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She's an adult, Lila, Cooper and Nathaniel aren't. They needed him more. Tony nods, and walks into the house. Pack themselves bags and know what's happening. Laura nods sadly. Damn Clint, forcing her to do this. She goes into the bathroom just off her and Clint's room. Reaching under the sink, she pops out a hidden compartment. The sedative was in liquid form, odourless, tasteless and safe for new-borns. Damn him. She rubs a little into Nate's gums and looked at Tony. As they come away from the house, a light appears in the sky. They run to the Quinjet, the kids keeping pace, thanks to adrenalin and the speed of youth.

The light comes closer, and it becomes clearer that it is a helicopter. Pepper greets them on the roof of the Tower. It was Clint's, and I had seen some pictures of the family there. If it isn't to your tastes, we can redecorate, or you can move if you'd prefer.

Revenge, Ice Cream, and Other Things Best Served Cold

How much kindness can a pair of strangers show? Clearly more than Laura had bargained for. She'd housed Tony, true enough, but they didn't really interact very much. Why would anyone worth knowing spend time there? Sharon Carter walks into her office to see her 'cousin' lounging on her chair. Shar, you wouldn't happen to have seen an agent running around? Goes by Agent 13 sometimes? Why'd you want her?

I want to make her part of my team. If she says no, I'll leave her alone. If she says yes, she'd be welcome to stay at the Tower permanently. If it works, it works. If not, he'll apologise. The CIA is wasted on someone of her skill level. Before the end of that day, Sharon had turned in her official resignation and left her gun and badge on the desk that was no longer hers. She left, feeling freer than she had since that kiss. When the Asgardians arrive, Tony isn't sure what to do or feel. The girls decide for him.

They are angry.

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They are angry that the last interaction Tony had had with an Asgardian had been Thor's hand around his throat, holding him in mid-air. They're angry that he wakes up, still screaming from the memories of the wormhole, and Wanda's vision, and Steve attacking him, and, and, and. An unfamiliar figure approaches first. Cloaked, with a deep hood casting a shadow over their face. Facing Tony, they say solemnly, "I apologise on behalf of Loki, for his actions against you. His mind was not his own, but that is no excuse. I apologise on behalf of Thor, he knows now that violence is not the answer.

Talking and understanding should be his first reaction.

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He should have told you when he left Earth, and told you when he returned. I apologise on behalf of Loki, he should not have threatened your hometown with the Destroyer, nor should he have tried to harm your friends. They have vowed not to set foot on Earth until you do, to cause you less pain. Loki is my husband and Consort, the father of my children. She holds no particular beauty, yet it is lit with the love in her eyes for her husband and children. Fenrir was killed in battle under the control of another. Hel was sent far away, so that she may never be found.

She is probably dead. Loki and Thor step out of the ship, towards Tony, Pepper and the others. They walk hesitantly, stooping either side of Sigyn. May our vow be our truth. You know Tony, he provides the tech, and experience of what doesn't work. Pepper is our firepower, both in and out of her suit.

Man who defeats Turkish ice-cream delivery twice😝

Darcy, you know wields handheld lightning, and will use it on anyone. Jane holds the Aether, as you should know. She's very volatile when angry. Jim is our up close hand-to-hand expert. Maggie holds a lot of anger and is always willing to patch anyone up. Laura is our sniper, and is much better than her ex-husband ever was. Sharon is our weapons expert, and would do absolutely anything for any of us.

All of us would. Thor, Loki and Sigyn nod. Tell me, how could one trap a panther? T'Challa paces nervously in his office. Shuri looks on, amused at his worry, but also worrying herself. Why would the CEO come all the way to them for no good reason? They must have found out about the rogues. Oh no. The rogues. What are they going to do when they hear Miss Potts is coming here? Will they stay out of the way like sensible people? Not likely, as they not staying out of the way was the reason they were in Wakanda in the first place. What now? T'Challa thinks to himself.

Ms Potts hadn't told them when she would be arriving, only that it would be soon, and she wouldn't be alone. Who will she bring with her? Would they be peaceful? Will Wakanda be outed as the hiding place of the Rouges? T'Challa, Shuri and the Dora Milaje look on in surprise at the show of strength. The idea was to bring together a group of remarkable people, see if they could become something more.

See if they could work together when we needed them to, to fight the battles we never could. A pretty speech for sure, but the idea changed.

The Ice Cream Man's Sweet Revenge

You see, kitty-cat, the Avengers were never a team. What team leaves members excluded from the inside? What team leaves members behind in an environment there was no realistic hope they could survive in? No realistic hope they would be rescued? Not a team, that's for certain. No team would do that. So we changed the team. Meet the Protectors. They fight, so vengeance is never necessary.

The Avengers were a response team at best. At realistic levels, they were a mess. The Protectors exist to step up, beyond duty or world-saving. They are your friendly, neighbourhood heroes. May we come in? Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Revenge is Ice-Cream (It's Sweet and Cold)

Get an Invitation. Chapter 1. Chapter Text "Tony? He doesn't move. Doesn't acknowledge them. The other signature item is the selection of macarons , which come in a wide range of flavors and colors like mocha, raspberry, caramel, and pistachio. A small box of these makes a great hostess gift, if you can get them there without opening the box. Any chocolate fan will also go insane at Woodhouse Chocolate , which makes its own handmade chocolates, truffles, and caramels. If you can only have one, try the hazelnut truffle. Better yet, custom-select your own box to take home or give to someone you love a lot.

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They also make their own ice cream. The magic is in the surprise of flavors. My favorite? Or maybe the Passion Fruit. Three Twins has a deserved reputation for its delicious organic ice cream. There are 22 varieties of chocolate alone! My favorites are Zabaglione and Rum Raisin. Coconut and Birthday Cake flavors are my top picks.

The Napa Valley is filled with bakeries, chocolatiers, and ice cream and gelato shops. Here are a few of my favorite spots to indulge in sugar.