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Until one night in Atlantic Until one night in Atlantic City changed everything. She's left shocked, confused, and alone, unable to come to terms with what happened. Hell, she doesn't even know what happened; she just Deadly Deception. During the robbery the manager of the currency It is for me, FUN at the same time.

What I have chosen to write are novels based on ACTUAL people and events, therefore my challenge is to keep the facts and the story line consistent and interesting, using very little "dramatic license".

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The greatest joy is when I type the last period to the last sentence to the last page. Then, I dread what I know comes next. What do your fans mean to you? He did it for his fans; he was devoted to them. I have had far more Five Star Reviews for each of my books, only a very small number of less than three stars. What are you working on next? Based on a double-homicide case. Our law firm was appointed by the Court to defend a young Cuban-American immigrant of killing his 'boyfriend' and another young man.

I worked this case for over two solid years. It was a strange case with a lot of twists and turns, involving people of all walks of life. I wrote the "Murder Book", which contained strategy for defense at trial for my boss, the Attorney. The State was seeking the death penalty. The first trial ended in a deadlocked jury, a Mistrial.

The second case ended quite well for our client.

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NO death sentence. Who are your favorite authors? Not enough space to list them all.

J. D. Michael Phelps – Traditional and Indy Author & Avid Indy Reader

Here are just a few. Since becoming an Indie Author, I have found so many, many talented Authors on the Internet sites whose work I have read and reviewed. What inspires you to get out of bed each day? I am awake at 4 AM, seven days a week. I have my coffee and answer e-mails for two hours. I then let the dogs out, feed the two cats brave enough to come inside for breakfast, and six neighbor stray cats on the back patio. Fill the Bird feeders in front and back yards. Have my third cup of coffee, take the dogs to their park in their car 1 hour total, 4 miles round-trip.

When you're not writing, how do you spend your time? I enjoy about three hours of Television in the evening. I enjoy reading other Authors' works. Spend time with my dogs and relax. I enjoy the Arts, Museums, travel by car or rail , current events, fine dining and people in general. How do you discover the ebooks you read?

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Your unabashed support of writers is unparalleled. What makes you an anomaly to me, is that in my experiences, people who are exposed to harsh reality over the years—like police work—more likely than not, become embittered, callous, and cynical.

You are the exact opposite. How can this be? First, I would attribute my character to my Mother. Then, I had the good fortune of being taught by Detective Tom Lovell and Detective Sergeant Jack Ohrberg that to treat everyone with respect regardless of color, or station in life , I would receive respect.

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Is so, which one s? When I first developed my love of reading, I always read police procedurals, detective novels and true crime. Our firm represented the widow — and we won. It was a hard case to investigate in Kentucky. Our client we were appointed by the Court as Defense counsel was definitely guilty, but it was a great case to work. Second trial ended in convictions of lesser charges.

I seriously doubt I could come close to you or Alison in the imagination and talent required to write such dynamic novels as the two of you. I will buy anything you and Alison write. This is a Vampire novel, and a really fun read! Your Stuart cover designs for your novels are excellent! Not only do you and I walk in completely different life circles, but literally live on opposite sides of the planet.

And All the Saints

Our chances of meeting before were in the astronomical range. I ask you this last question because you are truly planted in both camps, as reader and writer. You are the only one I know who is actually reading so many of the newest voices of today, fresh off the virtual presses.

What do you make of this communion of writers and readers today? The Internet and Amazon has changed the publishing industry and the way people buy books today. I believe the E-Books are here to stay and they are great. I have bought 24 Kindle Editions in the past few months. I think the Amazon forums are a great tool for authors to meet each other and meet readers.

Thank you, Michael, for taking the time to be interviewed—as well as being my first interviewee—and sharing some of your personal stories and insights. Excellent post and it was nice to have a little more insight into the life of this author whom I call friend. Thanks so much for the interview, I loved it! I was fasinated with your writing. The story completed the cirle of what I remember in bits and pieces happening in his life. Great Job. Then I read your second book, Execution of Justice.

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A true story with names changed,which I know was difficult to write about a friend who lost his life, doing what he and you both loved. Phelps, a true gentleman as well as great writer,,, and it is true once a cop always a cop, thank you Stuart, for a great interview. What an interesting interview, I would expect nothing less from Stuart. Michael, great interview and thank you so much for the mention, which Jenny Milchman an amazing writer herself just alerted met to. Thanks Stuart for such a great interview with Michael, a wonderful author, reader and supporter of Indie writers.

I call myself an avoid reader, but I pale in co,maprison with this guy. His insightful reviews are worthwhoile reading by anyone. Great interview, Stuart…I was more than happy to leave a comment complimenting you on a nice piece of work you, too, Michael.