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With offices in Berlin, London, Milan and Shanghai, David Chipperfield is not averse to creating large luxury office and apartment blocks, but really comes into his own with culturally and historically sensitive buildings, such as the Inagawa cemetery chapel and visitor centre in Hyogo, Japan That is why we are endeavouring to create spaces that stimulate interaction and induce synergies. Although the firm works on a global scale, it remains firmly committed to its Scandinavian roots and humanist values.

This identity enables it to reinvent tradition with a clear understanding of the challenges of the 21st century. For 3XN, the context is paramount. The project must be integrated in it and provide something new and something positive. Similarly, the complexity and challenges are seen as positive incentives to create a differentiating architecture. It designs architecture whose main objective is to create a social bond and synergies and to improve well-being.

This philosophy is reflected in all its projects such as the Sportarena in Munich, the Muziekgebouw in Amsterdam, Orestad College in Denmark, which is renowned throughout the world for its innovative architecture, or the future Fish Market in Sydney and the esplanade of the Grognon in Namur. AMO, its sister company, is a research and design studio that works in areas beyond architecture that today have an increasing influence on architecture itself: media, politics, renewable energy, technology, publishing, fashion.

David Chipperfield

AMO often works in parallel with OMA's clients to fertilize architecture with intelligence from this array of disciplines. The main objective of any design exercise executed within the? In all projects, OMA strives to go beyond the standard solution and is consequently able to de? Its strategy to tackle projects is based on two fundamental principles: research and collaboration.

It is its proven experience that by taking adequate time to think with the clients before starting to design, the practice can ultimately accelerate the design process and provide buildings of greater quality for a given budget. During every phase of the design process, OMA leads an extended series of intimate collaborations—brainstorm sessions, presentations and workshops—between clients, engineers, architects and other crucial participants of intellectual collaborations such as curators, sociologists, and anthropologists mobilized by AMO think tank; as well as practical collaborators such as cost estimators, construction managers, contractors, and specialty consultants.

By means of this approach, the knowledge of all advisors can be used to come up with an optimal design from which all criteria have been analyzed. The design is therefore a product, which is realized in close collaboration with the client. The ideas of the Vorarlberger wood craftsmen were influential in the earlier phase of the firm. Social responsibility, economics, husbanding of resources and social acceptance are cornerstones of what goes into planning. The firm is systematically built up on an international level in the s. Projects like the headquarters for Munich Reinsurance and the Vienna airport building attract attention and recognition beyond the borders of Austria.

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In addition to the start-up office in Lochau in a subsidiary is founded in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. In Vienna is added. The 21st century begins a period of rapid growth. Offices are set up in St. Along with the ongoing internationalization, Baumschlager Eberle Architekten is organized as a holding company. The firm is currently active and present in twelve locations in Europe and Asia. Architecture in each location is the result of intensive and manifold teamwork. There are employees from 21 countries speaking 19 languages in the offices. For Baumshlager Eberle, good architecture is defined by the context and a good building is always an expression of dealing with the location at hand.

These architects are all characterized by minimalism, total control of the materials, in particular ultrasmooth concrete, a penchant for pure lines and large structures that punctuate the landscape. Created in , the firm boasts 35 architects based in Basel.

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Stay tuned! BIG is a New York and Copenhagen based group of architects, designers, builders and thinkers operating within the fields of architecture, urbanism, of projects throughout Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East. Like a form of programmatic alchemy, BIG creates architecture by mixing conventional ingredients such as living, leisure, working, parking, and shopping; by hitting the fertile overlap between pragmatism and utopia, BIG finds the freedom to change the surface of our planet to better fit contemporary life forms.

JDS Architects was set up in It employs 30 people and has offices in Copenhagen, Brussels and Shanghai.

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  • Regardless of scale, those projects show an approach that is enthusiastic in its ambition, professional in its process and deeply socially conscious in its conclusions. He is one of the two brothers that head up the eponymous firm Aires Mateus, which employs 30 at its Lisbon offices. Since Alvaro Siza and Eduardo Souto de Moura, Portuguese architecture has coined its own vocabulary and developed its own syntax, recognisable by its expressive minimalism.

    The Aires Mateus brothers are fluent in this language.

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    Aires Mateus is a firm whose various projects communicate the fundamental principles of their architecture, managing a certain rigour without the coldness sometimes associated with it: the purity and simplicity of the design, an overall geometry that scrupulously gives due consideration to the internal volumes and a play between solids and voids sometimes interspersed with light, artificial or natural. MVRDV is developing an architectural vision for a more ambitious, more optimistic, more efficient, more ecological and more compact city. An innovative, inspired and conceptual architecture that finds its rightful place in an enthusiastic outlook for the future and assumes a role of antidote to the crisis in all sectors retail, offices, sports, residential, major projects and on all continents, with the same passion and a quality crowned with many prizes.

    During the twenty years of its existence XDGA has participated in a large number of international competitions allowing the office to build up a portfolio illustrating its approach in architecture and urbanism. Today the office numbers 50 collaborators of 11 different nationalities and has offices in Brussels and Paris.

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    XDGA projects currently under construction include the subway station and public square Place Rogier in Brussels, the new headquarters for the province of Antwerp, a care centre for the elderly in Antwerp, a housing complex in Boulogne-Billancourt Paris , the regeneration of the entrepot Mac Donald in Paris, and the master plan Paris-Saclay.

    One gentlemen there was a CEO with a service which was vital to furthering my current enterprise. Not only did I have a great lunch but I made an invaluable contact. I work with a charity so when I was invited to Lunch I was thrilled to accept.

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