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Whenever I could I took them out in a basket strapped to my bicycle, cycling a few miles in each compass direction around the loft before releasing them. Sometimes Dora would join me on these expeditions, and over time we came to learn our own familiar zone alongside the birds. We flew them from distant parks and from clearings deep in Epping Forest. We cycled up the River Lea and flew them from open fields on the edge of the M Once or twice I took the birds to work and released them out of my office window but I soon stopped, as I was worried my colleagues would notice what I was up to and object.

The summer after I got Eggy and Orange I joined a local pigeon- racing club. I was the youngest member by quite a margin, but the other fanciers — quiet, reticent men who were obsessed with the mysteries of pigeon navigation — were welcoming.

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They bred me some new birds, and soon I had 30 or so pigeons in my flock. I was fascinated by this strange community, and by the rituals of pigeon racing. When they arrived back at their lofts their race rings would be removed and placed inside a special tamper-proof clock which recorded their time of arrival. As each bird flew a different distance, the winner was calculated by average velocity flown rather than total time taken. A few months before I joined the club, Natalya and I found out we were going to have another baby, and our son was born, at home, the night before my first pigeon race.

The next day I sat in the garden with him in the sunshine, waiting for the birds to come in from Peterborough. I watched the skies until I caught sight of a line of black dots on the horizon.

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As they got closer two of the birds broke from the flock to fly down and land on the roof of my loft. I rarely left home that summer. I went to work and to the pigeon club, but apart from that the four of us nested. Home became small: our needs local and immediate. Dora was growing up and taking more interest in the pigeons. I felt liberated by the smallness of our new lives. I have been a pigeon racer for a couple of years now. Orange has flown home from Thurso, in the far north of Scotland, over most of the length of Britain.

It took him three days to cover the miles. I still wonder what route he took, and the things he must have seen. Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

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Topics Birds The Observer. Noting that his office receives 1, complaints about pigeons each year, Mr. Kurtz said: ''If plastic owls were the answer, I'd quit my job tomorrow and go into the business.

The first person to suggest mail by pigeon.

Hanging out plastic owls will help - temporarily - but it only moves the problem someplace else. View all New York Times newsletters. Once wired to a ventilation grid in the rafters of the arch, he said, the first owl proved so effective they sent out for more. An Aggressive Breed. As is often the case, however, talk of miracles faded as the pigeons evinced less and less respect for the static owls and eventually sat on them, among other things.

He was speaking of the Jamaica Station pigeons, an aggressive breed given to strutting the platforms like commuters. Faced with 30 artificial owls last spring, the pigeons immediately fled. But back they came in summer. The railroad retaliated by attaching chains to the owls. Dolan, noting that 40 more owls have been posted at the Seaford and Wantagh stations.

In Trenton, where artificial owls recently replaced poisoned corn kernels in a program to stop the befouling of historic structures, results have been mixed.

Accused of feeding pigeons, neighbors threatening me. Can they report me?

More owls are being added to the six already perched on the State House and the owls are being repositioned every three months. The psychological warfare at A. Doyle said. He also had a damaged tail, poor thing but she didn't actually say he was sick. Just weak : I am so happy as they are going to nurse him back to health and if he can be released they will release him, but if not he will stay in the aviary with other birds who unfortunately cant go back in the wild. It was such a nice feeling rescuing him I wish I could do that for every bird Thanks Alan, I know I am so glad she didnt tell me he was really poorly.

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  7. Hopefully once he has dried out and has had some food he will feel a bit better. Very true, there are times when our wild animals need a little helping hand. I'm just glad I could help.

    How to Get Rid of Pigeons

    Well done Jo! I'm so glad you took a hand and congrats for the capture - nice one! I shall have to put a laundry basket in my rescue kit!!!!! I have rescued two young pigeons this year. One is out doing his own thing and quite "grown up" now.

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    The other is in my garden, free to do what he wants but would rather stick around with "foster Mum"! I have just come in from saying "Good morning" to him. He flies onto my head, sticks his beak in my ear, and demands cuddles. It's not the food he is after as I put that down, wait while he has a peck or two then attempt to sneak off. However he follows me and puts his head into my hand for me to rub his beak which he loves! Rescuing wild creatures is so rewarding - welcome to the gang but watch out as it can become a full time job! Iam looking forward to releasing a Tawny Owl this week after a bit of TLC - hope he doen't want to stand on my head!

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