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Deep Red was shot mainly on a location in Turin, a "magical" city according to Argento, in sixteen weeks.

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The main reason why he chose Turin was because at the time there were more practising Satanists in Turin than in any other European city. You can discover secret corner of this town with Dario Argento eye's. His connection with Turin is an intriguing one. For example, at one point in the vignette that disturbs the credit sequence, a large knife smeared with a dark, warm red falls to the floor from frame left. The knife immediately interconnects red with an unsettling event that took place in the past, an event that still has the power to shatter the order of things.

Similarly styled drawings are later are discovered by Marco in an abandoned mansion in the outskirts of Rome and in a school. These drawings relate to revelations central to the plot and to the psychological history of the killer and, hence, represent another way the colour red is related to the elements of the narrative.

Pulling Focus: Deep Red (1975)

Not only does this suggest that the violent imagery he has been exposed to has altered his reality, but also that he will now see things in terms of spectacle. Home Uncategorized. Deep Red. Endnotes Mikel J. One writer who could be added to this list is Edgar Allan Poe. However, this does not necessarily help to clarify matters.

In other words, for Koven there are different kinds of gialli , which opens up the question of whether there is any adequate shorthand term that encompasses the various forms of giallo. There are, of course, differences between the two filmmakers. For instance, in comparison to Antonioni, Argento places more affective and conceptual emphasis on mysteries that have to do with how dark, sadistic and violently twisted the human soul can become. Nonetheless, what is being suggested in this article is that the two filmmakers do share a similar worldview insofar as they both seek to dissolve the substantial presence of reality rather than reinforce it.

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Cooper, p. During their respective journeys each character discovers that meanings are constantly lost and then recreated, and that images can provide clues as easily as they can mislead.

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What is being additionally suggested in this article is that the unsolved mystery in each film has to do with the different truths that surfaces can reveal, truths that depend on what a representation is and how that representation is read or decoded. Maitland, p. Click here to cancel reply. E-mail Optional. Website Optional.

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