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Attempts at funeral reform continued after the founding of the PRC. Still, enforcement remained relatively lax until the mids, though cremations were strongly encouraged for national leaders and government workers. I have my own memories of this time. My great-aunt passed away not long after the Cultural Revolution, and our family buried her in secret, under the cover of darkness.

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The village cadres — who were descended from our same clan — looked the other way. Others were not so lucky. Even long-buried coffins were exhumed as the country sought to conserve farmland by pulling down tombs. These rules were further tweaked in , when the provision allowing the use of force to carry out burial reform measures was withdrawn — a response to public outrage after a local government campaign razed or removed 3.

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Yet provinces continue to try and push through funeral reforms: Anhui, Shandong, and Shanxi provinces have all seen such campaigns in the past few years. Together, we hoped to call attention to the need to protect traditional rural funeral customs, but even we were surprised at how deeply our message resonated with readers. So why do local governments keep risking the public's wrath with their heavy-handed tactics?

In , the northeastern province of Shandong — where I am from — was one of the provinces selected by the central government as a pilot site for funeral reform. To better understand the context for the reforms there, this July I conducted field research in the city of Qufu — the hometown of Confucius — and other nearby towns. When arguing for the necessity of reform, officials most often cite two key reasons: lowering the cost of funerals and eliminating undesirable customs.

The first reason is controversial. It is unclear whether replacing coffin burials with cremations will really save farmland — especially in areas like Shandong, where cremations have already become the norm, and residents simply want to inter their ashes — and the amount of money a family is willing to spend to say goodbye to a loved one is a private matter, not something in which the government should forcibly intervene. Of course, there have been cases in China of people going deep into debt and even bankrupting themselves from putting on extravagant funerals — but this alone is not enough to justify forceful government interference.

In traditional Chinese culture, tombs are sacrosanct — their destruction is believed to doom the prospects of the family line — and for someone to find peace, they must be laid to rest in the ground.

Public resentment is also compounded by the fact that the motives behind burial reform campaigns are not always entirely pure. Their anger burned away in time.

May 2nd – 4th, 12222

To suffer death or punishment by fire: souls burning in hell. To be very hot; bake: a desert burning under the midday sun. To feel or look hot: a child burning with fever. To impart a sensation of heat: a liniment that burns when first applied. To penetrate something by intense heat, energy, or caustic effect: The acid burned into the table. To cause a strong impression, especially by emotional intensity: a look that burned into them; shame burning into my heart.

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To make angry: What really burns me is his arrogance. To engrave or make indelible by burning: burned his initials into the wood.


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To write data onto an optical disc.

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An injury produced by fire, heat, radiation, electricity, or a caustic agent. With more than , downloads and sold the single for the first week it went on sale. In the video, the brothers read over a potential video treatment and imagine how the video would play out, in which they are portrayed as action stars.

The video was directed by Brendan Malloy and Tim Wheeler. This can be most seen in the scenes with Joe Jonas portraying an 80's TV-style cop with a fake mustache. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Pop rock teen pop power pop. A 17 second sample of "Burnin' Up" by Jonas Brothers, where a portion of the chorus is heard. USA Today.

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