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Lively Larry's Close Call

Not My Fault. Cath Howe. In the Time We Lost. Carrie Hope Fletcher. The Boy At the Back of the Class. Onjali Q. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. The Wonky Donkey. Craig Smith. Bad Dad. David Walliams. One Of Us Is Lying. Karen McManus.

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Five Feet Apart. Rachael Lippincott. Philip Pullman. The Umbrella Mouse. Anna Fargher. With his beautiful voice and exuberant presence, he engages his audience with joy and warmth. He helped people open up to their song within by showing that singing is not about talent or ego. It is basic human expression. His energy reaches out to the audience and fills everyone with love. Once you experience Larry, you too will open to loving him and be open to the warming messages he sends!

His style is uplifting and inspirational, and his show was a lot of fun! I laughed, I cried, and my heart was opened. His singing is entertaining, inspiring and healing. Be entertained while noticing that any difficulties with your heart will melt away in joyful abandonment! It is a joy to hear him perform contemporary and classic songs. And Larry, like Mr. Rogers, was right there with them. We are eager to have him return with another show as soon as the next one comes out!

It is a one-man vaudevillian show with quick, witty scenes and costume changes that leave your head spinning and your belly laughing. Like a skilled magician, Larry used his infectious smile and warm, caring spirit to engage his audience. He used his repertoire of songs the seniors knew well. He charmed the audience with his no-wrong-answers approach to quiz questions about their shared history.

I was captivated by the magic spell he wove. It was a joy to watch him freely prance and heartily sing.

Wings Done Right

His show was inspiring and uplifting. He is talented in so many ways. The show made me realize how each chapter of our lives can be filled with gratitude and love of life and friends! He is truly a Universal Superstar. In the 7th decade of his life, he discovered a calling that personifies discovery, pain, honesty, admission, and his innate ability to communicate life, and allow the audience inside his beautiful heart.

Very touching, brought tears to my eyes, and made me laugh at the same time! His musical show is a must-see event, the next time you hear about it. I sang along his many songs, and went back in time to the incredible New York City of How charming Larry is, and how happy his show is! It was a wonderful show. He was so comfortable with himself on stage — he really owned the space.

He told his life story in lively song and dance, and his interplay with the audience was warm and loving.

Pelican Larry's Raw Bar and Grill - Davis, Naples

Instead I found I was thinking of the lies in my own life and how I am working to accept and change these for me. Not to be missed! Oakes, Ph. It was brave, touching, funny, creative, artful, entertaining, beautiful and wonderful! Terrifically conceived and extremely moving. And did I say inspirational? Darvick, journalist, and retired attorney, respectively, Birmingham, MI. I loved your show and how you put your heart into every part of it.

You have led a colorful, juicy and fascinating life. You managed to live it with excitement and delightful play! It was well worth my flying from New Jersey to Arizona to see you perform live. I really enjoyed the audience participation, and the humor he used to make us more aware of our basic human experiences. The audience was so moved at times that we cheered for Larry, as well as felt his pain during his lowest moments.

His heart and soul are what makes the performance so tangible for us who see it. I was captivated through the entire show, which quite surprised me. I loved hearing every part of your life story in the honest way you chose to share it! Thank you for all you do, and being such a bright light in this world.

I felt loved and embraced during the time and space we shared, through your colorful stories and touching songs — in a spirit of timeless presence. I cried while seeing the show, and afterwards discussing it with a friend. It moved and mesmerized me to witness your performances going deeper and getting more profound. With his charismatic personality, he carried the audience energetically through a lifetime of trials and triumphs; what we were left with was connection. The songs and dances of his life were full of laughter, sorrow and redemption. The vulnerability in his naked honesty cracked me open, so that I could see my own light a bit brighter.

Thank you, Larry, for sharing a slices of your life; you make me hungry for more! It was also funny and uplifting! Thumbs up, Larry! It gave me hope that life can and do get better, especially if you can laugh through it all, as Larry has. He is hilarious and such a joy to watch. Entertainment non-stop! Many thanks for the splendid fun! His story is punctuated with foot-tapping song and dance. His life experiences made me reflect on my own life as he invited me fully into his. I believe that the world could benefit from more enlightening entertainment like his.

I hope he keeps sharing his love and compassion with more and more people. It had many humorous as well as poignant moments. I hope that I will have as much courage as Larry with my future endeavors. I honor his imagination and willingness to share his story fully with others. He conveys his exceptional life though storytelling, singing lovely old tunes and putting on costumes. While eliciting laughter and tears from the audience, he shares an inspirational journey of his life that touches the heart and opens the mind. The show was surprising, entertaining and moving. Larry moves seamlessly through the humorous and the tragic, the mundane and the extraordinary, and the dramatic and the lighter moments of life.

We had a thoroughly good time and came away inspired by his message. He inspires us all to live authentically and from love.


Larry is truly admirable in his honesty and fun as heaven in his entertaining. Larry Rosenberg reveals on stage his unbridled talent with wisdom, passion and humor. He laces his one-man show with entertaining songs and dialog, as he engages and faces his audience. Thought provoking, seamlessly encouraging and emotionally touching, the show invites the audience to be more self-accepting and more tolerant of human differences. He is a true master in his delivery and the way he related to the audience.

Mixing Broadway classics with his personal story was done seamlessly and joyfully. His show is a great tribute to the evolution of consciousness, gay or otherwise. Also, with his whimsy and songs, he helps us ALL get out of the boxes we hide in. What a fine work of dramatic art and with social impact too! Your one-person show brings your rich and layered story alive for the audience. I was so tickled when you entered singing, and the way you integrated your stories with song, dance, humor and emotion. His openness allowed his delight in life to shine through.

And this delight was infectious! Do you want an evening of unique entertainment? Enjoy this heart-opening show. From start to finish, there is always something fresh and upbeat to experience. Being a maverick, Larry is paving the way for many souls to learn what an authentic life is about. So glad his hidden talents are no longer hidden.

Thanks for the sing-along too — we knew and loved all the oldies. Anyone who lives in or visits Sedona should definitely see this show! The joy you experience in each production is evident in the glow of your smile, glitter of your eyes, and enthusiasm in your writings. He is witty, sensitive and honest as he relives his life on stage. Everyone can relate to his musical interpretation of his zestful life. This show is a wonderfully entertaining experience for all ages. I loved his song choices, storytelling skill and creative costumes.

Larry's Family Warns Jenny: Don't Come to the US With An Attitude Like That!

He exemplifies the willingness to drop his masks, bare his vulnerability, and bring his old darkest secrets into the light of consciousness. Indeed, 1. I hummed the songs, shuffled the dances, and cried when my heart ached. Buy the ticket and see the show! Discover and fall in love with yourself again.

He skillfully mirrored some of my own life experiences. It was obvious that I was not the only one being gently entertained, but deeply moved. Give yourself a treat, and your therapist a break. You deserve it! If your intention was to inspire me, you did! You have a true gift for the stage. Keep going. You are an amazing man who has inspired and encouraged me, and I adore you! This is the purpose of life. With your story of transformation, you encourage all of us to be who we are. His songs were familiar, and we responded willingly when he invited us to sing along and keep time with the music.

With his Cabaret, Larry inspires us to boldly share ourselves and our stories with others. Guaranteed to make you smile. Days later, I still smile in recollection at his latest wonderful show. He shares how he learned to combine them both to be authentic to himself; a journey that we all must make. The venue was packed and the cozy set-up allowed the audience to intimately share the love, joy, laughter and generous applause.

People sang along, stomped feet, and danced in their seats. The jokes, songs and inspiring stories were delightful. I loved the way Larry engaged everyone in the audience. You are a wonderful performer! Larry Rosenberg is a brilliant Soul, who I feel honored to call my friend. Congratulations for the full house — I could feel that everyone had a terrific time.

Larry is spot-on terrific! People were moved to tears and cheers. Bravo, Larry! I love how he bounces around the stage, singing Zip-a-Dee-Do-Dah and other old favorites. Larry reminds us that life today is to be savored and celebrated. He has good reason to be Happy, as his is the triumphant story of a man who found his way at last to himself, and continues to revel unabashedly in that uniqueness. Looking forward to the next show you will perform. I believe that at any age all we have to do is really want to bring our truest magic into the world, and then there is always a way! And in the process, Larry seems to be getting younger, healthier and more vigorous every day since he launched his show!

Entertaining, because of the many good songs and humor throughout. Larry wants you to lead an extraordinary life — full of happiness, creativity and verve. He wants you to flow and feel alive — unburdened by the limitations of past experiences, happenstance and stories. Putting a life in perspective and filling it with humor, Dr.

So you can be the authentic you. Graced with his wit, intellect, experience and joy — he is a much-needed source of inspiration and guidance in our lives! Instead, I was totally captivated, fascinated and engrossed. The audience and he were connected, and intimately so. And because of his clear articulation and multidimensional performance, I could relax, understand and enjoy the entire show.

I laughed repeatedly, I buzzed from singing along all the songs, and I applauded as if I were at Carnegie Hall. By the time the curtain came down, I was in an altered state of energetic bliss. Great going, Larry. He shares meaningful events from his own life in a way that allows a person to see themselves in his stories. What a package!

Thank you for sharing your entertaining and uplifting energy with my tour group from Israel when we visited Sedona. With each childhood tale, he awakened in me keen feelings, although he grew up in America and I in Russia. I was in sync with him, alive to his bright smiles, emotional shadows, amusing dances and easy walks across the stage.

As a virtual extension of his words and actions, I felt intimately connected to the meaning of his stories, joy of his laughter, and magic of his heart-filled songs. From his thirst for exploring and expressing highlights of his life, he created a highly energy-charged experience of mystery, fun and happiness.