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A tulip or a lily oh I see. And I am sure that Owen Jones will, heed thy warning O wise one. Noa the Viking man of mystery has returned from a trip as complex as the Byzantine Empire I presume. Nice to see you. Russell Bland is an egotistical knob cheese and a celebrity comic, nothing more. Wrong moron to be standing up for James. That sinking feeling when we realise Boyle is just another establishment wallah looking for acceptance from his double plus good showbiz mafia.

Have you not been watching the news? The lefties took over all of the institutions of establishment decades ago. OMGs are you serious? You quote him as any voice with any reason or semblance of intellectual integrity and you lose all credibility! Douglas Murray loves you, he thinks that you are so bright and intellectually balanced so why do you hate him so? I think you are secretly jealous of his good looks and position in the Spectator. This is a massive myth. This man tells it far better than I can, and I am losing patience faster than this bloke will too.

Hi could someone explain to me why race is taking priority over the fact that this comedian is joking about a child who suffered horric abuse!! Has this country gone pc mad or something! I dont wish to offend anyone but I am shocked by this. I like the way PC is heading these days, it gives us something to consider and encourages people to consider what they say before they speak, however I do think that jokes are jokes and somethings are funny even by shocking us. Too many comment on Agenda 21 who have evidently never taken a moment to actually read it.

Have a go. About as long as a short novel. Tell me which pages, sections, chapters you find any of the bullshit conspiracy crap written into being by Big Oil and Multi-National corporations.. Things like FSC timber sprang from it. Boring, pretentious twit. I was one of the first people to get my hands on the original documents in this country,.

Yet you call ME a pretentious twit. I studied the thing. I saw the updates. I was studying Environmental Science when it was released. It was a major breakthrough. I am a man who marches against things. I make no pretences at all. Meanwhile, your invective runs on and on, like diarrhoea dribbling from your mouth and STILL not a single, lone or solitary fact! Not even a smattering of anything like evidence. Yeah right; just look what happened in Quebec; when it looked like the garlic-loving citizens were likely to vote for independence which seemingly most Canadians would now like as they are thoroughly sickened of their whinging and moaning Francophile citizens — ring a bell?

Yep , really funny Frankie. Tell us another. I suspect Frankie is just trying to give himself a bit of moral credibility along the way. Bernard Manning was capable of a bit of self-satire as well as of being genuinely funny. Boyle is capable of neither. Very possibly but if he had tried to be just another Manning or Davidson his mediocrity would have been highlighted. Charlie Williams certainly would not have thought it worth moving next door to him. Such narrow minded bigoted bullshit and prejudice, not only from UKSteve.

FFS, what the hell do people DO all day? And we can see from your post that the window-licking retards have infested the Speccie columns, with their evil, poisonous and self-loathing filth dressed up with the usual profanity. I never found comedians amusing unless they were being transfixed by a bolt from a crossbow, something one sees far too infrequently.

Why am I meant to be interested in what this dullard, or brand or any of the other witless shouty creatures thinks? Clue — you have a perfect right to whine about being offended. He has a perfect right not to care. Clue — that he is much more intelligent and amusing than you is proven by the fact that he has been touring to sell out gigs of adoring fans for years, and is a massively popular author, and you have these sad little 14 comments.

So what? Big deal! Um, the answer is in my comment. See my previous references and add Justin Beiber et al for good measure. As for your short term memory problem, I am not qualified to comment. Fair enough. I have. And offends pretty much even equally. As Frankie would be the first to agree. And both are more relevant than whoever wrote this article. But thanks for the bizarre insult, weird internet dude.

It definitely adds clout to your comment. Oh, dear. Clearly I made this comment when there were 14 comments there. Critical thinking not your strong suit? A swing and a miss. Nah, bless, I knocked it out of the park. Given the ridiculousness of your post, I assumed you missed a few OK, all days at school. Frankie is an unfunny twat.

100 Greatest Players Scott Stevens

Thanks for the chuckles bizarrely enraged internet weirdos. Why do I suspect that the answer to that is No? You completely misunderstood what I said. I questioned whether brave Mr Boyle ever stood up against the SLURS, actual slurs not merely puns that may be in poor taste, against others that are not his particular political pets. In short, I was asking rhetorically whether Boyle is a man of principle or whether he only goes after the non-Guardian-worshipping crowd. Especially in the United States where they have a lot of confidence. They are not really on your side. Every one of them?

Where is anyone claiming that all of them are? You just cannot counter that claim. All you have to offer is ridicule. So Podhoretz is a dolt as well because you know all cannot really be liberals like he claims. Well I guess I am more of the Richard Nixon persuasion: A Christian Zionist with a beautiful sephardic Israeli girlfriend who thinks that Israelis are conservative, good looking and brave and who thinks the Diaspora ones are in general, well, the opposite.

Nixon, branded an anti-Semite by the New York Times and simpletons like you and revered as the greatest friend that Israel ever had by Israelis themselves. Lots, is even better than most. I find it strange that the whole bloody group can be continually condemned or identified by a while raft of contradictory factors. If you really do have a beautiful Israeli girlfriend the crap you are peddling is truly dangerous to her wellbeing. At all. Hence the combination of stupidity and profanity.

Are you sure? I guess it makes no difference to you what stats tell us of aggressive and violent by non-Islamic groups? Are Hamas rockets in those stats? They were statistics brought out by a international organisation having read them some months ago so the figurers will be even higher now, tell me if you are a Muslim how do you justify the mass murder carried out in the name of a creative god, like the beheadings and stoning females to death. I dispute your figures. I think you made them up, or got them from Britain First or some other meat-headed organisation with the kinds of narrow ideas which have trouble passing through household sewerage pipes.

I ask again: Are Hamas rockets in those stats? Can I ask you another, more easy question? Was this an act of terrorism? Frankly, my religion may cause many Muslims to want to kill me.

Tips for Spotting and Coping with a Narcissist

Not sure why you imagine I am a Muslim? Go find your own stats muslim terror attacks include those in India China Philippines Bali Indonesia Spain Holland Belgium America Britain Nigeria Kenya the list goes on and on and will do because Islam is not a religion it is a death Cult, this the twenty first century and Islam is stuck in the dark ages and Islam cannot reform itself because of the words of the prophet they are disgusting. These terrorists are Buddhist monks.

How about those British and American terrorists who are using fragmentation bombs? How about the Christian terrorists Cuban exiles? How about the Jewish terrorists occupying and annexing land, blockading 1. How about the terrorist Indonesian government admittedly Indonesia is a Muslim majority country, but these are operating as part of a nationalist agenda not religious who are attempting to eradicate the West Papuans?

How about the Russian actions in Crimea, Chechnya and elsewhere? Your ignorance is staggering. Truth hurts violence begets violence that is why jesus preached turn the other cheek I hope you find enlightenment but it will not be in the Koran. Do you feel the same as you do about Christianity and Judaism as you do about Islam?

Each are older than Islam and very similar in many ways. The World does not begin and end with America America has done no end of damage to the World because of its materialism A subculture driven by greed on Wall Street. I tend to agree with your idea that America if by this you mean the USA leaders is messing up the world with Wall Street antics. I call this capitalism, unfettered. Ironically there is a counter to this which some look for in Islam.

Powell, when he elaborated on the civil unrest he predicted in that speech, said that it would occur later this century if mass-immigration continued unabated. Got a bit bloody outside Woolwich Barracks a little while back. But you keep sticking your head in the sand mate.

In case you need to be shown the difference I suggest as an exercise you run a tap and fill a small cup. Pour this cup over you head. This is a splash. Now walk down to the embankment, go out on a bridge and jump in the Thames at high tide. This is a river. Not at all. Sick really. Your figures are made up, your references flaky and you know it. Perhaps we might have a link to said research or are we to take your word for it? Yes you do need to calm down. All you know of me, is what you read here, so from that and from your own comments, tell me: who between you and me is more open to the views of others and therefore, less the bigot?

And I do not seek to stir hatred merely because I insist on stating what I see to be unjust. Your cheesy aphorism about ignorance is just too stupid to bother with. I would be hard pressed to deny any facts or reason of yours, simply because you have not supplied any; what you have so rudely and aggressively issued here is what appears to be your personal rage, by the looks of it, just after a good dinnertime session.

Saddam Hussain was hardly a Muslim. In Iraq was a secular state. Saddam Hussain was a CIA asset. I suggest you get some grammar lessons in English too mate, as well as a basic course in recent history. Answer the critiques against Islam a death cult and I would never be your mate because you are a excuse maker for barbarism. You have made a few comments based on a few incidents, without evidence at all, and ignored the heaps of evidence I have provided for you. I consider you an ignorant twat.

Go learn something before you return with yet another falsehood, rhetoric or sweeping generalisation. This pretty well sums up the absolute stupidity of the pc thickos trying to take over the country. I could not agree more!! I was thinking exactly the same. I would love to know what sort of people laugh at a joke refereing to a baby that suffered horrific abuse! Was it about mountbatten? No, for the BBC think it outrageous for Frankie to tell a joke about his demise. Always was nasty. He got scared when he went too far a couple of years ago, now he likes to keep in with the real bullies, hamas et al….

Ha ha ha.. Hamas are an elected party in Palestine. Frankie Boyle a crude, sarcastic and caustic cunt from Scotland, also very witty and sharp. What do Hamas have to do with anything? Good question. How its just plain dandy under a terrorist regime of islamists. Hamas are not elected, they had one election in where they intimidated their way to power and proceeded to chuck the opposition fatah off buildings. They have not had another election. That sir is not an elected government.

They continue ruling having imposed a charter that is a disgrace to any decent minded individual with any respect for equality, liberty and freedom. They intimidate, execute those who dissent and eradicate all who oppose them. Their intention is to eradicate israel, but beyond that they have broader aims. That some people find Boyle funny is undoubtedly true, its a free country so good luck to him but my personal view is scratch the surface of the crude…….

Oh Sarah.. Hamas, you are correct, won an election in The reaction to this win was that Israel, with the assistance of the USA, and with the connivance of Egypt, armed Fatah to overthrow Hamas in what was intended to be a bloody coup de tat. Fatah failed in their attempt and Hamas held onto their elected place.

The acts which followed were not wholesome and were bloody. Shit happens in a shitty situation. The Hamas charter was written many years ago, and Hamas have since,very publicly been happy to accept terms which Israel has imposed, even mostly radically outrageous terms, in order to bring about peace. Meanwhile, the Hamas Covenant has been rewritten, and does not contain some of the more unacceptable terms regarding Israel.

Syrian Golan Heights already occupied. Note that it is an illegal act, under the Fourth Geneva Convention, article 49, to annex land. Saddam Hussain found this out in when he announced that he had annexed Kuwait. Even his former allies in the Arab world turned against him and sent troops and support to oust his troops from Kuwait. FYI, there are regular delegation, many of whom are Jewish and many of whom are female, who travel to and from Gaza in support of the movement to end the years long struggle for peace and a just and fair settlement and for independence. Oh Ged……..? Lovely people Hamas.

Go sell oppression somewhere else. You are a fucking moron with no global concept of anything. Stop talking or sterilize yourself. Stupidity is genetic. That you have some weird idea that Hamas is like the mob in gaza.. You know who they are scared of? Disgusting people like you. People who will read so heavily into propaganda that you will let a 1st world country backed by the US militarily and monetarily rape one of the most densely populated areas on earth.

None of that? All done for good eh? You are a fucking disgusting waste of human space and enablers like you are the root of all evil in this world. Got some real zionist propaganda here. Bringing up hamas. I bet you are on a public computer in Tel Aviv getting paid to do this. They were democratically elected.

Get the fuck over it. Stop using the same old excuses of intimidation and human shields. You zionists are the real pigs. The world is waking up too. A good reason why Israel has broken more human rights laws then anyone else in the middle east. As someone who is a US citizen and is not Islamic or zionist, i truly hope Israel crumbles into dust.

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She is easily offended. Others that have succeeded or achieved something have received more than their rightful share and such achievement or success was always, in her mind, unfairly gained — they must have cheated or they were given special treatment of some sort that she was denied.

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She comes up with reasons why the current laws and social norms should not apply to her. She always argues for special treatment or an exception to the rules justifying it because she was deprived of something in the past. You have to view this biologically. This is a real time shift in human psychology and reproductive strategy, from an aggressive, competitive, in-group-oriented, sexually monogamous, high rearing investment psychology, designed to compete for slim pickens in an environment of resource shortage, to a more competition averse, less loyal, more sexually promiscuous, less rearing-concerned culture designed to rapidly expand into a resource glut.

Take away birth control and abortion, and make things more like the natural environment where the urges evolved, and all these SJW college girls would be popping out babies sired by playa daddies before their freshman years were over, and that would continue throughout college. It really is human rabbits vs human wolves. Once everybody is competition and conflict avoidant, miring others in conflict while you avoid it becomes the sword.

Frankie Boyle is a cowardly bully, and I’m ashamed I ever stood up for him

You heap disadvantage on your peers, while avoiding it yourself. That is what the victim status claim is — heaping conflict on those around them while avoiding it themselves. The shift in our culture is a shift from a more K-selected psychology to a more r-selected psychology, and it is being produced by relatively free resource availability and lack of the need to fight to survive.

If the economy collapses back into a Depression, expect things to shift back the other way, and everything which has changed to reverse. Everything else is just inching toward that inevitable conclusion. I believe that microagression makes sense. However, since humans have interacted with one another, bigotry and hate have existed. Starting the in early 20th century it was the Irish Catholics. Every time a new group of immigrants come in, there is prejudice. It appears to me that every decade has a targeted group. It is pretty sad that some students and others, feel so powerless. For example: White American straight males are well served by the Dignity culture, black American lesbians not so much.

The hypothesis appears to be this newly emerging victimhood culture better referred to as Call Out culture, imho, where the issue is calling out the bad behavior, as victims appear in every direction we look. It is a disturbing shift for many of us, but the question remains — what else are the left out supposed to do? See Ferguson and black suspects treatment by white cops to understand the problem.

I like Dignity culture, and wish to preserve it — but only if it serves everyone. Until that time arrives, bring on the angry drag queens, impoverished people of color, sexually abused women, and all the otherwise disrespected, as their lives deserve equal dignity too. There is a culture of spite that exists too. People are doing nasty shit just for the sake of being cruel — from trolling around saying awful things to committing hate crimes to domestic violence to workplaces, abuse happens in a lot of forms.

Sure, I get that. What does that mean for the people who are beaten by cops? How do they maintain honor and dignity, by resorting to retaliatory violence? Some people turn off their compassion and anger to become cold-blooded reptilian executives and lobbyists, ignoring the social costs of their actions. It only carries one perspective — that of a victim. Also, it primarily deals with college campus culture, not really the country at large.

Graduation Bash-Up

It should also be noted that police brutality is far and away from the type of offenses being examined and evaluated here, offenses that many would perceive as insignificant. That being said, your thoughts are well written and you bring up some interesting ideas. What I find frustrating, is an intelligent and respected person trying to sway opinion on something like this without bothering to engage with the ideas being presented.

Almost makes me wonder if you even read it. I think it gets blended with victimization when college students expect things to come easy — as many American parents and school systems K dole out stars and smiley faces for the least amount of effort, but also over-protecting children from criticism and preventing almost every from of discipline, including firm verbal reprimand. I made the HUGE mistake of telling middle class white kids that because they are middle-class and white, they should know how to compose a paragraph with a central thesis and follow it through.

I learned later that I was a racist for saying that. I actually thought was elevating them — that their background gave them better educational foundations — and that they were failing to draw upon those at the college level. They made the intellectual link between middleclass and white on their own. I admit, I was bold with them because I expected superior performance from them. Is it burdensome to be white in then, since society expects more of you? Maybe they, in this respect, are victims of white privilege — having to outperform each other, since they are already at the forefront statistically.

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According to Thomas Sowell, victim culture actually came up in the 60s. I argue that it began earlier. I doubt you saw the emergence by the continuation or the passing down of this issue. In conditions where rule of law exists but is corrupt such as a judicial system that punishes murder but hands out harsher sentences to black people than white people for minor crimes , you get a culture where appeal to 3rd party authority is seen as a last resort.

In conditions where there is some unfairness left racism, sexism, etc. Which of course begs the question, what will moral culture look like in an entirely just society? They went on an illegal strike when this demand was not met, inconveniencing hundreds of thousands of low-income wage-earners who had no other way to get to work. Rather than vilify this strike, the city caved and provided a generous pay raise, making these the highest paid transit workers in the state.

Well, the people taking the corporate bus work for technology companies. The news reports are relentlessly positive: IPOs making millionaires, pool tables and pinball at work, free gourmet lunches, etc. These are people who could never claim to be victims, which means that you can do anything to them, say anything about them, without threat of sanction. The transport employees, on the other hand, are a unionized work force. They find it easy to claim to be victims of callous managers who are mistreating them. Thus, when they hurt the innocent in order to extract a pay raise after already earning well over the median wage, they are shielded by their victim status.

The culture of victimization is here to stay, unfortunately, because victims are rewarded, and everyone sees it. Another age when wild accusation often score-settling, thinly disguised , followed by lynch mobs, formed to extract public confession and apology, often followed by massively disproportionate punishment. The lesson for most people is to keep your head down, stay quiet, and hope for the best. The defense of women fell to men. Even the dignity culture was largely a MALE culture. I think that by and large, men are still trying to living a dignity culture, but many women still instinctively live as in an honor culture.

In the end, the only solution is for men AND [I think majority of] women to reassert the values of the dignity culture and to disavow the victim culture. We can start by holding self-proclaimed victims accountable. Make a false rape accusation, you go to jail. Lie in divorce court, go to jail. Abuse your husband, go to jail. I think this is great codification of what people know intuitivly, but due to liberal bias in research, has been suppressed.

Except, not all people know it intuitively. We USA achieved such a standard between ; almost entirely a result of moral tax and fiscal policy. True victims. True perps.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder -

I am confused by this article, and what it claims is the evolution of a culture of victimhood. I think it is ignorant to ignore that there are, in fact, groups of people who are disadvantaged, and do experience prejudice on a minute by minute basis. They are demeaned regularly, and this does contribute to the way they see themselves.

It would be victimhood to use this as an excuse to do nothing. It is not victimhood to admit that this exists. If you have not experienced it, then. It is not only nonsense to deny the impacts of institutional sexism and racism, it actually blames the people who experience these issues as wrong for bringing them up. Should college campuses ignore these social trends?

I agree that people should not be coddled. But, um, racism is real and still happening. But it is fair to expect that if I am a qualified, graduate degreed professional, that I should be able to eventually be promoted in a position, and not just be grateful that I was finally hired and sit in the same position for the next 20 years.

You know, I had gifts before the accident, and those gifts are still there. It is frustrating I have to fight just for things that used to be easy to do- like be respected or get a job, but those are the breaks. As they should. After all, mockery and satire are clearly forms of aggression, and are treated as such by the law. Keep up the good work Jonathan. And btw, in response to your tweet that everyone above 35 is disgusted. Pretty much everyone before this particular group of college kids is disgusted.

There is hope. He has, above all, chosen to ignore, rather than engage with, my comments. Certainly one has to wonder whether any NYU faculty member, including Jonathan, would behave differently than others have in the past when confronted with inappropriate mockery and criticism. Are the fundamental attitudes or selective silences of those who oppose the micro-aggression movement not a bit hypocritical?

It is notable that these complaints of oppression come out of academia, one of the most highly subsidized and elite communities in America. Has anyone seen this subject treated as being a part of a long term shift honor-dignity-victimhood from androcentric social behaviors -to-gynocentric social behaviors?

Indeed, we should celebrate the voices of the outspoken women who have reminded us that no one may cross certain fundamental lines of civility that with impunity in America. Naturally, the same principle can, and should, be extended to other forms of micro-aggression.

Academic officials in Missouri have made this clear by urging students to call the police whenever they feel they have been victimized by micro-aggression, and hopefully NYU will soon follow suit. It is one thing for distinguished faculty members to consult with their connections and bring in the prosecutors when provocatively offensive speech needs to be silenced; many students might not realize that they too have this right.

Relying upon a subjective frame of reference hinders further insight into the causes of behavior. So, instead of:. Conflict occurs when someone seeks to impose a cost on another person, consisting of : 1 loss of opportunity for experience — paying the cost of lost opportunity; 2 increased demand for discipline — paying the cost of behavioral modification; 3 loss of status or imaginary status — again resulting in opportunity for reward.

Only those whom we ether cooperate with or seek opportunities to cooperate with. The purpose of rallying and shaming is to deprive the subject of the cooperation — meaning opportunities for entertainment, friendship, production, or mating. The degree of rallying increases the scope of opportunities the subject will lose. Why then is rallying and shaming possible to employ as a means of coercion in some circumstances and not others?

In contemporary urban life, the stakes for almost every social relations are low because opportunity costs of association are near zero, and marginal difference in value when opportunity costs are near zero are also near zero. Hence the emphasis on signaling in dress, hobby, and possessions in urban areas. Rallying, Gossiping and Shaming can be successfully employed where the participants have limited value internally to one another, and externally to non-group members, and because of individual lack of value the only obtainable value members have , is collective action expressed as deprivation of opportunity of others outside the group — ie Boycott.

Therefore: a students compose a revenue source for universities. Furthermore, students are for the first time finding power in collective action and find stimulation for the first and perhaps last times in their lives where their collective action is substantial enough to cause a change in the course of events.

In other words, power is both unifying and exciting. Victimhood then is vehicle by the privileged and valueless to obtain stimulation as a consequence of exercising power as a group. Conversely why could some other generations not make use of rallying and shaming?

The catholics caused the prohibition movement and a good deal of the consequences of the depression, and a weakening of rule of law, but they even built their own schools and universities. But we noticed other groups as silent but beneficial such as Ukrainians in Canada, Hindus in the entrepreneurial sector, and East Asians in technical sectors in America.

And we noticed other groups not silent — relying upon their traditional economic, class, and genetic strategies: shaming. Our genes are pretty effective puppet masters. And for many of us we are not even aware of the strings — despite the fact that nearly all we say and do in every circumstance is at their direction. Heterogeneity breeds signaling conflict, breeds normative conflict, breeds economic conflict, breeds residential and workplace conflict, and culminates in polarizing political conflict. Conflict increases demand for authority to resolve difference.

Rule of law consisting of universal rules is sacrificed in favor of human discretion. Rule of law cannot resolve incommensurable differences. The more heterogeneous a polity the lower the trust the more demand for authority the more discretion the more corruption. That those on the left feel they need to be thought of as victims to get ahead is well known and has been established behavior for thirty years or more. I will agree, it has gone to absurd lengths lately, almost comical.

It is also revealing as those who claim the greatest level of victimhood do not realize that they are widely perceived as weak, cowardly whiners that have no redeeming qualities and are, quite frankly embarrassing to other human beings. These people run the gamit from those who feel they have to be seen as persecuted to be liked and aggrieved to get ahead. They are often simply seen only as as an apathetic loser, too lazy to change and too rigid and self adsorbed to see it is up to them to change because they are too narcissistic and elitist to accept the fact that it just could them who need to change and that the rest of the world is correct.

Rich in New Mexico. I would like to know what type of victimhood it is when a large majority complains of harassment and abuse from a minority group. You could take the example of the Palestinians moaning about the atrocities of Israel to the United Nations and the world in general. I just call it like I see it. That is of course a completely individualistic framework, which creates a dualistic framework of us vs. Everyone could benefit from treating each other better. I elaborate here. I used to be a SJW-type and it was largely due to personal reasons yet I assumed and believed that I was right.

I was right about nearly everything after only reading very little. After reading hundreds of books, I can safely say that is was these two reasons. I do subscribe to the notion that personality matters a lot but ultimately for me is I got really educated and now I see hundreds of thousands of variables as opposed to like…. We have an idiot-narcissist problem. We need responsibility yet a huge part of us rebels at that.

It seems that a stable authority with the monopoly of violence was at the core of the transition between the honor and diginity cultures. In a human society, whoever is the strongest warrior is king, the alpha, and everybody else is below him. Now, for pampered students in universities, their physical comfort combined with a preceived low status could be triggering an instinct for survivability that depends on them being the lowest and most fragile of the members of the group.

In this sense, all they will care about is to be aligned to groupthink and completly dependent on the strongmen. They, as any othe person, compete to achieve a higher status, but they limit their fight to that lowly tier they belong to by having a really nice Instagram profile to show off and by ousting the deviant racist from the group. It is worth considering that much of what has stirred up the right for a long time has been exactly such micro aggressions, and has spawned a culture of victimhood.

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In the inner city men are dueling over the smallest of, er, micro aggressions. Abelard September 8, at pm. Stephen September 9, at pm. Fala February 3, at pm. Dave September 11, at am. August November 10, at pm. Robert Goodman September 8, at pm. Steve Ruble September 8, at pm. Repentant Sociology Major September 9, at am. FellowCynic September 9, at pm. Repentant Sociology Major September 10, at am.

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