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Mr Toland said that the paper was, overall, a fair test for students at this level, with questions including a radar station, daylight savings and the price of potatoes. Ms Kelly said that part B of question 5, on the speed at which water flows through a pipe, had not appeared before and might have been tricky for some students.

Question 8 a A motoring magazine collected data on cars on a particular stretch of road. Certain details on cars were recorded. Give your answer correct to 4 significant figures. What proportion of cars on this stretch of road would you expect to find travelling at over 95 km per hour? We use cookies to personalise content, target and report on ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. For more information see our Cookie Policy. Peter McGuire. Finding their place at the heart of Pfizer.

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Help your child master calculating with UK coins and notes and learn the value of money with these useful money maths apps. Subscribe to add to wishlist. Best for EYFS kids. The app is ideally played as a two-player game.

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Your child — the shopkeeper — chooses which five items to sell, from a catalogue of 34 different objects. They then set the price for the item on their till, and the other player — the shopper — has to drag the right number of coins from their purse into the till to pay.

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  • They can then add the item to their shopping bag. Toca Store uses only numbers up to five, making it ideal for children who are just beginning to grasp numeracy, and for simplicity, no monetary units are included. It also teaches other important skills like turn-taking, cooperation and negotiation. Best app for KS1 kids. The app has three sections.

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    Maths arithmetic involves adding , or adding and subtracting , different coins and selecting the correct answer from a choice of three. Matching pairs provides your child with four sets of coins and four totals to match them with. All exercises focus on the core skills of adding and subtracting money. It lacks bells and whistles, and so may not appeal to children who like lots of interaction and incentives, but is a good, straightforward way to practise money calculations without distractions.

    Best for KS2 kids.

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    The app has four categories of calculation: identify, compare, equivalent and shopping. You can choose any combination of categories for your child to practise in each round. They are then given a selection of puzzle-based tasks, such as matching two groups of coins with the same value, dragging coins to pay for shopping, and working out whether they have enough money for everything on their shopping list.

    One big drawback is that the app places the pound sign after the number so 1. Best for practising money calculations.

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    Supermarket Cashier Simulator is a great app for helping them get to grips with money maths, including adding, subtracting and multiplying coins and notes. There are 65 levels of increasing difficulty to work through; the number of customers and items keeps growing, while the time allocated shrinks. You can also choose to disable the timer to play in a more relaxed manner.

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    • The only downside of this app is that it uses dollar signs instead of pound signs, even in GBP mode. Best multiplayer game.

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      Happy Shoppers: Money maths for kids! Happy Shoppers has a board game format, where each player taps to roll the dice and then moves around the board, entering shops to buy the items on their shopping list. They have to drag the correct coins into the till to pay, or, on the hardest level, make a payment and then work out how much change they should get.

      The winner is the first person to buy everything on their shopping list. The games-based programme will appeal to kids who like board games and enjoy a bit of friendly competition, while also improving their money maths skills.