illuminate Geralt's bone-white locks.

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Details were so sharp that I could see the stitching in his green-and-black jerkin. I wasn't surprised to learn that the Y's mesmerizing panel had the ability to reproduce an impressive percent of the sRGB gamut. It handily surpassed the percent mainstream gaming laptop average. The GV62, Nitro 5 and G3 15 registered a much lower 72, 70 and 61 percent, respectively. The Lenovo also had the brightest display, averaging nits and outshining the nit average. The Nitro 5 nits , GV62 nits and G3 15 nits are dim by comparison.

Don't let the Y's demure looks fool you: Its bottom-mounted speakers have plenty of punch -- sometimes a bit too much. The down-firing speakers had no problem filling our large conference room with loud audio. But as I discovered on Kevin Ross' a capella take on Outkast's "Prototype," the highs got tinny at max volume, even after I fiddled around with the Dolby Atmos Speaker software. However, I did appreciate that the laptop had noticeable lows, and some nice detail -- like the reverb I heard on Wale's "My Boy.

There's no disputing that the Y's island-style, RGB-backlit keyboard is pretty to look at. I just wish it were a little better to type on. With 1. Still, when I took the 10fastfingers typing test, I managed to hit my usual 70 words per minute without too much trouble. The 3. Gestures such as pinch-zoom and three-finger swipe felt nice and quick, and I was able to accurately navigate through web pages.

The pair of discrete mouse buttons were a bit mushy for my taste, but they did what they were supposed to do. Just underneath the Y's elegant good looks lies the flamboyant heart of a gaming laptop, as evidenced by the glowing wonder that is the laptop's RGB backlit keys.

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And while I enjoyed watching the default, undulating rainbow effect, others will want to add their own special touches. Creating your own personalized look with Corsair's iCue software is fairly simple. Broken up into five distinct zones keyboard, power button, fan shroud, ports and logo , the system's backlighting lets you attribute one of 16 lighting effects to a chosen zone and one of You can individually program each key on the keyboard or, do what I did and switch between the preset effects and adjust the speed and direction.

Either way, it's a blast to look at. So, let get one thing straight. However, you can definitely get some decent frame rates if you're willing to crank down the settings. Still, I was pleasantly surprised that the laptop managed 33 frames per second on Witcher 3 on ultra -- and that was with Nvidia's HairWorks technology enabled.

That meant that when I was lopping off bandit limbs, Geralt's bone-white hair cascaded gently over his shoulders as a disembodied arm flew forcefully through the air at 33 fps on ultra. As a result Stakeout and Diversion are not that great against Legion. Spine Chill is god because of extra vault speed.

Holy bugger boys we actually found a use for Autodidact.

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  5. Ready to be the unsung hero of the match, Adam? Okay okay this is kinda the big one. No Mither does not counter Legion.

    Legions (In Hiding) Sheet Music by Testament

    It does counter Bloodhound and Stridor, which are two perks that Legion really likes to use. At the end of the day No Mither still forces you to be injured for the whole trial, and being injured is still a bad thing! Basically the only perk Legion has that has which actually works well on them. Any Legion that uses this perk is doing it for the reveal effect, likely in combination with Barbeque and Chili. You may be intimidated by Sloppy Butcher due to the increased bleading but the real reason Legion or indeed any Killer runs Sloppy is for the Mangled effect.

    Automatically assume that a Legion is running it and hide as soon as you hear the Terror Radius against Legion. Save The Best can be very good on Legion to shave some precious seconds off of Encounters. Any hit on you will reduce their tokens, and Legion will have to hit you a lot to down you.

    Missing lyrics by Testament?

    If a generator explodes and Legion is nearby evacuate the area immediately. The angery boii will probably be running straight at you with a knife. Technically strong on Legion? The problem is that Legion will have trouble getting to a faraway generator in time. A very powerful perk on Legion. Expect them to have this. If you find that your Survivor is breathing more heavily chances are the Killer is using Stridor.

    Other than that usual rules apply: be careful and stealthy. Very powerful perk on Legion. Surprisingly powerful on Legion since they can stab everyone very quickly. Directly counters any Aura Reading so if you brought any of those perks to help you find people to heal you have fun crying. Nothing makes me roll my eyes harder than a Claudette who stands in front of the Killer and teabags instead of running, letting the Feral Frenzy snowball start. Every Killer, no matter how weak they are on tier lists, can still stab you. Do your job: get in, do gens, get out. Your email address will not be published.