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By entering these altered states of consciousness and deep states of meditation on a regular basis, I was able to clear any parts of myself that were limiting my ability to reach my full potential to be my true, uninhibited self. Eventually, I started to learn that as amazing as it felt to connect with spirit outside of the body, I could do this within the body. The more I learnt to transcend the mind, such as with meditation and psychedelics, the more peace and stillness of the mind I experienced when I came out of these states into my waking consciousness.

Instead of being consumed by discomfort within my mind and body, I was able to feel a profound sense of peace, or watchfulness. I was starting to learn what it was to be one with my soul, or spirit, within the physical body. Not only was I able to stay more grounded and present in the moment, but I was also able to really feel more.

Without the distractions in my mind, my senses started to become more heightened. My psychic senses, such as my ability to feel and hear telepathically, including being able to communicate with animals and plants, started growing developing stronger. Since starting to feel more alive within my body, being able to see, hear, taste, smell and feel more sensitively, I have come to realise just how amazing the experience of being a human is. A couple of years ago when I was living and studying in a Buddhist monastery, my teacher kept emphasising how lucky we were to have the opportunity to experience life as a human, expressing that reincarnation into human form is very rare.

I never truly understood this at the time. But now I get it. There is so much that can be experienced in the human body that cannot be experienced in other forms. There is so much potential and so much beauty that can be witnessed with the human body, mind and senses. We are pure spirit form before we enter the human body and again when we leave, so for now, I am happy to wait to have any more experiences outside of the body. After having all kinds of amazing experiences, I can now see that the ultimate form of transcendence is to be present and alive within my own body so that I can experience human life to its ultimate potential.

I am a holistic therapist, yoga therapist and freelance writer.

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