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You will learn about general patient care, human physiology and anatomy and touch on some nursing theories.

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Once licensed, you are be able to work while being supervised by a registered nurse RN. The training is reasonably short, but the responsibilities you can have at work are very limited as well. As a result, the salary is much lower than that of an RN. There is a high demand for nurses, fortunately, and this has caused the LPN program to change significantly so that LPNs have more responsibilities at work. However, there are still restrictions in place in terms of where they can work and what they can do.

For instance, an LPN is not able to work in critical care or emergency rooms. Most LPNs now work in assisted living, care homes and residential services rather than hospitals.

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Most medical facilities encourage LPNs to continue to study so that they can earn a full degree and become an RN. This has led to the development of LPN to RN programs, which are fast tracked ways to earn a nursing degree. In terms of job prospects , the U. The ADN is seen as the quickest possible way to become a registered nurse. The degree takes around two years to complete, although you could also choose a four year college option.

You will learn about the foundations of nursing and receive hands-on training in various clinical settings.

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The program, being only two years in length, is cheaper, too. Furthermore, many of these programs are available online, which means you could study towards them while maintaining other professional or personal responsibilities.

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It means that you are flexible in terms of obtaining your degree. However, many colleges want you to have had prior training in such things as nutrition and human physiology. This may take as much as a year to complete, which means that your full degree program would actually take around three years.


LPNs collect samples for testing, perform routine laboratory tests, and record food and fluid intake and output. They also give medications, monitor their clients and report adverse reactions to medications or treatments. LPNs gather information from clients, including their health history and how they are currently feeling, and teach clients and their family members about their care.

Licensed practical nurses work in a variety of health care settings such as hospitals, nursing homes and long-term care agencies, doctor's offices, clinics, industry, correctional institutions, schools, and home care agencies. Gross motor skills sufficient to provide the full range of safe and effective nursing care activities.

Physical stamina sufficient to perform client care activities for entire length of work role. Physical strength sufficient to perform full range of required client care activities. Physical abilities sufficient to move from place to place and to maneuver to perform nursing activities.

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Auditory ability sufficient for physical monitoring and assessment of client health care needs. Visual ability sufficient for accurate observation and performance of nursing care. Tactile ability sufficient for physical monitoring and assessment of health care needs. Olfactory ability sufficient to detect significant environmental and client odors. Reading ability sufficient to comprehend the written word at a minimum of a tenth grade level. Arithmetic ability sufficient to do computations at a minimum of an eighth grade level.

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It includes the following three concepts:. Measuring: the act or process of ascertaining the extent, dimensions or quantity of something. Computing: the act or process of performing mathematical calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. Critical thinking ability sufficient to exercise sound nursing judgment.

Interpersonal abilities sufficient to interact with individuals, families and groups respecting social, cultural and spiritual diversity. Communication abilities sufficient for interaction with others in oral and written form. The entire program is 49 credits. The clinical portion of the Practical Nursing Certificate Program lasts 3 semesters. Programs begin every 1. Any required developmental Math, English or Biology courses must be completed prior to applying to the program.

It is also highly recommended that the required general education courses in the curriculum be completed prior to beginning the clinical courses. In following this recommendation, most students do take at least an extra semester to complete the required 49 credits so that they may focus o the nursing content during the clinical semesters.

Though the following courses are not technically pre-requisites to the Practical Nursing Program, it is difficult to complete the coursework along with preparing for and completing clinical rotations. Therefore, it is highly recommended that these courses be completed prior to entering the first semester of the clinical nursing courses.

If qualified applicants exceed program space available, candidates who have completed their General Education Requirements may receive priority consideration over those who have not completed these courses. Check back at beginning of Fall Semester for updates. You may also contact our Health Sciences Counselor at for more information. The Curriculum listed below shows how a student might complete the entire 49 required credits if General Education Courses are not completed prior to beginning the program.

It is highly recommended to complete as many of the other required courses as possible prior to the First Semester of Practical Nursing PNE. Total minimum credits for Certificate in Practical Nursing: 49 credits. This test may be taken 3 times in the admission cycle. Further details on this test can be found under the testing page of this website.

TEAS-V within 5 years may be considered with a minimum score of The above costs are approximate and are subject to change. The student should also consider the cost of transportation to class and clinical sites. The college has state and federal financial aid programs as well as several scholarship programs administered by the SVCC foundation.

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Focus on algebra and biology regular biology with a lab component. You need to make at least a C in these courses. Yes, all of the hospitals have scholarship programs and forgivable loans. If you have all the high school requirements and do not need any developmental courses based upon placement tests, it is possible to complete the program in 3 semesters.