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But, if you left any doubt as to who the better dancer was on any level, then you left the door open for a loss. For most of us, it's unrealistic to beat our competition on every single level, but we don't need to do that to win.


As dancers, we all have a wide range of moves and strengths that we can cover. With a little effort, you can find out exactly what the judges want and emphasize those areas in your dancing. All dancers have chosen their own moves and styles because they are their favorites. So, if you pay attention and watch carefully, you can find out what the judges like and try your hardest to be that. You should always dance like yourself, but you are more likely to win battles when you emphasize the areas of your style that the judges are looking for.

There are 3 easy ways to find out what the judges want to see: 1 Ask: Before or between battles, just go up to the judges and ask them what criteria they will be judging on and what they want to see. After a few rounds, you will see patterns develop between all the winning dancers. That pattern is what the judges are looking for. Battle judges are usually advertised long before the date of the actual event. Watch the judges dancing in DVDs, online, in cyphers, and in showcases.


Whatever defines their dancing tells you what their ideal of what a dancer is. Emphasize the common ground between what defines your style and what defines the judges. Show What You Can Do "It is not necessary to try to beat or be better than your opponent, but rather to show what you can do.

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Instead of thinking 'Ok, I can beat this person,' one should be thinking 'Ok, that's what you can do, now let me show you what I can do. You are not what you've learned. You are not what you've practiced. You are only what you use. It won't help to have incredible moves that you can't consistently pull off. You want to be able to walk into a cypher, trust your training, and nail any move that you do.

If your competitor is more advanced than you, that doesn't take away from what you can do. But you don't want to lose because you beat yourself, trying moves you didn't know and falling out of them.

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The confidence of knowing that any move you do you will do well gives you an edge in battle. They are often the ones that followed the right strategies to prepare themselves mentally and physically right before their performances. Virtually no dancers can just flip a switch and instantly go from a dead stop to all out intensity.

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All dancers need to pysch themselves up and gradually build up their energy. Typically, the dancers you see that go from motionless to warp speed warmed up earlier, away from watching eyes.

Street Dance Skills Amp Drills Bboy Bootcamp Super Power Practice Book 3 (ePUB/PDF)

Some training strategies take weeks, months, or even years to significantly improve your dancing. The following are strategies that the best of the best swear by and use for every performance and battle. Psych Up "Everyone has the desire to win, but only champions have the desire to prepare. Think about all of the time you spent training, or how you felt the first time you nailed your favorite freeze or move. Think of the props you've received from crew members, teachers, friends, family, or strangers.

Think of the instruction you've received in videos or in person. Reminding yourself of your major accomplishments and experiences as a dancer so far. Put your current performance in perspective. Get in the right mindset to add one more wins to your record. But remember, if you don't shine in battle, this performance does not define you as a dancer. You have a long record to look back on and a long future ahead of you.

This long-range view takes your attention away from stressing and helps you to relax and enjoy the experience. It takes your heart, veins, and muscles time to prepare to give their all. Don't walk into a performance cold; you'll lack enthusiasm and run out of energy. Warm up with light dance moves on the side for 5 to 15 minutes so that your body is fully prepared when it's time to give your all.

Adrenaline is a powerful stimulant similar to caffeine, and it can make you feel edgy and nervous. When your mind tells your body that it has a demanding physical task coming up, your body releases adrenaline, which increases blood flow and gets your heart pounding. Your body switches to it's primitive caveman survival instincts and assumes that it is getting ready for a fight, or to run away from a predator.

You know that you're getting ready to dance, but it's easy to interpret your light-headedness and thumping heartbeat as signs of nervousness or fear. Break the cycle by being aware that what you're feeling is natural, and it's just your body getting ready to perform. Remind yourself that what you're feeling is simply pent-up excitement and energy that you're going to release on the dance floor.

Street Dance Skills & Drills - The Bboy Bootcamp

Focusing on taking slow, deep breaths will help slow your heart rate down and calm your nerves. That said, it's still valuable to just freestyle on the floor and do what comes naturally. The methods that I've discussed are not meant to replace your freestyling but to speed up your results so that you can enjoy street dance even more.

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It was all fun. Edison If the added structure takes away from your love of dancing, please shift the emphasis of your training back to doing what you love. Dance is play with purpose. These iconic children's board books are collectible if you can find an original in great condition! Learn more about collecting Little Golden Books.

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