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Time Inc. Retrieved 4 January The Wichita Eagle. The McClatchy Company. USA Today. Gannett Company. The Los Angeles Times. The Washington Post. The Washington Post Company. The Plain Dealer. Advance Publications. Categories : American novels Contemporary fantasy novels Novels about time travel Historical fantasy novels American fantasy novels. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Cover of Shadow of Night. Contemporary fantasy , romance , vampire , witchcraft , alchemy.

Print Hardcover , Paperback. A Discovery of Witches. A scarred man from a rough upbringing. Trick: patch. Only black member of of the Horde. View all 63 comments. Mar 20, Brandi rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , emotional. This book was phenomenal, a beautifully written story about love lost and found again. The story of Demon and Faith, is told in the present and through memories of their past.

And it's a powerful story. Susan Fanetti has quickly become one of my favorite authors. Her stories have such an authentic feel and her characters are always beautifully rendered, flawed and unique. His internal battles throughout his story are simply heart-breaking. I was not disappointed. Faith Fordham grew up in the MC, she is a strong, independent and passionate.

Ten years ago their short time together ended painfully, when their forbidden relationship was revealed. Now, Faith has returned home to care for her mother, and Michael is trying to get custody of his son, Tucker. When these two see each other for the first time in 10 years, they are both overwhelmed. All of those feeling are still there.

How could that be? How could a decade just disappear? How could all that time not make things softer, easier to bear? Will these two get a second chance at love? This story was perfect, it's messy, yet utterly beautiful. I loved every minute. View all 45 comments. I just needed to say a lot, I guess. Everyday we see hear about it We are shocked Susan Fanetti has a way with all of her books. She brings to light society issues which may have us consider serious topics more deeply than a news broadcast or article. She brings them front and center and in our face.

She has the characters we have grown to know and care for reveal the realities of life We see how these things form people Powerful stuff. As with all Fanetti books, we also have the continuing stories of the Club and its members. By using this framework, it gives us a sense of knowing He was an enforcer who had a rocky relationship with his home charter. He was patched but sent immediately away to be a Nomad due to the betrayal to his brothers. He did what no brother should do These two were drawn together by some internal recognition The power of this need caused both to disregard all warnings These two came from such different homes Faith in a "normal" mother, father, sister home.

Three meals, constant parenting, regular school, a roof over her head. In the overall scheme of things it looks fine. And it was She had a father who was the head of a outlaw biker club. Her mother was an ex porn star. Her uncles and aunts were all members of the club and their "old Ladies" All the rough and tumble men knew the rules She felt more comfortable around pool tables and cues, motor parts and Sharpie pens.

Her mother let her gravitate to her father as Serenity, her older sister was the favorite there The Mother adored Serenity, leaving Faith to blossom into the unique artist she became. Faith was independent in her way That was the start With bikers in formations bringing her to the first day of high school, parked and glaring in full club cutts and shades Michael knew to stay away and he tried His background and life experience made him an oxymoron There were these huge gaps created by never having a parent of any kind sit and read to him as a very young child.

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At two he was brought into the system and from then on, the lessons he learned would leave trails of mental and physical scars so thick and confusing it was a wonder he functioned at all. Experiencing the "Do Good Days", he somehow survived the insidious abuse from so many hands until he could fight back at With multiple foster homes and Juvenile group homes he was primed for survival.

What was the added trigger was no restraint on his impulses when angered. His mind would tell him he should stop Michael would act This trait, which he hated in many ways, would serve him while being a nomad. So this is the back story of these two and we learn all of this and so much more through the use of Memories by each of them. We come full circle for them He has the one time only chance of getting full custody due to the help of a high profile attorney taking on his cause.

This is a full novel. Book 1 of 3 in The Shadows of Regia Trilogy.

His ex was addicted when Tucker was born and that should have had the courts decide for Demon but due to her provoking him and taunting him knowing it would set him off, he ended up hurting her like she actually wanted Over the years he has tried to do right by his son, but blocked every time by a corrupt family worker reporting all things were fine for Tucker when the opposite was the case. It all came to a head when Sid, the social worker who is now with Muse, discovered Tucker in filth, under weight and uncared for.

Family Services stepped in and after a lot of quick work, Tucker was placed with the Prez and his woman Bebe. These are the first positive steps Tucker has had in his 2 year old little life. Demon is not on the road, he stays away from any outlaw happenings He will not do anything to stop his getting Tucker. This is his daily focus. Faith has been away from the club for 10 years. She left, no turning back when she turned The loss of the father who loved her She has come into her own She took her motor parts, nuts and bolts and fused them with flame She acquired a following and has done large park pieces and is working on a massive one now.

She lives in Venice with her loft as both workroom and home. Her way is confident, cutting and unique to her. She is pulled from her life by a phone call informing her of her mother being at the hospital at the club location, about 50 miles from Los Angeles. Her sister Serenity was the one who should take these calls She has distanced herself by being the top in the financial field. This left the personal contact as Faith. She is at the hospital and Bebe arrives.

Bebe is the only one Faith has stayed in contact Bebe was her mother's best friend for years Faith is holding it together as best as she can when the doctors inform them of the situation. The mother was incoherent, naked, combative and hit by a car due to running into the street at night. They are asked if she was on drugs Faith has no idea and Bebe says no She has many injuries and they will have to leave her and comeback tomorrow for updates.

Faith turns to Bebe and asks to stay overnight at the house Michael is there. Faith, in sweats, ragged, confused and overwhelmed by all of this It is a moment when we all know These two, Michael and Faith, together are addictive; they both have always loved each other so everything is fragile and must tread carefully because they both feel it could all go bad at any moment This story will rock you deeply. There are so many branches which will take your heart and twist it till you won't think you can breathe.

The Memories and how they interlace with the current events. How the System fails in so many cases causing children to become broken men. How a warped sense of "What's Best" destroys relationships and trust forever. These are only some of the things which are highlighted in this book; there is the acknowledgement of sometimes people will never understand their wrongs Illness can happen and take away the ability to make amends So much is packed in this book, I can't even touch on the club business and what they are juggling.

It is gritty and violent. It is where they are going We get the relationships of all the members we have known from the past and learn of children and life blooming Be prepared to tear up for the happy as well as being shocked and holding your breath. Our Nolan is still in SoCal He will not be detoured and it will be playing out in the next book.

This is a series which takes you by the hand and leads to places you would not usually go on your own So Fanetti I am ready What is up with all the cliches? What the hell does that mean, anyway I am excited to see the release date and have started my count down. For more Reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways. Feb 27, S. West rated it it was amazing Shelves: broken , mcs-bad-boy-bikers , kickass-heroine , sexy-as-fuck , tortured-bad-boy-hottie , topof , favourties , fave-author.

I know I say something along these lines every time I read Susan Fanetti but it warrants saying again and again Her writing is poetic, her stories flawless in tempo, flow and arc and her characters are so memorable, endearing and real. These two have a tortured past, partly of their own doing but also put upon them by the hands of others. Their story is about true love despite age, time or circumstance; about second chances even when you feel you don't deserve it or are afraid to trust it; and about new beginnings among the chaos, the secrets of the past and their own fears.

But instead, Demon felt a creeping certainty that it was indeed a circle he was on, that he would lose it all again. It was about being understood. It was about finding someone you fit with, someone whose puzzle matched your own. I want you. We were wrong before, but maybe we can be right now. I love you, Faith. I never stopped.

Not for a minute. Faith , another kickass heroine whose strength and beauty just leaps off the page. Just like her name, her faith and love for Michael never waivers. Demon , a truly broken soul if ever there was one. Beaten down and faced with the ugliest of mankind at such a young age, but despite it all, he is a protector and a loving and gentle soul. Sly , the big ole tom cat. He may just be a cat but his meaning to me was so much more. He saw a kindred spirit in Demon, a survivor and he recognized a gentle loving soul in Faith. You know what they say about animals having that sixth sense about which humans are trustworthy.

Bibi , another strong beautiful woman. What an awesome club Queen! Loved her! A true brother to Demon. Finally, last but certainly not least, Susan Fanetti. And in the end of it all, she leaves you with the truth in the strength of spirit, the power of love and that hope shines eternal. View all 41 comments. Shelves: best-reads , 6-star-best-of-the-best , emotional-basketcase , sweetness , second-chances.

Actually, make that TEN! Susan Fanetti has astounded me, yet again! I knew this book was going to blow my mind when the dedication brought tears to my eyes. Yes, I was hooked right from the opening page. Oh, the magnificence! This is the story of Demon and Faith. Ten years ago their forbidden romance ended in persecution … Wrong. All of it was so fucking wrong.

He needed to get clear. Instead, he 5 Beats Stars! Instead, he grabbed her face in his hands and kissed her. A decade later, their love has not diminished Never have I read a more challenging character … a male character with such conflicting and overwhelming emotions. His backstory is so heartbreaking, every little step forward had me clutching at my heart.

There were moments when I wanted to just reach into the book and wrap my arms around him; to let him know that he was loved and accepted. No shame. Trouble is as much the glue as love. Faith Fordham is an incredibly strong, passionate and creative leading lady. Her spunky, sixteen year old attitude morphs into an adult self-assuredness … But it is her utter devotion to Michael and her unwavering love that really makes her perfect for this story … no amount of personal angst or drama holds her back from loving her man. Love story aside And, despite having all that going on - plus the dealings of a progressively unlawful MC - it was never over the top or unrealistic … it was just the opposite.

This book is understated and thoughtful … just so utterly REAL. I truly felt like I could walk into the Night Horde SoCal world and meet real people … experience real events. Every single word holds meaning. Every meaning holds hope. Susan Fanetti is simply amazing!

Thank you to the author for providing me advanced access to this stunning book! View all 37 comments. Feb 26, TeriLyn rated it it was amazing Shelves: re-reads , ultimate-favorites , arc , favorites , fcp-league-of-their-own-mc , mc-s. Their love story is quite unique compared to the other members of the Night Horde SoCal.

Faith is a one of a kind female lead and her abounding love and patience for Michael makes this book what it is. Michael struggles every day but with Faith he's better. The story told in the present but also toggles between memories of the past making it that much more bittersweet. I loved it all over again. Rich in symbolism. Poignant plot. Absolutely loved the real story of a Demon losing and finding his Faith. She gives so much in her books; so much feeling, so much depth, so much symbolism. Throughout her books, readers can easily take what she gives. Chronicling the great love of Demon and Faith we're toggled between their current present and their sordid past by the memories they relive.

Demon is a protector, his greatest gift is the protection, the security you feel with him in your life. He provides this net of safety for his family, those who need him most, whom he needs the most. He cherishes his people. Faith Fordham calms the storm inside Demon. She sees things others cannot in all aspects of her life and Demon was never an exception. She recognizes the good in him, pushing to expose it for the rest of the world to see. The extraordinary quality about Faith though? The story gave me a feeling of star-crossed lovers, the young Romeo and Juliet of the Fanetti MC world, doomed from the start.

How will they ever get back to what they shared? Demon and Faith have never wavered from the fact that they love only each other no matter the darkness, the time apart, the vicious memories of their past. Susan Fanetti creates real people with real realities. The fantasy for the reader is wanting the protection, the light that comes out of their darkness.

Those bits and pieces of happiness her characters get come from such dark places. Their strength is formidable. The friendships, the bonds, the family Fanetti has created once again out this motley crew of characters is unbreakable, when she extends that bond to her main characters making them lovers she creates a fortress. These people just live. Being a rabid fan, I sense things I sensed while reading Signal Bend — little idiosyncrasies in the plot reminding of the strength of the bond from how the Night Horde started and the journey the mother charter took to the end.

Faith Fordham sees things out of the most unlikely objects both literally in figuratively. She finds beauty in what others might find ugly. Susan Fanetti does not breed hate or distaste, she finds love in the darkest of places to create light. Susan Fanetti takes broken people and makes them whole through love, loyalty, and friendship. But with Demon and Faith, these qualities come alive as if they are a living, breathing extension of the words on the pages from this author.

This woman writes a raw side of human nature, exploits a vulnerable side to her characters and in connection to her readers as well. Favorite Quotes: "And she kept coming, closing the distance between them. Ten feet, ten years. View all 27 comments. Feb 27, Liz rated it it was amazing Shelves: must-read , abused , alpha-male-love , beautiful-cover , best-leading-lady , best-couples , motorcycle-love , dark-and-gritty , favorite , action-packed.

I am such a huge Fanetti addict that getting another fix of my favorite MC author was just what this girl needed! The colorful writing, endearing characters, and in-depth character development makes this book another winner! Shadow and Soul shifts between the present day and the past. In the past Faith "I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul.

She is a bit of a rebel, tomboy, and artist. Even though she is 16, she is guarded like Rapunzel locked up in a tower. Her dad doesn't trust anyone with his little girl.

Michael later named Demon is a new prospect in the club. A former foster child, he has experienced pain and terror. He has found a home with his brothers in the MC. And Faith had no idea what kind of mystical power she might have over anybody, but at that moment , she herself was completely ensorcelled.

Even though Faith is a few years younger, she is a perfect match for Michael. Her calm and open demeanor balance out his crazy and rebellious outbreaks. She fit with him. The present day Faith has returned home to take care of her sick mother. Michael is trying to win custody of his young son Tucker. Action with the MC is heating up. When Faith and Michael see each other again, it is like time stands still.

They are both disoriented as old wounds are torn open. It made no sense, and it made her feel disoriented, as if the floor under her feet were unstable, like a carnival funhouse , each room tilting a different way. It takes time and encouragement from their loved ones in the club to find their way. I never stopped, either. They both have secrets. They have demons lurking from their past. In true Fanetti fashion, your heart will break right along with them. You will cry, you will smile, you will sigh, and you will feel the passion between these two!

Michael and Faith's story is unique and one that I won't forget. If you like a book with a strong heroine and a reckless hero, than this is the book for you. A beautiful story that reminds us everyone deserves a second chance. Everyone deserves to be loved. Everyone is capable of overcoming pain and heartbreak. Bravo Ms. He had everything. His eyes intent on his hand , he whispered. View all 29 comments. Feb 26, Dee Montoya rated it it was amazing Shelves: badass-biker , favorites , hot-alpha-male , book-husband , favorite-author , h-o-t , kick-ass-awesome-heroine , favorite-series , my-fictional-boyfriends.

Getting the whole back story of everything Demon had suffered in is own childhood and having Faith, his first and only love come back into is life, made for a truly magnificent book. Faith is forced back in town after getting a phone call, telling her that her mother has been in an accident and is in the hospital. She was happy in San Francisco and the last thing she wants is to be back in the place where all her dreams were taken away from her and by the hands of her own parents.

Her father's club brothers were her family and she was always around the garage and hanging out with other kids from the club. When she was seventeen she fell in love with Michael aka Demon when he was just starting as a prospect. Their love have been forbidden because a prospect couldn't disrespect an official patch by dating one of his daughters. When Faith parents found out about her and Demon, they reacted badly and destroyed every possibly of a future for the young couple. Not having Demon was something Faith couldn't deal with, so she left her family and the only home she had ever known.

Demon can't believe Faith is back, the girl that took his heart when she left ten years ago. He's been trying to focus on winning the custody battle against his ex and officially become his only legal guardian. Little Tucker has been doing a lot better since he moved into the MC's president home, him and his old lady have been helping a lot. Demon had a terrible childhood, without parents he bounced from one foster home to the next, suffering terrible abuse and loneliness. Demon has a really bad temper and very big trust issues but after learning the reasons behind all his darkness, made me understand and love him so much more.

He wants nothing more than to have a family with Tucker and Faith but he doesn't believe he deserves anything good so any time things get rough he looses his temper and then runs. Little does he know, that Faith loves him unconditionally and she will run after him, every single time. This story was truly heartbreaking. Demon hated that his son was having night terrors just like he used to, when he was little.

This man looked so scary and ruthless on the outside but inside he is very sweet and vulnerable. All Demon wants is to love and be loved by his family and brothers and I was just blown away by his character. Beautiful story with a powerful message, this books only get better and better and they are not to be missed. Feb 26, Amanda rated it it was amazing Shelves: biker-mc.

Shadow of Night, All Souls Trilogy : Book 2 by Deborah Harkness | | Booktopia

I wonder how Susan Fanetti do it. She has a new book out every 2 months which lead to me spending an obscene amount of money on her compare to other authors that published once a year and yet every single one of her work is at least a solid 4 stars for me ok, except for Pagano series, which is not my cuppa.

I know everyone had different taste when it comes to the characters, but for me some of the couples that she wrote lack a certain 'WoW' factor. I mean we can't be having everyone as aweso I wonder how Susan Fanetti do it. I mean we can't be having everyone as awesome as Isaac and Lilli, right? This might be the one that I truly love since I read All the Sky. Forbidden love, second chances, past, present I knew I'm gonna love Demon since I first met him in Muse's book.

He is the guy with an uncontrollable temper and prone to violence. When his face start looking red, it means he is gonna detonate. I'm imagining a red version Incredible Hulk. During the last book, he was trying to gain custody of his toddler son from his drug addict ex-girlfriend. Faith, the woman from his past came back to town to take care of her estranged, but ailing mother. Once these two soulmates met again after a decade, it brought back the old memories While Demon, 21, a new prospect. She is the forbidden fruit, but despite warning from Blue, they both can't seems to stay away from each other.

The young love ended in heartache, loss, misery. Their past and present was intervene flawlessly in between the chapters. I read the past with a huge sense of foreboding because we already know is gonna be awful for this young couple. I enjoyed the present very much because of how accepting Faith and Demon are with each other. It was as if the decade they were separated never happened. I don't know how you feel, but - " "I love you, stupid. I never stopped, either" I know Demon sounds like a violent man, but when he was unprovoked and sober, he is actually a quiet, shy and vulnerable man.

We learned more about Demon's childhood and his friendship with Muse. Learning about Demon's background gave us a clearer idea of why he turned out to be the way he is now. We also knew that he and Muse were tight previously, but now we understand more on their history.

Twelve Benefits of Shadow Work

This book make me love Muse even more. Learning that Demon had a son with another woman was also a lot to take in. I think she handled everything very well despite the circumstances. She loves Demon flaws and all. You're not a demon.

You're a man - a scarred man with a beautiful heart. I prefer them at least in 30s. And seeing as who Nolan's father was, it guarantee going to dig up all the feelings that I rather left buried. View all 15 comments. Jan 30, Denisa rated it liked it Shelves: romance , cliche , disappointing , relaxing , cute , fun.

I definitely need a break from Fanetti's books. I admit, I fell in love with this author after reading the Signal Bend series! Loved her courage and her characters and her stories, I felt like it was a lot more than some typical MC books. The last book in the series was a bit disappointing, but we all have our moments, right? Then I started this series. The first book was also a dud, but hey, it happens Well, this one was the 3rd in a row.

It's not that it's a bad book, it's just It lacks that edge, that je-ne-sais-quoi that her other series had. Everything felt pretty flat, from the characters to the plot. And I didn't like the trip to the past part, it felt like it really shouldn't have been there. Maybe it's my fault, read a lot of her books one after another. Don't get me wrong, it's still a pretty decent biker book, it's a lot better than some, but unfortunately it's not as great as others her books included.

Give it a try though, it might surprise you! View 2 comments. I enjoyed this book, but can't, in good conscience condone some of the thinking, or possibly non-thinking in this story. I did like certain elements: 1 -- I liked the characters; Demon and Faith. I can appreciate the journey they've been on to get back to this place and have their HEA. She is kick-ass.