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It's even harder when people want you dead.

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Sam's been an outsider ever since he moved to London. A loner from the North who won't let anyone in.

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Former head girl and all round school-star Imogen had pretty much given up trying to befriend Sam before that night on Walthamstow high street. The night he wanted to tell her a secret, and someone tried to murder him. But Sam isn't the only one whose life is in danger. Although she doesn't know it, Imogen is being watched. And if she doesn't give these people what they want, they'll silence her too.

A high-octane, intricately plotted teen thriller, by an exciting voice in YA fiction Sam is the new kid at school — he keeps himself to himself and people don't take much notice of him.

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Imogen is little miss perfect — she's popular, clever, good at sports and has the dream boyfriend — and yet for some reason, she's drawn to Sam. One day Imogen is with her friends and Sam rushes up — he needs to tell her something urgently. Before he can, a car drives towards him and tries to knock him down — Imogen pushes him out of the way and saves his life. After that, Sam avoids Imogen, but she can't stop thinking about him. What was it he wanted to tell her?

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Why would someone want to kill him? Why won't he speak to her now? As Imogen and Sam get pulled deeper and deeper into the criminal underworld of East London, they have to rely on each other. Suddenly there's nothing perfect about Imogen's life, and people will never ignore Sam again She has an English degree from Cambridge University and now works in schools liaison, helping teenagers puzzle out the mysteries of higher education. Between the ages of 11 and 15 she wrote an epic 36 part story featuring over 1, characters — she still remembers most of their names!

Saving Silence is not just a tautly-written thriller, though it is certainly that. It is also an exploration of self-image, public duty, trust and betrayal. Blaxhill's portrayal of teenage lifestyles is utterly convincing - she has captured the cadences of speech and the intricacies of friendships, romance and the delicate balancing act needed to stay on the right side of the law without betraying those you love.

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  • Books For Keeps Blaxill has an enviable ability to bring [her characters] to life with vivid pen portraits. Can't fault it, an excellent read. For the price of a cup of tea, you can change the dialogue about our world. How would knowing the story of your childhood hero have changed what you thought was possible growing up?

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