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He is shameless. Surely Trump can be brought to account over those? There is no shortage of such deeds.

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In the last 24 hours or so, he has provided evidence of two more. That is a clear admission of obstruction of justice. The constitution is powerless unless there are people willing to enforce it. Today, that means Republicans in the House of Representatives. Only they have the power to bring impeachment proceedings against the president.

Given what we already know, the constitution all but requires them to do it. But their loyalty to party means they refuse to do their duty. They too feel no shame. This, I see now, is the weakness of any written constitution. It cannot extend its protective reach to those valuable customs and traditions that stand outside it.

And it cannot even defend its own provisions when those with power refuse to honour their democratic obligations. Even the most ancient and beautiful documents cannot protect us. Only the respect of the powerful for those documents can do that. When that is gone, when they feel no shame, democracy stands naked — and vulnerable. Topics Donald Trump Opinion. Trump administration James Comey Republicans comment. Reuse this content.

Future - No Shame (Official Music Video from "SUPERFLY") ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR

Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. Robert Holster Education Complex". A school was supposed to have been built there over 4 years ago but the site still sits vacant. A community hospital was torn down by SDA to build the school.

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Now comes the part that I was reminded of by the West Virginia coal mining story and photo above. Shortly after I got home from Passaic City and was eating dinner, a local West Amwell police officer knocked on my door. He told me he had got a call from Passaic, complaining that I was taking photographs of young children and might be a pedophile!

I strongly urge anyone interested in the politics of environmental regulation and the economy to check it out. Republicans, the Chamber of Commerce, and the National Association of Manufacturers pulled out all the myths and spin about regulatory uncertainty. The mining corporation lawyers challenged EPA under 14 counts — after the oral hearing, in an unusual move a Minute Order , the judge herself raised the issue and requested briefs on whether the EPA had the authority under the CWA, and issue not even raised by the mining company lawyers!

Talk about activist judges! And this was an Obama nominee! Falkenberg, sent me the following note to take exception to my posting of her work:.

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  6. In Samoa today, hardship and poverty know no shame;
  7. Respectfully, I ask that you please take down the photograph from your site. You are more than welcome, of course, to link to the photo on my site, but those photographs are copyrighted and may not be published without prior permission. Unfortunately, as a matter of principle, I was forced to refuse that request with the following reply, which notes fair use and attribution:,.

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    First of all, I am a photographer too, so understand the artistic impulse. But I welcome any posting of my work, with attribution and a link. I learned of your work via a link in a post about political issues — e. I used your work -WITH express attribution and link — in a public interest post regarding broader but related issues.

    Lily Allen: No Shame review – divorce, deceit and the Daily Mail in gloriously raw return

    As such, I think I respected your work, credited your work, and posted it under fair use doctrine. So please visit Ms. Or Digby, who linked to both. Aaron at Zunguzungu did NOT post the photo without permission. So what did you do, take a screen shot? To the Beliebers the term coined for Bieber followers , the pop singer can do no wrong. I'm not sure if they understand the severity of his actions.

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    What decent person allegedly drag races 60 mph in a mph zone with an expired license while under the influence of alcohol and drugs did Bieber already forget last November's death of "Fast and Furious" actor Paul Walker in a car going over mph? Instead of concealing himself beneath his hoodie, he uses his exit as a photo-op. Such brazenness would not exist if Bieber were an average citizen, but being in the public eye fuels the blatant lawlessness that his adorers view as a badge of honor.

    Of course, this raises the real problem of this latest example of celebrities running amok: there is no shame anymore in our society.

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    8. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines shame as "a feeling of guilt, regret or sadness that you have because you know you have done something wrong. There is no attempt at cleaning up their vocabulary when a grown-up walks by because they feel no shame in using such language nor do they fear any repercussions. Welcome to the 21st century.