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Others have labeled him a psychopath. But what was Bundy actually diagnosed with, if anything at all? For many of his appearances in court, Bundy famously chose to represent himself. However, when he was on death row in a Florida prison in , Polly Nelson, an attorney brought in to serve as his post-conviction counsel, called in an expert to gauge if Bundy was competent enough to stand trial.

Manic depression, sometimes known as bipolar disorder, is a mood disorder characterized by bouts of mania alternating with depressive episodes, according to WebMD. People suffering from bipolar disorder have been known to experience hallucinations and psychosis. Lewis realized that this was during the down phase of his manic-depression, and Ted controlling his own defense was just a sign of his manic episodes. And he also started talking about that he did not feel empathy.

Watts, jun. They did not, how- ever, seem to have much courage, for their mural literature was all in black and white, and their exhortations were, of course, to plump for their candidate. Messrs J. Carney and J. Sanders, the members seeking re-election, were more courageous, and adorned the hoardings and their committee-rooms with the traditional red posters inviting the burgesses to support old and tried men and residents—"Pill boys," to quote the current phrase.

The melancholy exhi- bition was made of converting the charitable institution known as the Elliot Home for Seameu into a Tory committee-room, and perhapsafforded an incident Of doubtful propriety unparalleled in the whole of the contests in South Wales. The first hour saw large numbers voting, and by mid- day nearly had polled out of 1, voters on the ward lists.

In the Maindee Ward, with nearly 1, voters to go to the poll, the respective parties were actively engaged. Parftt aud R. Davies, the Liberal candidates. During the firt hour, in this ward, also, there was a good poll. Every endeavour was made to get a. In the East Ward the retiring members, Messrs M. Wheeler and G. Greenland, both Liberals, were confronted by Mr R. Plummer, a licensed victualler, who at the last moment received the support of the whole of the publican interest of the borough. The East Ward has hitherto been the ravoe of publican candidates, however specious and attractive their promises may happen to be, and the Liberals believe that they will be able to maintain the traditions of the Ward in this respect.

East Wardites. The triangular nature of the contest , too, affords an uncertain I element, as cross voting became evident. In the North Ward the four polling stations were open. Howell L and T. Card-y C.

Was Ted Bundy Diagnosed With A Mental Illness?

The Conservative Associa- tion of the boroughs sent around circulars on Tuesday night to the electors seeking to fix the I discredit on the Liberals of putting the ward to the expense of a fight when Mr Proctor Edt's withdrew but they did not bring into prominence the fact that Mr Ma. A iale of jealousy and revenge has been un- folded before the Paris Correctianal Court.

The scene of the drama was laid in the suburb of Saint- Denis, and the principal actors in it were a municipol councillor, his wife, and M. The minor parts in the piece were filled by men on strike, potboys, and coalporters. It appears that during the strikes the municipal councillor, who is a Socialist of the most advanced type, estab- lished his headquarters in the tavern of the Kathuys.

Tnere he assembled his followers every evening and organised the plan of campaign to be followed bv the artisans and labourers who were out of work. It was soon spread abroad that the councillor was not alto- gether occupied with the strike movement or with Socialist questions while in the tavern. Hints were dropped all round that Madame Rathuy-who is a fine-looking woman, with fascinating' eyes—exercised a magnetic influence over the councillor, and caused him to spend more time and more money in her establishment than was consistent with his status and respon- sibihties as a married man.

By degrees the rumours reached the ears of his wife, who went to the tavern and remonstrated with the fair and fascinating landhdy in an emphatic manner. Madame Rathuy replied in an equally emphatic style, and, exhibiting a revolver, ordered the councillor's wifc to quit the premises m quick T h inju c I time. The injunction was complied with, but the councillor's wife tojk her revenge by charter- ing c ia! To bring j matters to :t crisis the councillor's wife savagely attacked M.

Rathuy one day. All the parties ap- peared in court. The councillor's wife had been only slightly injured in the hand, bnt the magis- trates expressed strong disapproval of the intro- duction of a revolver into the dispute, and con- demned Madame Ratiiny to six lltcnths'impri. An amusing ieature in the case was the disclosure that the municipal councillor—who is one of the energetic opponents of police juris- diction in Saint Denis — had gone, like the publican Rathnv, to beg- the intervension of the local commissary in the quarrel between the women.

New Illustration of an Old Saw. Tne Liverpool detectives have been engaged in investigating a skilfully-planned and daringiv- executed robbary. It seefll". Recently it was discovered that the stable had betn broken into, and that the horse, trap, harness, and rug had all beeu stolen. The thieves, in order to conceal tie rob- bery, had actually purchased a new lock in lieu of the one winch they had broken off, and placed it on the stable door, a very striking illustration of the locking of the stable door when the horse is wJen," Inspector Bryson, having recei ved a des- cription of the horse, vehicle, and other articles had it circulated among livery stable keepers, at horse fairs, and other places where hprse dealers were likely to be found, and directed Detective Wis- hart to take the case in hand.

After much diffi- culty Wishart succeeded in tracing the thieves to Manchester. I oilowing up the clue lit cam to this city, and here apprehended two men, father and son, both bearing the name Williaiii Jones. The young man, it seemed, had been a groom some time ago in Mr i'C::I vill's employment, and the father was a labourer, who resided in Queen Anne- street, Liverpool.

Detective Wishart found that the accused had sold one set of harness and pledged a valuable rug. They had not, however, been able to dispose of the horse and trap, which he found placed for safety in a livery stable. W ishart returned with his prisoners to Liverpool on Monday uig-h t, and yesterday they were charged at the Dale-street Police-court before Mr W.

Stewart, stipendiary magistrate. Chief- Inspector Grubb stated that he bad not yet re- covered all the stolen property, and he therefore asked for a remand for two divs. While walking in a street of the British metropolis, after having received his money, he dropped down dead, and the sum given to him under the bequest was I taken out of his pockets by persons unknown. Another vague account of the affair has been published this evening. It is stated that the retired master mariner went to London with his wife, a Frenchwoman, and took only 30, fraucs, arranging that the remainder should he forwarded to him through a French bank.

He had an apoplectic attack in the streets, was con- veyed in a dying condition by somebody to an hotel, and after his death no money or papers of any kind could be found in his jackets. His wife had to be sent to Havre by the French Consul in London, Riid she is fully convinced that her husband was robbed while he was dying, but she has no knowledge of the bank where he received the money.

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I At Bow-street to-day, Charles Howard, aged 70, having various aliases, was further remanded on a charge of fraud. It was alleged prisoner wrote to various persons pretending wealthy relatives in the Colonies bad advertised for them and advising them to conduct their enquiries through Messrs Williams, Murray, Macdonald and Co.

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Prose- cution alleged that the address given as that of this firm was reaHy a single room occupied bv prisoner himself at a weekly rental of 5" Written inquiries to this address resulted in the demand for inquiry fees, and in at least one instance these were paid. Mr George Harvey, J. Bath, who, however, declined to part with money except on personl interview, and thus escaped.

Other methods of fraud were alleged against prisoner. I Lying in State. The cotiin containing the body was carried from the residence of the deceased on the shoulders of eight captains of the Fire Department, while eight captains of police I walked behind. The cortege was of great length, and could, therefore, only proceed to the City- hal at a very slow pace. The chief officials of 'I the city followed the coffin in carriages, while many other mourners besides the relatives and intimate friends of the deceased took part in the procession.

The streets were thronged with sym- pathetic crowds. The body, which was identified as that of Williams, and the fact that he lived in Grenfell- street were ascertained by the presence of severa! His wife and daughter attended, and gave formal evidence of identity, and the men who found it also spoke to findiiigit. It appears that the body was in an advanced stage of decomposition, and that he had been missing a day before the yacht was taken away.

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This, and the fact that the body must have been in the water a long time, leads to the belit-f that Williams could have had no connection with the yacht thieves. At the meeting of the Cardiff Incorporated Shipowners' Association, 1 to be held at the Ex- change this morning, replies are to be read from the local dock companies respecting the applica- tion that was made to them for a reduction on dock dues during the colliers strike. We under- stand that all the replies question are to the effect that no abatement can be made, owing to the severe losses which the companies themselves I sustained through the strike.

They kicked the officer until he became unconscious and then ran away. The J constable was takeh to a public-norise near. I Lincoln Autumn Meeting. The cartlembraced half-a-dozen events, lndin view of allowing visitors to catch the evening train to Northampton the conclu- Sion wt, timed for a few minute-: past four 0 docl;, Detil, 1.

Chaloner 1 Mr J. Joieey's seafarer. Loates 3 Capt Whitlaker's La Poorbeak. Brown 0 C'lit C. L unbton's Sublimity, 7st 31b H. Horan C Mr T. Jennings r. Chaloner, Newmarket. Tennis Top led to the distance, where he was headed by Seaiarer and Pomade Divine, of whom the last- named won a good race by a head four lengths divided second a. Tennis Top was fourth, Semicolon fifth, and Cressida last. The Straight Mile. Collins's Black Leg, GY 7st 71b. Loat,es 1 Mr W. W, LaJie 0 Mr A. Leader's Delightful Lady, 2y 7st 4Jb T. Leader, jun. Plaything was fourth, Belted Earl fifth, Amoor ixth. Pruth seventh, and Somerbey, a long wav off.

About five furlon"gs. Chaloner 1 Mr M. Hussey's Colleen, 8st 71b T. Loates 2 Mr Charterton's Favellen. Chandlev 3 Mr F. Lambton's Conadale. Joliffe's f by laureate-Dai-cena, 8st 7lb F. Pratt 0 Mi G. Newton's Melton Abbas, 8st 71b. Banner 0 Mr W. Cannon 0 Mr H. Ward's Isuieno, 8st 71b T. Smith 0 Mr T. Brown 0 MrT. Crests's General Sir Bevys, 8st 41b. Mullen 0 Mr W. Tarvis's pendennis. Woodburn 0 Mr J. Catlin's Pins. About a mile and a half. Lord Penrhyn's Quwsitum, 3y 7st 61b T.

Coulthwaite's starlight II, 3y 7st 21y Maodeii 0 Mr. W Smith's Hagiographer, 4y 7nt- S.

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Chandley 0 Mr VV. Taylor Sharpe's JuIcy. Hoxan 0 Mr H. Foster's Jesmond, 3y 6t 21b E. Smith 3 Sir s. Lockiiart's Lambent. Toon 0 Lord Hare wood's Cytl:erean, 3y 6st E. Hunt 0 Winner trained by Cele, Exton.

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I Latest Arrivals. I La Poorbesik. Shrine, Hagio- I grapher, Cytherian. Another frost during the night was succeeded by a dull and gloomy morning, which as the day advanced did not improve. A slight rain fell about noon, and there is every prospect of its continuing, but with an excellent programme prepared for the concluding day and the prospects of another good day's sport, the attendance was well up to the average for steeplechase meetings.

Details 1.


Two miles Capt. Mr Reginald 2 Mr Nesbitt'. Aikin 0 Winner trained privately. Betting—11 to 4 on Northover, 5 to 1 agst Mav Blossom, and 10 to 1 each agst Cuckoo and others offered. Cuckoo held a clenr lead throughout, and won by six lengths asiad third. Plavfui was last 2. Mr Swan's Gamecock, a 12st b. Dollery 1 Capt.

Robertson-Aikinan's Holm wood,4yl0st b Mr H. Robertson-Aikman 2 Mr R. Johnstone 0 Winner trained by Swatt-on, Alresford. Betting—11 to 10 on Stamfordham. Gamecock was flrdlowed by Westmeath, with Starn- fordham la. Two miles. Miller's Pendragon, 5y 12st 51b Halsey 1 Capt. W hittaker's The Tyke, a. Bewicke 2 Mr G, Ryall s Sienna, a list 91b. Milne 0 Mr G. Scrnby's Annual, 5v list b H. Moore 0 Mr Wigan's Praxiteles, a list b ,? Ripley's Woodman, all st b. Woodland 0 Mr Fer. Niglitingall 0 Winner trained by Halsey, Findon.

Bptting-9 to 4 agst Proximity, 3 to 1 agst Pen- dragon, 5 to 1 agst Sienna, 6 to 1 agst The Tyke, and 10 to 1 agst others. Latest Arrivals. The I Vigil. To-day's Starting Prices. SpOt Lswan. Fiat Race 5 Cuckoo 10 to J ag 10 to 1 ag Stewards.. I Liverpool Autumn Meeting. One mile three furlongs. Bun Friday, Nov. One mile.

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  4. Run Saturday, Nor, About six furlong, Run Thursday, Nov. Middlebam Lady Hermit 4 7 12 1 -? Newmarket Training Moles. Dawson's, sen. Dawson's, jun. Gurry's Lord George, Massacre, and Jodel galloped a mile and a quarter. Tarvis's Astraclian galloped a mile and a quarter. Jennings's, ,iun.. Toreador, Cornelius. Merry Wise, Montezum t, and Affluence went six furlong's. Fjector, Crafton. F'iday, Nov. Friday Nov. Friday, New 3, at Cysianog, at Thursday, Nov. Mottdav, Nov. I Official Scratchmgs. I Nene Welter, Northampton—Katton.

    Northampton engagements—Escamoteur. Dei by Cup—Castlebianey. Manchester November Handicap—Castlebianey. H ambers tone Nursery, Leicester—Crawley. An objection has been lodged against Grey Wethftij winner of the Pari; Hurdle Pace at Hurs: Park vested day, on the ground of iasufficient description, and tJw nrotCi't has been referred to the National Hunt Com miitee for decision. And the media by no means have a monopoly on what has been called the "trial of the century" and the "superbowl of murder trials.

    Numerous computer on-line information services have become repositories of news and trivia about the case. Thousands of astute computer users are going on-line to retrieve hourly news feeds, follow daily court transcripts and express their opinions on "chat" forums. One service allows subscribers to pose questions directly to legal experts. Subscribers also can gain access to collections of cartoons and jokes some of them rather sick about Simpson and the case. Ironically, jokes about the murders and key players were so popular that within days of the tragedy a telephone "jokeline" had been established in the Los Angeles area.

    An unknown error has occurred. Please click the button below to reload the page. If the problem persists, please try again in a little while. Mania: The O. Simpson Murder Case Magazine article Ebony O. Read preview. The O. Lilley Southern Illinois University Press, Read preview Overview. The Spectacle: Media and the Making of the O.