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He is great with kids, dogs and cats. Loves to tell you when it is dinner time, loves her wet food, especially if it is seafood flavor. Good with other cats.


She had kittens who are all in there forever homes. Just a sweet love bug cat.

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Not big on being picked up, have to scruff her to pick her up. Moma B's foster is giving her a condo break. Foster: Nicole R. She is a cute little thing and likes attention, but right now she is scared and hiding. Since Stella lost her home, it is no wonder why she is scared. However, this little sweetie is friendly and purrs when you pet her.

No small children, please. Would you like to offer her some love? This guy looks like a lynx, and he is a real talkative critter! He will scream at you to feed him and then for attention. Very sweet guy, but very verbal. He keeps us all laughing. He also loves his food. Would you like to meet him? All white guy who is pretty laid back. I couldn't even find him in the cage when I first looked. He blended in with the bed.

The blue bed suits him much better. Very sweet fella who loves scratches. What a sweetheart! With us for over a year!!! Would keep anyone amused. Also loves his food. Will eat anything not nailed down. Gerber is really large big boned and overweight and has very striking looks. He will probably need to be in a home where his diet can be monitored, especially if there are other cats around. He loves to play and seems to get along with other cats. He is a cute guy that just wants to play and purr and find his forever home. He is a little nippy for some reason. Does Gerber sound like the active cat for which you have been looking?

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He is handsome, photogenic, playful. He is large. She is quite the entertainer and keeps her foster family amused with her antics. She loves to play but will cuddle up and nap right next to you when she has exhausted herself. Blossom showed up in a colony, very sweet and people friendly. She LOVES other cats and is fine with dogs but requires a slow patient intro with each as she is initially shy. She is up to date on all vaccines and litter trained.

Foster: Kelly W. She paws at her condo door with excitement every time a volunteer comes in to care for the cats. Once she is in the playroom, she is happy to have the freedom to play and be in the presence of a human. She rubs against your leg until you acknowledge her with lots of pets and praise. Knowing how eager Cinnamon is to get out of her condo, it breaks our hearts to put her back. Volunteers have been staying longer and coming in for extra shifts to give her extra playtime and attention.

Could you be the one to give her the permanent freedom she deserves? Cinnamon needs to be an only pet because she does not get along with other cats or dogs. She is good with kids. You can meet her at our adoption center in the Brookhaven PetSmart. This sweet guy is very affectionate and loves attention. He would love to snuggle and be your buddy. This sweet guy seems very sad. We think he is missing an owner. Lost or left behind, he does not know what to make of the situation. He has the most beautiful, vibrant green eyes. Gorgeous guy who needs someone to love. Would you like to foster or adopt Mo?

She was found in Feb. Rorey is in excellent health, and according to the vet, she had had a litter of kittens. Rorey is playful, has a calm temperament, and gets along with people and cats. Rorey is playing at her foster's house with Luke and other feline friends. Would you like to meet Rorey? He is a chill and an affectionate fella who digs cheek scratches and pets. He yearns for attention and purrs up a storm when he gets it.

No doubt, he is a lap cat ready to snuggle with you! Wave a feather wand his way and he will go from laid back to frisky in an instant. He gets along well with other cats. In other words, Samson is the complete package! You can meet him our adoption center in the Brandywine Petsmart. He is so lovable and irresistible. He is a chirper kitty and loves to be right where you are.

He seems to be fine with other cats.

He is playful and curious too. He has a gentle and calm demeanor. Gracie: CH? Gracie is not in our care. Are you an angel looking for a special kitty like Grace? Although, other than her trembling and drunk walk she is extremely active and busy. Climbs, jumps, runs, wrestles. Perhaps it is not CH, but a neuro problem from being kicked or thrown.

Grace is 2. She loves everyone immediately: no fear or hesitation to interact. She hates cats more than any feline I have met: just the sight of them sends her to an almost feral state. We have even tried tightly attaching towels or sheets to the outside of her cage so she cannot see any cat free roaming in the room she is in: she will claw, scream, and has injured herself attempting to get to them. So she is a kitty that has to be an only as she does not like sharing the spotlight. Nice, calm children who are respectful of her drunk movements accepted.

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This fun loving kitty is extremely intelligent, playful, and curious. She loves to climb and explore everything; her favorite game is running to you through her kitty tube when you call her name! Brandy is accepting of confident cats who respect her boundaries and has shared space with in a free roaming room. She really is the star of the show and does not like sharing the spotlight so she would do well as an only cat also. Brandy is somewhat shy and reserved, but that is mostly due to the extended time she has lived at the shelter with all the noise and commotion.

She will do best in a home without young children or active dogs that would frighten her. Brandy has a mild seizure disorder that does not slow her down one bit! She is seizure free; she takes half tablet of medication every other day, and we will supply 6 months of the inexpensive phenobarbital. This sweet love bug has been waiting almost 2 years for a loving family; do you have room in your heart and home for her?

Contact Chris Rivera or katzlvr yahoo. She is a new arrival at our adoption center in the Brookhaven PetSmart. I am a beautiful white and orange cat about years old. I have a cool tabby tail. I am here waiting at Brookhaven PetSmart for someone special to notice me. When I arrived here, I was so scared. I would sit in my litter box all day and tremble.

I would not eat either, and the volunteers were very worried about me. Now, in just two short weeks, I am eating on my own and have begun to trust the people that take care of me. They say I am like a whole new cat now! I am purring and nudging their hands for pets and affection.

They are giving me belly rubs, and I think it is the best thing ever! They have discovered that I am SO loving, and I am just eating up all the affection they are giving me now that I am more relaxed. I have always been this way, I was just too scared to show it at first. Please come in and get to know me. I promise you will not regret it! Love, Amber. One of our volunteers says, 'She does not mind other cats at all. She is very gentle and loving. She would be good with older children I think because they would be better with understanding her cues. She is just so affectionate. She just wants to be pet and loved on all day, but she is not in your face about it.

She is still a little nervous, but she has come such a long way. I have no doubt she will come around completely in a loving home. I am a very sweet and affectionate boy. I am great with other cats and with children of all ages. I would be okay with a dog but will need a very slow introduction.

I am pretty social and would love to find my new home. Please visit and play with me at our adoption center in the Jenkintown PetSmart. Love, Spirit. Foster: Karen M. Poor sweetie did not have a right eye when she came through our doors, so our vet sewed-up the hole. She is about 11 months old as of May and is very small for her age, she is very loveable and sweet and loves to get lots of attention. She has beautiful gray and white markings. She is very playful and would love to come home with you!

She will sleep by your feet, and will never leave you alone. It will take her a little bit to warm up as she was not in a good home situation before she came to us, but once she does, she is just so sweet. This is who Iris is! Iris is sharing a bullpen condo with her friend Charlie who also lost an eye. Foster: Trainer. I am a beautiful grey tabby about years old. I am a lover of people. I adore affection in any form. I just want you to pet me and to never stop. People walking by stop to admire my beauty. I am a low maintenance girl. I just want a nice, quiet home to relax in. I would probably do best as an only cat since the other cats here make me feel nervous.

I think if you came in to meet me, you would be the one taking me home. Please give me a chance! I cannot wait! Thank you for considering to make me a part of your family. Love, Stella. Julia and her feline friends were rescued from a trailer park. She is super sweet and is sure to be a great friend to you. One of her favorite toys is her little mouse.

Julia is very friendly and is hoping to see you soon at our adoption center in the West Chester PetCo. I had eye surgery to fix my eyelid, so it will be funky forever, but that does not affect my ability to love and be loved! Right now, I am hanging out in our Brookhaven PetSmart adoption center, but I would love to come home with you and live in my furever home. The volunteers say that I get along well with other kitties, like to be petted and and give love nibbles. Will you let me nibble you?

She is a about 6 years old and looking for her REAL forever home. She is a bit shy until she gets to know you. Sally Mae is a sweet and gentle girl. Will you please give this precious girl a chance? He is a handsome black and white tuxedo, about 2 years old. Max is a reserved gentleman. Lazy boy. Likes to be pet. Will spend the day lounging in the sun. He is looking for love and a home.

She is a pretty orange, tan and brown tabby and is about 3 years old. Queenie was featured at one of our adoption events and almost went to her forever home. Quennie is fortunate to have a foster home, though. This is what her foster has to say about her, 'Queenie is a pretty tabby cat who can be a little shy when meeting new people. After a few days, when she is more familiar with her surroundings, she becomes playful and social.

She is very sweet and enjoys snuggling with you while being petted. Queenie likes toys and enjoys sliding them around the floor. Queenie is hoping maybe that YOU will offer her a forever or foster home. Foster: Pat K. I am a sweet, little girl. This is probably about as big as I will get as I am about a year old. I love being petted and love playing with my toys. I am not so good at interactive play yet, but I am sure I will learn. I am afraid of other cats at first but have learned to like my foster's other cats and have been playing with them.

My right eye looks a little funny due to a defect, but I can see just fine, and it does not bother me at all. I just need a little lubricant to keep my eye feeling good. I am the best girl and am so ready to make my forever home with YOU! Love, Jazz. Foster: Linda O. He is still timid and jumpy, but never aggressive. In two weeks he went from running away and hiding to letting people reach out and pet him without flinching. He still has mixed feelings about being held, but will tolerate it very politely. His favorite toy is a feather on a string and he is always ready to play. In time, and with love, he will be a gentle and affectionate friend.

He would probably do well with a gentle dog. If you have an easy going family, Jeremy would make a great addition. Check out what Jeremy has been up to on Instagram teenyandfriends. Please visit Jeremy at our adoption center in the Christiana PetSmart. Foster: Laura and Bill B. What a beauty! Sparkles is extremely shy but very sweet once she gets to know you.

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She likes to sit next to you but not on you. For some reason, she does not like being picked up and can be nippy as a reminder warning. Sparkles will tolerate cats but does not like them much. She said the person who found them was cruel and abused them. Sparkles's foster states that she acts abused; one of the kittens that is now an adult acts the same way. Sparkles will not go near children and is afraid of other cats. We do not know what happened to Sparkles and her kittens before she was rescued, but she was traumatized and is a damaged kitty.

This pretty girl is at her foster's home. Her possible ideal forever home may be with a retired person who can focus only on Sparkles. Could this be YOU? Would you like to meet her and offer a spot for her to sit next to you? Foster: Julie T. Both of her eyes had already ruptured when she came to us due to an infection and is blind. Ginger is an affectionate and determined girl. She does not let anything stop her and basically does everything that her brother does. Ginger cannot decide which part of her body she wants you to scratch first, so she rolls all around and over you.

She is like a noodle in your arms and melts into you. She loves to play with balls and in boxes. She has also decided that she likes to play with tissue paper. Ginger will play with almost anything! She is so much fun and has a ton of personality! She and Tiger will make a great addition to any home. They must be adopted together.

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He is looks out for his sister, Ginger, who is blind. Tiger is lovable and adventurous. He loves to play with balls and in boxes too. He also likes the laser pointer and anything else that he can find to play with! This little guy is full of personality and will entertain you for a lifetime! He and Ginger will make a great addition to any home. Foster: Crystal C. Her record says she is a tan tabby with white. Her foster reports, 'She is an absolute doll! She is average size, about 8 pounds. She had an owner at some point- she is so friendly and was brought in with a too-tight leather collar.

She has a slight kink in her tail near the end, as well as a couple notches in her ear. We quickly discovered that Calli is an all around great cat: amazing mom to her babies, friendly, cuddly, AND playful, and she was eager to make friends with our house cats. Calli would do best in a house with at least 1 other friendly and playful cat, and if there are children, older children would be best she gets frisky and playful with her paws.

She does not mind being held or picked up, and is overall easygoing. Her kittens have all been adopted, and Calliope is more than ready for a loving home of her own! Foster: Jenna K. Oliver says, 'I am a sweet and playful boy. I love to be held, and I love to play with my sister Olivia. We need to be adopted together because I need to guide her through life! We are good with other cats and would be ok with a calm dog. Older kids are best as my sister is shy. I am super playful with toys, and I love to play with my brother Oliver. Oliver and I need to be adopted together as I depend upon him for socialization.

We are good with other cats and would do ok with a calm dog. Older kids are best as I am shy. Thanks you!

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Olivia says, 'I am a sweet but shy girl. I am a beautiful one-and-a-half year old tabby girl who recently had a baby. My baby was recently adopted, and now it is time for me to find a home! My foster mom says I am the sweetest girl ever, so you should come in to the adoption center at Brookhaven PetSmart to meet me. I am still a bit nervous around the other cats, but I have only been here for a little while and am still settling in. Maybe we can have fur-ever together? Foster: Susan M. Get your hug fix here! This big boy - 11 pounds - is a bundle of Love wrapped up in a cat.

He loves to be picked up and will wrap his paws around your neck and hug you. Have you ever been hugged by a big, purring love bug? It is a wonderful thing. We all have to get our Huey fix when we are at the clinic. So sweet. Foster: Kevin B. Having only one eye does not slow this guy down at all. He is a bundle of energy and has an appetite to match. Very sweet cat that gets along well with other cats and loves to play. Does Louie sound like the cat for you?

He is beautiful inside and out. Aslan loves people. He loves to play and be held and petted and is a real purr machine. Aslan would do well in just about any loving home. Would you like to meet, foster or adopt? This little guy is adorable. He is packed full of energy and wants to play non-stop. He is just one happy little fellow and oh, so cute. FIV is not easily transmitted as it cannot be spread casually through litter boxes, food and water bowls, or snuggling and playing so he can peacefully coexist with other cats.

To arrange a visit or ask questions email: FCWillowGrove gmail. She is very talkative and will let you know if she is not getting enough attention or if her food bowl is empty. She is a very sweet little girl. This little crazy man is a bundle of fun. He will be getting into everything and keeping you amused for hours. He is very friendly and gets along well with other cats.

He is very sweet and craving attention. He loves to explore and wants to know what is in every corner of a room. He is a smaller 8 lbs. Robin Hood can be shy at first, but once he gets to know you, Robin likes to be held. We are thinking he may become a lap cat. Robin Hood would love to go home with Maid Marian or another cat. Please stop in to the adoption center to meet him!

Honey is very playful and loves attention. Sugar Pie loves to play on the scratching post and with Honey's tail!. Honey does not mind her tail is being used as a play toy. Please stop into our adoption center in the Brandywine PetSmart to visit and play with them. Foster: Lauren D. This handsome guy is about 2 years old and came to us from Maryland. Twinkie is super affectionate.

Loves people. Cries to come out of his cage and be with you. Likes being held. Will sit on your lap. Likes other cats. Super laid back. Would you like to meet, foster or adopt Twinkie? Tulip has such a cute little face! She recently had a litter of kittens. She is loving and curious. This black and white tux girl is about a year old and came to us from Sussex County. She hoping to meet you. He is kinda tuxish. He has learned that if he wants to be snuggled to sniff into my ear, and I scoop him up for some love. He also likes to try to make a dash for the outside world when I get home from work.

He learned my routine!! Rory is a big fan of any toy that has bells. He likes to hug the back of my legs when I am in the kitchen I think he believes that is how he gets his food. I am not sure how he will react to tiny humans, but he does love to play! Plenty of videos and pictures on Instagram doctorwhokittens. Please stop in to meet them. Foster: Christina B. She has opened up since spending time with me, but she is still quite timid.

She likes wrestling with her siblings and following around her big sister, Rose Amy is first to the food bowl at dinner time though. Do not get in the way of her wet food! Amy's pictures do NOT do her justice, her stunning stripes give her a wild look and her wide eyes soften her appearance.

Amy is so so adorable. She has only spent time with me and her siblings during her stay. Please stop in for some playtime! He is estimated to be years old. He had already been neutered when he came to us so he had a home at one time.

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Did he get lost? Was he left behind? Was he tossed out like a piece of trash? We do not know but we would really like to find him a good home. It had to be stored in the north until summertime. Schooners had to be equipped to handle large blocks of ice. Finally, once it reached a southern destination, the ice had to be stored until purchased.

Most importantly, all these things had to be accomplished with very little melting. Eventually, the process proved possible. The technology of harvesting ice grew exponentially as the trade increased. As many as men and twelve teams of horses could fill a 25, ton New England ice house in very little time. Ice houses, constructed above ground, were insulated with straw and sawdust.

Likewise, schooners were fitted with the same insulation. When the precious cargo reached the south, it was quickly unloaded into ice houses built with the same insulating properties. William Shaw, a pharmacist, and A. At mid-nineteenth century, Wilmingtonians took for granted summer supplies of ice. Chilled drinks made with crushed ice became very popular. Family gatherings featured ice-cold lemonade. Breweries, which needed continuous refrigeration, could operate year round.

Ice carts and wagons made daily deliveries to homes, hotels, saloons, and restaurants. The dedication was held on a cloudy, rain threatened, day in May before guests from as far away as Seattle, Washington. The Memorial Monument was then unveiled and the names of the lost shipmates read aloud. Ned Lavengood executed Taps, the colors were retired and Chaplain Bill Whelan gave the Benediction to end the ceremony. The front of the marker faces roughly west, and the rear faces the waterfront. Monument Name U. Landscape The memorial stands under shady trees on the banks of Cape Fear River.