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To determine how hot or cold the wind will actually be, its helpful to look at the bigger picture, and where the wind has originated.

Winds on the Adriatic

If we want to get more technical we have a look at the thickness. Thickness tells us how short or tall a column of air is. Warm air expands so its tall, cold air is short:. Thickness from to , two different heights in the atmosphere, labelled THK is represented on these maps using grey lines. This line indicates mighty hot air. This indicates that it should snow down to about metres.

How the wind blows

If this line is over Tasmania or Victoria, it represents snow to sea level to the south of that line, and some bitterly cold air. Knowledge Forecasts Snow About Jane. How the wind blows Its generally a given, in Australia, that a southerly wind is cool and a northerly wind is warm. But this is not always the case For example - in Victoria:.

A northerly could have started over the Tasman Sea, so it will be warm and a bit humid.

Winds of the world

But a northerly that starts over the outback is generally hot and dry. A southerly that loops around a high over the Bight is cool. But a southerly that comes up from near Antarctica brings much colder air with it. Suggest an example. Discrimination, because a disabled person was prevented from taking one of their flights.

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Winds on the Adriatic

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