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They enjoyed a hefty edge in rebounding, including 18 offensive rebounds.

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They also had done a good job defensively on Harden, mainly by Fournier, in the second half after he had carried the Rockets up to halftime. Houston began to make multiple switches on defense and was also able to clog up the middle where Vucevic had ruled in the first half, scoring 17 points to lead the Magic to a lead. Especially in the fourth quarter.

Through three periods, the Magic were hitting at a decent In the final quarter, the Magic had one of their worst shooting quarters of the season, hitting just 6 of 24 shots as Houston turned the tables.

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The Rockets outscored the Magic in that decisive final 12 minutes. Orlando had 30 points in the paint in the first half and managed just 14 the rest of the way as the Rockets collapsed on Vucevic and limited him to only five shot attempts, of which he made none, in the second half.

His only points in the second 24 minutes came in the form of two free throws. I was getting off the ball too early.

Monday Mantra: Surrender to Magic

The tri-captains of Aaron Gordon, Vucevic and Fournier led the Magic with 23, 19 and 18 points against Houston, and Terrence Ross added 15, but the Magic lost yet another close game. Not only did the Rockets clogging the paint stifle Vucevic, but it limited Gordon with what he was able to do. Gordon was on a roll for a while, and his 3-pointer, followed by an offensive rebound put-back, kept the Magic in control in the third quarter, leading with left. Gordon, however, made only three more shots from there, the final one being an oh-by-the-way triple as the clock wound down.

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Still, there were plenty of reasons for the Magic to figure they should have been boarding their charter flight back to Orlando with victory smiles on their faces. Vucevic had controlled the paint on offense early, scoring 17 points in the first half, but he went AWOL in the second half.

Roger Shah pres. Sunlounger feat. Chase - Surrender (Magic Island Radio 271 Rip)

Clifford had talked Saturday after practice about how the Magic have to start learning how to win close games. The Magic lost for the third straight game and have won just once in the past seven games, falling to on the year. Execute at the end, make stops at the end.

The Magic came out on a roll and grabbed a point lead early in the game. Vucevic had 11 early points as Orlando built a advantage after the first quarter, during which the Magic shot The Rockets warmed up a bit in the second quarter and got within four points of the Magic, but Orlando withstood the rally and still led at halftime.

The magic of surrender

A hero may surrender at any point during battle if it is the hero's turn to act. However, a hero can only surrender to another hero, which means that he cannot surrender to a group of wandering creatures. A hero cannot surrender when defending a siege, or when the enemy hero wields Shackles of War. The surrendered hero will appear in tavern immediately or at beginning of the next day. This happens also in the case where a hero surrenders after the player's seventh day of the week has passed, meaning that instead of having two new hero recruits, the other one is the hero surrendered in the past day.

The amount of gold needed for surrendering is by default half the hiring price of the remaining creatures; resource cost are not included. If the hero does not have enough gold to pay for his remaining army, he cannot surrender.