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Interest rates, finance charges, and restrictions are all higher in a lease and when the lease ends you have no equity in the car. The radio is dripping in car dealership ads soaking us with all their deals on new cars. And the incentives to buying a new car are definitely there: lower interest rates, peace of mind in their integrity, and all that free stuff in the commercials. But the real difference in choosing new vs used is in depreciation.

Former car salesman and Shark Tank alum, Nate Holzapfel has a list of 21 questions you should ask when buying a car. But as WikiHow points out , negotiating with an inexperienced seller and no dealership fees will save you more than few mechanical repairs will cost you. There are a few tips to consider to give you peace of mind when buying from a private seller.

You can apply for financing through the bank for the lump sum to pay the seller. I would get a check for less than you want to spend and pay the difference in cash.

20 tips to help you pay off your debt in 12222

And make sure you have all the paperwork properly filled out. What kind of car do you drive and what car motivates you to get out of debt so you can cruise around town in it? Mine is a red Mazda CX-5! I'm Jen. As the owner of Modern Frugality and co-host of the Frugal Friends Podcast, I help others get out of debt, strengthen their finances, and find contentment in simple living. I always bought used from a private seller and it saved me a lot of money. Just take someone who knows cars with you and all set. We just upgraded our old car to a new used car new to us.

We had been saving for a few years so with the private sale of the old car plus our savings we were able to pay cash for the new one new to us. Not being in a rush also gave us a ton of leverage. We went to a few places to look at cars. We negotiated hard on that first visit but still walked away.

What's next?

Almost every place called us back within a few days to make a better offer. Those are great points. And selling privately is a great way to get more for your old car! Thanks Owen! Good post. Previously, I always bought a used car through a friend or craigslist, but that was hit or miss. As I get older, I like the security and protections of buying from a dealer. Great tips! Using a credit union has really helped me save money. We have both pulled 24 hour days for work, more than once, and we do our jobs to the best of our abilities.

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And the credit card gets paid off in full every month. This has carried us through hard times. My husband made a living in retail sales for several years, and for many of those we both worked strictly on commission in our jobs. An emergency fund is essential in jobs like this when nothing is guaranteed. Just within the past six months, we have had rather larger medical expenses come up when my son needed to have extensive testing done after suffering a seizure.

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You can read more about that in Love. We apply how others have done this, altering it to fit our needs and abilities. To this day, we seek the advice of those who are well versed in financial matters that we are weak in. We have always had nice homes, but we have built every home we have ever lived in, and we have always had practicality and affordability in the forefront of every decision we made regarding the house we built.

We have held a few different mortgages over the years whether it was because we moved or because we refinanced for a better rate, but the majority of the time we have held a mortgage, it has been a 15 year mortgage. Whatever your financial goals are and however you achieve them will be personal to you, just as our journey is personal to us. But, set your financial goals, and design a plan to help you reach them. The road can be steep, the road can be long, and the road can be exhausting, but I can say from experience that the blood I worked as a hairdresser for years and shears are sharp!

You, too, can become debt free using these same principles. Everything I learned in becoming debt free I share with the amazing members of my money saving community, Thriving on a Dime. You can even try the first month for free! Just go HERE to sign up…a whole community of money saving people are waiting for you! Thanks for sharing such good money advise. I am also a firmly believe in creating a budget and sticking to it, this helps a lot as you can see where your money is going and adjust accordingly.

We have not been on the frugal quest as long as you have, but the one thing we do faithfully is pay ourselves first.

Watching the small contributions become a major and respectable retirement account has been very satisfying. Thank you for this article. This is SO good!

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And what an accomplishment! Thanks for not glossing over how difficult it was. But it was also so worth it! And I am grateful for every sacrifice and every hard thing that we did. You mentioned you both worked long hours.. Have more money in 5 days.

20 tips to help you pay off your debt in

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Earthly Debts, Heavenly Debts

Thank you for this post. It was very eye opening. God bless. So worth it, right? Congratulations to you! Thank you for sharing!