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Purple Haze on tap at the front bar! Nice start to the weekend. That spot should be on everyone's tourist itinerary--your one-stop shopping for regional music--all the hits! Oh, that reminds me! Charity Hospital, founded in is the 2nd oldest hospital in the U. In , Dufilho was the 1st licensed pharmacist in the U. One cannot talk about medicine and leave out the epidemics, especially Yellow Fever: from the first one in to when died out of a population of to , , and the worst in when 29, contracted it and 8, died from it.

I would have liked more explanation of how the particular surgeon tools were used that she had brought for display, but it's always fun to hear about history in and among those old buildings!!! I have attended lectures in the Cabildo before but did not realize that the hall we were in is actually part of the old Armory building where prisoners were housed back "in the day.

Hooray for our Hometown Hero!!! Happy Birthday to my brother, Robert! I believe that our orchid put out its 21st bloom in honor of the day see pic to the right. May all your blooms be prolific and beautiful!!! When I see pictures of you as an eight-year old I can only feel Love, love, love!!!! The food can't be beat at the Palace formerly Werlein's Music store and though we did not partake of the "heat index special," got comped my birthday dessert--homemade gelatto:.

Our waitress was perfect--just the right amount of attention and the rain really cooled things off. Directly across the street on the corner was Rapp's Lugguage where our Church's prayer group began back in the s. The Rapp's logo has been recently replaced, but the building looks like it houses some friendly ghosts see pic to the right. My favorite month! Our orchid put out its 20th bloom and the pink lilies blossomed see pics to the right.

These three across the street seem happy:. What a relief--two years ago when I first got my License, I had to return to the airport for fingerprinting because the digital reading did not show up the F. Hire me--I'll drive you around in the FurryMobile and drive you to enthusiastically loving this Town! Attended and participated in the St. Lovely, lovely, peaceful, serene:. I almost stopped off at Buffa's on my way home--they are showing the Treme TV show on the superbig screen on Sunday nights again, but my head was covered in the special headwash and I didn't want to have to explain to anyone I found out I missed his party last night at Chickie Wah Wah Whom-without which we would just be rehearsing Where in Houston, the big commemoration of the late declaration of emancipation is all about the music.

See what playing in my band will do for you!? He knows some stuff! More than me! I liked how he had a portable sound system and played selections from his explanation. Attended historian, architect, professor, author and all-around busy guy, Robert J.

Cangelosi, Jr. Mint yesterday morning. Great stuff! This man is the repository of a great deal of information and thankfully, is anxious to share it with others. Backed up by Tom Worrell on piano, bassist. Chuck Booksh,. Drummer Lionel Batiste, Jr. Frenchy's artwork of Uncle Lionel on Batiste's bass drum.

Turns out the 3-D effect of Frenchy's artwork is "lagniappe" as he put it--he did not intend it that way:. Stop by there some time--directly across from the Maple Leaf. Great set!!! Was supposed to be John's last appearance before his return to Amsterdam, but apparently a Wednesday night B. And he accommodated!!!! The club had a brief tenure as a trad jazz club, The Tin Roof, c. Big Chief Monk Boudreaux. He's a Classic!!! John Rankin sang and played; and I purchased the Streetcar Guidebook from the author after a nice conversation with him and his research assistant, Lillian.

Such a long way from the McConnell Air Force Base, Wichita, Kansas movie theater where we used to go to Saturday matinees--a serial cliffhanger, newsreels??? Vince Vaughan's The Internship. Funny, feel-good, especially for those of us "of a certain age. On Sunday afternoon, biked out to the Bywater for an Ice Cream Social at work-colleague Caitlin's guy's home: delicioso icey confections--refreshing: spicey chocolato, tumeric vanilla bean! Birthday greetings to my friend from the 7th grade, Lee Karen Kester!

It's funny how I still relate to you as if we were still in Jr. High was 7th-9th grades. We were in French Class together, but our Mothers had met at my Mom's place of employment the local laundramat previously. It's funny how we are still digging up letters we have sent to each other through the years; re-corresponding??? Getting closer, methinks! Happiest of Birthdays, M'Dear!!!!!

More Adventures to Come!!!! Greeting us as we arrived, a Rainbow:. Very cool spot to visit, but would not have wanted to ride out the last Hurrican-as did Buddy Dan!!!! What a blast!!! Johnny B. While we were snapping pix, we spotted a relative of Nessy-the Loch Ness monster below us in the River:. Was excited pedalling over to Siberia on St.

Claude Avenue last night to see John Sinclair!!! Poet Extraordinaire!! Great show as always! On the way I passed by The Arch in the 9th Ward and a mimosa tree in bloom smells like peaches. Patti Smith cd was playing when I walked in turns out the barkeepess loves her and I ordered the grilled asparagus. Drink prices are reasonable; co-owner is Luke from Happy Talk band who says that even though he gave up the coffin nails last year, they are staying smokey until "they make us stop. Sat with famed horticulutrist Lisa Hix, and got to cop a telephone number from drummer Gary Rieger of my old pal Slim Nelson, now residing in Arkansas!

Beauty night all the way around. John is performing his superlative batch of ambience one more time before he goes back to Amsterdam--at Frenchy's on Oak Street, on Saturday, Dad's Day Eve--thanks Celia his daughter for the sweetness! Love you and your Dad! Accidentally went to Mr. Okra's Birthday Party at B.

More blooms at The Hacienda! Beauty, eh? See pix to the right and below:. Louis Cathedral and had to be moved by a pro beekeeper. Just finished reading Tom Robbins' Jitterbug Perfume I guess you can make this stuff up!!! Got regaled with M. When he returned to tell his stepsister in Sulphur, LA of his day's activities and the fact that he had let go gars, he was scolded because they liked to make gar balls We've had a cool Spring for a change--Summer didn't hit in earnest in early April as in the past.

Maybe this global warming stuff is good for us Kind of like when basketball, hockey and baseball are all in confluence The agapantha is a bulb that I originally planted a few years back and comes up every year, but the kasmir bouquet has a root that spreads and comes up every year. The four o'clocks come up every year, too, but I don't think the same way When I cut back some Texas Tulips that had gotten thick by the fence, I discovered I had destroyed the habitat of this beautiful, sweet tree frog and moved him to the side of the house in his house:.

Our neighbor planted this weeping willow not too long ago and seems to be pretty happy:. We had a weeping willow in suburban Kansas City when I was a kid that never seemed to get very tall Every morning I shudder and spit at what is being done to the Garden District--the priceless lustrous sheen of the past for a suburban-type cleanliness with no soul At one time the demolition of the French Quarter was called for as it was deemed "a slum.

We must keep at it. Speaking of keepiing at it, on my trek down Royal Street toward Canal, I spotted none-other-than Allen Toussaint in his garoove-mobile crossing in front of me. Happy Memorial Day! May we be remembering some good stuff today. His long-time singer, Davonda, was in attendance, and she told us about her Friday night gig at the World Famous Creole Dining establishment on Magazine around the corner used to be a comic book shop when The Gipsons lived nearby. Ate drank and were merry with her Gang in their Circus Tent of many lights in the house that once housed King Oliver!

As we were leaving the Festival which is about 20x more crowded than when I first started going back in '97 ran into Michalopoulos himself, famous artist and the Festival Poster artist himself, resting his feet from dancing! Across the street from my old stomping grounds, Checkpoint Charlie's and next door to what was once the Matador, I lit out to make old connections. As I was crossing the boulevard on the away from the Riverside of Esplanade, who would be stopped at the light, but Allen Toussaint in his GrooveMobile!

Great start to the Memorial Day Weekend! But then we all tend to have to do that on occasion as well. Hope to get some photos sent to me by Keith's daughter, Becca--all good folk not wanting to change the implicit beauty and old-timeyness of their new home For those of you planning to garden this weekend during the three-day Memorial Day weekend, remember there are no weeds in God's Good Garden! His writing always had a bit of a cynical edge but that was part of his popularity. Couldn't help but musing in a light-heared vein that if he'd had me for his Muse "things" might have turned out differently, but then there might be more magnolias in the world, too Stopped to smell the magnolias:.

Received some sad news yesterday that a fellow parishioner, Tom D. A troubled fellow, but still full of good humor and life--loved animals, sticking up for those less-fortunate. Guess he identified with them--your pain is through for now, Dear One. Bless you and those you leave behind! In the afternoon met my friend Bobette's niece, Tricia C. So young, so full of promise.

Under the auspices of the Mid-City Volleyball League, Peter Hickman led about 75 of us from the Morning Call in City Park at 8am to the Bayou Boogaloo festivity itself where the bicycle place nearby had bike valet parking the latest rage. He especially likes N. Dorgenois with its tree-lined street.

Apparently, that was the demarcation of a Monsieur Dorgenois' plantation He hooks us up with some interesting establishments like The Prime Example, N. Broad St. To top it all off, free Zulu King Cake:. AND with, what else? Nice show with Bo Dollis Sr. The photographers and drunken dancers abounded! Hope to see y'all out tonight at our show at the Fairgrinds Coffeehouse. We got Creature on the drums again!

And of course the Ever-Effervescent Mark Fowler on the guitar!!! George tripping the light fandango. This a. The new Silk Road gallery was still serving champagne post-the p. Stopped in at Vinh's Vietnamese restaurant that he opened after the BP spill when the antique business went farther south than after Katrina. Vicki Ellis from Houston invited me to her convention party at Mannings on Fulton last night where I got my crawfish on! Hadn't seen her since we left Houston in ' The icing on Jazz Fest's cake last night was the one, the only, Ms.

Thank you to the Lees from San Francisco who took my advice and showed up at her show for snapping this pic of us to the right. Hope y'all had a vunderbar Cinco de Mayo yesterday! Ran into Jim McCormick who was about to be interviewed by music writer Alex Rawls in the grandstand and told me Dottie would be in attendance! Very cool as I saw them First Day of the Fest as well! Love you guys! Nice spot for a job, eh? Dylan James.

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Saw some folks I know, including Steve:. Henry from the Treme TV-show plays D. We all second-lined to the paddock area where the band, who turned out to be the New Orleans Klezmer All-Stars, took to the Lagniappe Stage! A Jewish wedding entails a chair ride so they accommodated! Big Chief Bo Dollis Sr. Got to hear my favorite from last year, "The Boutte Family Gospel" Lillian, John, Tricia, Tanya, et al --indescribable--come next year, just for them--you won't be sorry!

These are some mighty nice folks! Caught a bit of Dr.

Ended the day with Los Lobos in the Blues Tent!!! Cameraless today and sorry for that, but my mind's eye took a bunch of great pix. Volunteered with La Divina Gelateria again this weekend so worked my shift yesterday and then got to go Festing! The rain was a steady downpour, but M.

Had to get a spot for the Jimmy Cliff close-out show at Congo Square stage. Jimmy Cliff was sparkling: with his Eye of Osiris headband and infectious energy, we sang and danced in the sludge with him on his first song, "You Can Get it if You Really Want" through his last song, "Bigger They Are Patti Smith show last night was pretty darn incredible and that included the steady downpour, the sideways rain and then the sun appearing midway!!!

A Festee was leaving the Fest as I was arriving around p. Starting out with "Redondo Beach" from Horses, she played a few songs I did not recognize I shamefully have not kept up with her. I loved "Pissin' in a River" the best, and appropriate, too. She added a lovely Neil Young song, and ended up with the title cut of her first album released in ! Great show--felt the Love!!! Claude Avenue. Worthy cause, nice event. Patti Smith out at the Jazz Fest today! Have a great Weekend 2!! Happy May Day, All! Consider the flower to the right being laid on your doorstep as in olden times.

Praise God for taking her Home!! Last night at Kermit Ruffins' Speakeasy Ms. Tricia Boutte held court with her magnificence. She will be part of the Dew Drop benie tonight at Cafe Istanbul. See you there! The rain brought the frogs back and they were in full chorus last night when I returned home from the office. Very comforting! Thought it was Saturday this morning when the alarm went off and was sure the alarm was broken! Beer sales down, poncho sales up! I worked the p. Fellow Diviner Jarrod called it "spaghetti western music. The climax of the day and the weekend was Mr.

Ended up on the side of the stage due to some visualization and confusion. Was comfy, but could only snap the pic to the right of B. Had a side-stepper see pic to the right --he's on the left and a whole slew of umbrella-wielders came out of the woodwork, circling the audience. I had seen Mr. Tony performed the hoop dance mimicing nature with the use of about eight hoops--beauty stuff!

Deacon John--what can I say? I heard a lady sitting behind me, "he's apparently a New Orleans treasure. Love The Deac! Passed by the super-packed Allen Toussaint show briefly--liked his back-up singers a lot doing his hits which are numerous! Great stuff--that trad jazz is happy cartoon music. I liked the tango beat in "Egyptian Fantasy. Off to a tres fabuloso Jazz and Heritage Festival yesterday!!! I volunteered to work for La Divina Gelateria and met at a. Across the street at the Seahorse Saloon, they were already at it:.

A band had started up just before I arrived at a. John's on the way to my all-time favorite: Ms. Tricia Boutte. I'm going to Kermit's Speakeasy Tuesday night to catch her again! Also, she will be performing next weekend with the Boutte family at the Gospel Tent--their show last year was remarkable and not to be missed this year.

On top of it all, Mark invented a new drink, "The Titanic" please see all pix to the right. Trips : thanks for playing so great! Picture to the right taken when Celia we miss you! Happy Birthday, Wilma Weasel coming right up!!! One of our first and stalwartest of fans along with hubby Willie Weasel!!!!!! Thanks to all who over the years have contributed to my endeavors! Saw my first magnolia blooms this a. Was right up front for these photos:. Thought we would beat the crowds and bike--fat chance! Such a great show--she was handing out percussion to kids in the audience.

Real crowd-pleaser!!! Including me--bought her CD, "Before the Storm. Definitely cloning is in order. Had a dream last night about Coco, who had been their Nuptial Preacher at Tipitina's a few years back Would have been nice to get a Shout-Out from him when they asked how he came to New Orleans! Sounded great and glad he's doing so well here--looks well-fed and happy! Crackerjack band with Tim Paco on upright bass! Biked out to City Park last night after it cleared up from torrential rains and potential tornado to hear Tricia Boutte at the Twilight series at City Park's Botanical Gardens.

Lovely, lovely, lovely! She'll be here from her now-home in Norway for a while--saw she's playing Kermit's Speakeasy for a few Tuesday nights in a row! Got to take lunch at Irene's show, but did not make it out to see Tricia Boutte due to my dutifulness at the office. Wild Magnolias Abita Beer Stage.

Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (Video)

Enjoyed "Bike-To-Work Day" yesterday. BikeEasy sponsored an a. I was told my pink bike was "gangsta" from a fellow rider which intrigued me--I thought of it as more of a "love bike. The after-work party at the American Sector featured bike valet parking! Don't get to Algiers Point that much but always a pleasant ride across the Canal Ferry. Took advantage of having to go back over yesterday by stopping off at the Old Point bar for a Tin Roof on tap. Still "neighborhood" after all these years!

Lovely neighborhood where Jazz musicians lived "back in the day. Hadn't been there since before The Storm when it was Renee Bistrot. Dee-lip-shus melt-in-your-mouth pepper-seared tuna with chocolate sorbet for dessert. Thanks, Honey! Also see picture of the orchid to the right in our bathroom which bloomed in honor thereof!

Great company, great stuff. Happy Week-End, Everyone! Heard they were slated to be turned into luxury condos, so maybe this will scotch the deal so M. Happy Easter Sunday! Church today was extra-inspiring with Rev. Charmaine Neville was in attendance, visiting there with friend Rosalee, who had been married at the Church by Rev.

Elmer's mother back in ' Love seeing Charmaine whose birthday it was. She looks like a teenager! Bless her heart! The person said they attended my shows at the Fairgrinds Coffeehouse! Me, too! For someone to talk to Charmaine Neville about me??!! She's great! And here I am talking to her like she's a normal person.

What an Easter Miracle, huh? That's her on the box cover. After our Easter Egg Hunt in which we almost did not find this one:. Caught something from Al "Carnival Time" Johnson who had his own float. The Gay Parade has really flourished since my last attendance see pix to the right. Great party by a Great Gal see pix to the right. I met Rae from the Gipsons before I moved here Her gorgeous kids are all growed up and leaving the roost so this is the next step!

Great memories there although in retrospect I wish more that I had hung out with them more often than I did Best of Everything, Ms. Rae--so glad to know you and your friends and your family!!! Thank you!!! Good Friday. The good part is that this was the fulfillment of Jesus' ministry and he knew he was headed for the ultimate Overcoming.

Also, since this is a Catholic town, we get a day off! It was good for everyone on Spring Break, too, and even though a second set of free taps have been added since I was there last Summer, the lines were half a block long. I realized I was in no shape to take in St. The Chamber sponsored a Hornets night last night and since I'd already bought seats in the "press box" I had to forego the Marcia Ball free concert at Lafayette Square.

They held a pre-game "networking event" down across from the locker rooms, and I fantasized about jumping in front of the Fox network interview cameras proclaiming, "Turn off Fox News--bad news for America! Scoreda free cap and diary howsomever, with the Hornets' insignia which, since they are turning into the Pelicans, thanks to new owner Tom Benson who went through our networking event meeting everyone along with his wife Rita these are soon-to-bee collectors' items. The speakers beforehand included his son, Brian, who stated, "prepare to be moved" and I was.

Ralph Gipson was in the Chorus, too! Happily spied quite a bit of Louisiana craft beers for sale, too. I'd read about the 'backatown" in Louis Armstrong's first autobiography and sadly, most of the structures are gone from that era. Said hello to very cool Luther Grey having a spot of tea Happy Spring, Y'All!!!

The Vernal Equinox where it's All Equal. Except maybe certain largesses see flower pix to the right from Camy Sue. Even the name is electrifying. Croix at dawn, ! Pilgrimmaged to St. Joseph altars in gratitude for M. Another grand tradition here, this one brought by Sicilian immigrants, and nurtured by Catholic Churches and individuals giving thanks for blessings received see pix to right, below and in Special Events Section.

Lamb cake at St. Mass was held at St. Jude with a simple meal and altar viewing afterwards. Beautiful day to give thanks. Davis Park. Queen parading on Simon Bolivar:.

Spaghetti From the Chandelier

Bless you!!! Trent on the Guiness Float. He turned me onto the fact that they put a new message on the bottom of each can each week--this one was "Blonde Women. Evening's entertainment provided by the one, the only Mr. John Sinclair, visiting from Amsterdam, at d. Julian Bond in the audience--sitting right next to me! It just keeps getting better and better!

Out on Frenchmen St. They've turned an empty lot into an artist vendor area directly across from d. Beauty day and night! Thank you, Mark Fowler and all you Trip Fans for a lovely evening! So much Love, so little time! Goodman and ended up in Heaven :. Look with Whom I am hanging by the keg at St.

Alphonsus Church!! My Super-Idol of all time, Allen Toussaint. Do I look flipped out or what? Alphonsus Church last evening. The beautiful St. Mary's for the Germans; and the third one for the French. Launching out for work this a. The T. The new Pope is a Jesuit!! Ah, what a beautiful day--you should see all the azaleas! Took in the "Oyster Jubilee," block of Bourbon Street today. The latest craze! Congrats, Bill!!! Pretty tasty, too. VIP Ladies:. VIP kiddles:. Hit the Parks Department's plant sale behind Dillard University this a. We found out the hard way, so take note.

Great for future biking--when it warms up! Finally got to the Lighthouse see pic to the right and saw that Joe's Crab Shack got replaced by a Landry's. All the other restaurants there are similarly gone--little family-run, real-live shacks where we sat on the wooden porches and ate trays of crawfish ETC.

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Our hostess said alot of the decorations were from Joe's Crab Shack. Felt like it was my birthday, had such a super day, Thanks, M!!! Snapped this photo on the back balcony--lovely! Well, what a way to go. I think we've hit the Good Times. Had breakfast on the balcony with some fine feathered friends yesterday see pix to the right.

Used to think my Mom was a bit batty for her bit of bird-watching out the backyard when we first moved to the D. Speaking of, neighbor Kendall's dad was out on the front porch with his cockatoo, Tiki see pix. Birds make great pets so eat more vegetables! We were all so proud!!! February 24, Speaking of up close, "Mich" was kind enough to pose for pix with M. The rumor swishing around was that Mr. Rampart--the newly renovated building in Louis Armstrong's "BackaTown" n'hood. Kermit was there presiding over the festivities until he had to go play his regular Thursday set at Vaughn's.

Great place, great band, great company, great night. Thank you, Robinouin!!!! Happy Birthday, Alan Rickman! Size 11 shoe. Had a restful weekend especially compared to last weekend--was that Mardi Gras Climactico??? The Fairgrinds Coffeehouse gig was pretty cool with Creature playing drums--I forgot how much I liked his playing. Got to visit with Tracy from Kabuki Hats and her guy Andrew, new to the neighborhood.

Been knowing her since the old Checkpoint Days when she had a shop nearby. A talented artist with a brilliant personality--sweet gal. See pic to the right. Hope y'all had a perfectly wonderful Love-Filled Day yesterday--with a poem, a customized omelet for breakfast, a phone call from your Sweetie, a super-big bear hug, a candlelight meal, flowers, chocolate, some laughs and a restful sleep, or some facsimile thereof!!!

Playing tonight at the Fairgrinds Coffeehouse, p. Already feelin' The Love!!!! Emerged this a. Thank Goodness we did not have this weather yesterday. Anne banners on Clouet St. Super Mardi Gras with the usual mega-costumes in the Societe de St. Anne gathering down in the Bywater. We did not parade with them again this year, as they went down Royal St. So much nicer now that everyone serves Purple Haze Johnny Bee. Ran into Dr. Have to put it on our schedule for next year! Really had a great Carnival--y'all have to come next year--it's March 4th, appropriately enough.

My Favorite Pirate. February 12, Got to make this quick. It's a. The Leviathan's head. Parading is more fun with friends! Jam-packed super Mardi Gras weekend, even by my standards! Partied out? But not done partying!!!! After the jitters of "will we get through the crowds without mishap? Charles Avenue in our vehicle. Somebody send me some photos please! That night, went to Bacchus Party hosted by Paul St. I had not seen their daughter, Caitlin, now 22!!

Arrived just in time to see Bacchus, G. Bailey, an actor, the first Bacchus I had never even heard of before. They usually get someone very famous e. Artist Will Smith was serving up drinks and my friend, Dave's bro' was doing the door. Mardi Gras History! The Happy Stones. See pix to the right and below of Hermes.

And remember do not kill the messenger! I am only bringing you Tidings. I love the floats in this parade--very beautiful. Pan full-floatal. Tucks is irreverent with their King sitting on a giant toilet for a throne. Spied Bicycle Louie in brass band:. Enjoyed the " Dames de Perlage ":. Went out parading last night with Babylon, Knights of Chaos, and the famed all-female Muses.

Conked out early, but got these shots see pix to the right and below. Babylon Parade. Float No. The beautiful Hermes parade rolls tonight, one of my favorites. Tomorrow: Tucks, Endymion with their new nine-unit float! Thoth on Sunday and Bacchus Sunday night. Going to be a busy weekend--see y'all out there!!! February 7, Last night's Ancient Druids parade floats were hysterical--they lambasted the other parades. Going too fast to snap any good shots, but got these see to the right. It began to rain just as the second year of the all-female Nyx Parade passed by and we skipped it.

We know when to come in out of the rain Back to Parading. When was the last time you had good cheese curds? Driving back to the Menomenh Indian Reservation, listening to Garrison Keiller singing "like ketchup flowing on cheese curds Across St. Charles Ave. Just love the carnival atmosphere of the bare bulb blinking lights and may buy something just to be near them. Hope the parades live up to the parade chow. Not much interested in the roar at the Coliseum yesterday: NFL screwed us by taking Payton off the case--me, bitter? No, but I'm glad the jox are leaving so we can have our town back for Carnival.

Heard the lights went out for 34 minutes--told ya it was haunted! Jeez, after seeing Beyonce's electrifying performance on youtube, it's no wonder the power went out! It was jealous! Any football team name derived from a Dead Goth Poet can't be all bad! You can quoth me on that. Ran into Lady Di line-dancing who hipped me to the fact that M. The Algiers Ferry was not running last evening, so I am heading over there tonight. Sounds like Mardi Gras to me. Turned cold, but super sun-shiney this a.

Payday to boot! And yes, it can get much better--Wesley's back! I'll take the Algiers Ferry to his pad for some grooming and tales. The bottom is covered with purple glitter and inside the sandal is another baby. Thank you, Doll! Maybe I'm supposed to stay home. Snapped these pix on the balcony before I left see below and to the right :. Not only are the Super Bowl teams and fans arriving, but check out all the flowers busting out for this, our "Seventh Spring:". My across the street neighbor's saucer magnolia--I call them "tulip trees". I said we had to pay attention, but apparently I didn't pay attention to paying attention!!!

Disappointed, but what a beautiful day for being outside see pix of the Lyons to the right. It's a classic with Mardi Gras favorites on the juke and they serve all the Abitas so I treated myself to a pH Purple Haze , awaiting the arrival of the Club. Hung out with neighbor Kendall see pic to the right , her niece Maggie and Aunt Linda visiting from St. Louis , and her nephew Nate who moved here last Mardi Gras from St. Had a coupon from Fresh Bar on Magazine and figured I needed something healthy after the night's debauchery. All fresh and al fresco dining--couldn't be beat.

Stopped at La Boulangerie bakery for a "gallet de roi"--traditional French king cake--oh so delicioso! My nice bosses I hope they're reading this let me cut out of work early yesterday so I could catch the Krewe of Cork see pix to the right and below. I watched it across from the Supreme Court Building block of Royal. They emerge from luncheon at The Court of Three Sisters.

Saw my friend Donna :. These walking parades are more fun--cozy and intimate compared to the big floats with masked riders. Such nice weather, took a ride by the River and checked out the Spanish Plaza Fountain pic to the right. Then ran into the Cleopatra floats lining up for their ride pix to the right and below. Now permanently moved to the Eastbank on this, their 40th anniversary. Love inspecting the floats pre-parade.

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See ya on the streets!!!! Something comforting about the rolling roar down the tracks Ray Nagin, is cleared of all charges see pic to the right. He was a kind and generous man. I never got on the scapegoat-wagon which many people did. I know he's glad about that. J anuary 22, My sister had a big birthday yesterday and I got to talk to her in her new digs in Berkeley, California! She's happy to be back in some good Winter weather again and I am happy to have someone to sleep on their floor when I go West next. J anuary 21, The film's been out since , but I avoided seeing it because I was burying my head in the sand.

Also, apparently we're not the only ones with poorly-constructed levees, failed projects like "Mr. Harry Shearer fielded questions and we were all grateful to him for the work he did here in his adopted-home. Shearer is a wonderboy-- google him--it's impressive! The option that the Dutch suggested has to do with what they have done over there--making friends with water instead of constantly building walls that aren't sound.

Hopefully, we will get the th monkey phenomenon going here.

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Before another so-called "natural disaster. Night of fun featured brass bands and satirical themes. Check out their websites for details on all the sub-krewes and their desire to keep the tradition of Mardi Gras street parades alive with mule-drawn carts and zany costumes--on foot-parading! Most of the time I don't know who they are, but Diane let me know she was behind this mask see pic to the right. And Caitlin wasn't wearing one ditto. Saw Diane Edwards again, dancin' away, former Trips drummer Gary forgot his last name!

Taz on the Sax. Saw his widow Dottie there last night with new love Trent. I'm so glad for you!!! Stella Artois was a sponsor beer which I happen to like, and am not sorry they ran out as I would be feeling much worse this a. Jan Ramsey and Offbeat Magazine have been promoting the music and culture of New Orleans for 25 years she was on December's cover in a bubble bath. Met her and the m. Thanks, Liz! Ingrid Lucia played first and with John Folse on guitar see pic to the right , they scored big! Spied drummer from Some Like It Hot!

Big Stuff" performed their hits as the crowning of our night. The one bright spot in the Awards Show since Kermit wasn't there to add his spark was the band Hurrah for the Riffraff who kookily dressed in drag see pic to the right. Felt hugged as I dropped off to sleep. Dreamed that Eric Clapton was playing inside a sliding glass door and a bunch of us were in the backyard hanging out, listening for free reminds me of our house in O. Suddenly, it was just me, Eric and a young girl who had found a white bee buzzing among a vine on a fence.

It was fuzzy and buzzed on down a dirt path bordering a green field--slowly. Took a trip to the Audubon Zoo today. The weather was superb for any outdoor outing, upper 70s--beauty day! Hadn't been in a long while. From the pink flamingos to the white tigers, snapped some nice shots see pix to the right and below. I was so glad she spotted me asking a goat "why would anyone want to eat you? Great seeing you and catching up! I liked the aviary where I spotted a scarlet ibis:.

Sacred ibises ibisi? Red foxes foxi? What we used to call L. Fox, The Foxi--see below. During a lecture Fellows share their thoughts, questions, and concerns as shown here. I think that to be able to achieve that in the timeframe that we achieve it, culminating of course in a challenging exercise, is a pretty impressive effort. The Center is a Department of Defense institution that addresses regional and global security issues. Military and civilian representatives, mostly from the Indo-Pacific nations, participate in a comprehensive program of executive education, professional exchanges and outreach events, both in Hawaii and throughout the Indo-Pacific region.

The Center supports U. Indo-Pacific Command by developing and sustaining relationships among security practitioners and national security establishments throughout the region. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Email: info your-domain. Web: ThemeFusion. Previous Next. View Larger Image.