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Center you, I'm no matter. Good things come to them to whom good makes more sense. Old story tellers do, Only miners survived, gold digger mostly, few alchemists who knew the mystery in mercury, Lost was all knowing but to a very few, who truth be told had been the owners well kept servants, ministers of this and that they perished with all the fires touched we diggers, we only marvel How bits of time, exact as ours, can be seen happening all in bubble of Mercury. Cooked out red rock like these.

G'night but a story told a wee bit here a qubit there here a little, there a little line upon line, precept upon precept, 'cept no body knows what I know about cept, capere, a story starts, a provisioning tale. Paper covers rock, but scissors are so far in the future that now, my time, my mind wanders after whys this authoritative telling of the story, in it, none know the terminal tale.

As in times past, there were survivors who lived to tell and old stories never die. Old story tellers do, Tho' here's a clue.

Drunken Bee Poems by Philip Good

Meek's not bad, stupid, for no reason, is. Now, see the bubble of all men have imagined, since the time when such a bubble was only evil, continually. It went viral. Noah we know for sure, almost, survived,? Cushites kept records.

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In Africa. Akkad kept record, too. Some Hopi survived somehow and they have a tale. They say they know the story is ten thousand years old, I've been to a crossroads on their journey, stories tell of it, still, today. Holy means marked for good reason. Marked with clues, not riddles, maps Sacred means secret means hidden away for use, not common, every day, quotidian use, right use. Time, the opposing force, is precious to us all. In time, we do all we can and die, in ever, we expand, in no time at all.

I imagine. You fill it. Now, Your expandable mind's time, time pushes from the outside, wisdom pushes from the inside, And so it goes, life goes on and music grows on ya, Amusing how they do that, teeny muses dancing shiva on the tip of my tongue, singings songs in tongues I've never known if they are words on tongues or sounds on tongues, notes, Baysian Binary Cross Validation still ends with some people thinkin' "it is finished" left them with a ton o'weight, that's wrong, insist resistance.

Some, heavy duty, leaders of lambs, they claim power in their mouths, spoken from fixed hearts, but fixed upon, is truly the song, said, words are only little bits of whole sym ulacrum of re-ify-ing where broken things re-pair, and life goes on… "fixed, my heart is fixed", no, your heart is machine of the most magnificent design, perfected, a time at a time.

Pablo Neruda

Flexing, pacing time itself, faster slower, try some time alone be still, pond still I know the story broke, I could not hold it. In the night, bitter cold Frozen fragile There are pieces scattered every where, everywhere there is time, there is at least, a point a story may stand upon and ask an angel to dance. Dance, give it some flare, what do we care? Nobody's watching, but that fly. A reader is needed more than words can tell.

My posts are a book now, few stand solidly on their own. Thank you if you spend your time perusing them please tell me where I muddy the flow, or break the story. I thoroughly enjoy the Coen Brother's films and I was very much looking forward to reading Ethan's poetry. This collection features a vast array of both hits and misses, mostly hits. Ethan's poetry is frank, funny, and delightful. He seems to write about whatever happens to come to mind.

You'll find poetry about love, loss, sex, greif, and general angst all in one place; I feel like that's important. Too many modern poets seem to be obessed with t I began reading this not knowing what to expect. Too many modern poets seem to be obessed with the trope that poets are deep and sobering in their work but Coen shatters that.

Apr 23, Bill rated it it was amazing. For some time now, Wendell Berry has been my favorite poet. Though he hasn't quite been unseated by this remarkable collection, he now has his first serious rival, if indeed Coen can in any way be referred to as "serious. I can't remember one poem that wasn't ironic or comical, but each one is skillfully constructed and perfectly executed. The topics range from the gross and bizarre to the absolutely incomprehensi For some time now, Wendell Berry has been my favorite poet.

The topics range from the gross and bizarre to the absolutely incomprehensible and unimaginable. No topic, apparently, is taboo to Mr. Coen, which I suppose we might have learned from his impressive film portfolio, but no matter how outrageous the topic of the poem, each one is masterfully done. I had 2 absolute favorites, one of which is rather too long to reproduce here. I will read this book again and again May 13, Donald Armfield rated it really liked it Shelves: poetry.

This is the second poetry collection I read by Ethan Coen. He gave me new thoughts on reading other poetry.

Praying Drunk

I listen to rap music, but never really read much of it. This is some laughs you are missing if you are not picking this book up. Its sitting at the table with the morning newspaper.

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  • The follow This is the second poetry collection I read by Ethan Coen. The following events are straight out Hilarious! Read this even if you don't like poetry. Dec 07, Julia rated it did not like it. I picked this up because of the catchy title, and because it's by Ethan Cohen. He has a habit of repetition, to his detriment - like when when telling a joke twice in a row doesn't make it funnier, the same thing goes for his good lines. He repeats them, as if discrediting the readers ability to realize their quality on our own.

    I also just didn't enjoy his poetry. He mostly just made fun of poetry with especially bad poetry. Mar 01, Scott rated it really liked it. I doubt that this thin volume will ever win much favor with serious poets: the imagery is not strong, and the structures are formulaic.

    But therein lies the surprise and hopefully the pleasure for anyone not familiar with the style of the Coen Brothers in their films. As one half of that duo has here so aptly captured in words, the prosaic existence of humankind is punctuated by dirty, vulgar and violent tendencies, all of which we can do nothing about but laugh. Out of sixty-one poems, I only liked two. Not a good average. The two I did like were, Self-Portrait , about writing, and How Long, How Late about the sudden realization of aging, and for this one, only the last stanza put it into the like column.

    Feb 17, Jaidene rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Kimball Crofts.

    ‘Drinking With a Gentleman of Leisure in the Mountains’

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Just what you'd expect from a Coen. Mar 07, Cathryn Cofell rated it it was ok. A little too for my taste. Sometimes charming, but mostly tedious. Jul 05, Tonya rated it it was amazing Shelves: smarty-pants-books.

    Read this a long time ago. Just revisited it and it is as awesome as I remembered. If you like your poetry on the dark side this is your book. The title says it all, no cry babies. Sep 14, Erik rated it it was ok Shelves: poetry. Not terrible, but nothing memorable about this one either. Fairly new to reading poetry, however, am a huge Coen fan. Many great and certainly very humorous work here. There is a limerick section that ran pretty long, but overall very worth it. Oct 23, Bryan Douglas rated it it was amazing. Ethan Coen does poetry. On wine, on poetry or on virtue as you wish.

    Absolutely love this.

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    Report Reply. Intoxication by any means is delivered by this poem.

    The Drunken Boat by Arthur Rimbaud | Poetry Foundation

    It seems - from this poem and others - that life is an overwhelming foe. Be drunk. Love it. Being drunk on wine or virtue can be a problem. Virtue here means spiritualism or religion. Spiritual people don't like freedom of thought. Baudelaire is certainly not talking about religion when he says virtue. He is speaking of heroism, of love, peace and other virtues. He is praising those who devote their lives to serving others. Self sacrifice, or giving it all for love is incredibly intoxicating.

    The Drunken Driver Has the Right of Way: Poems

    This was the motivation i needed thank you. Oh yes I agree Being drunk does not only mean about wine or liquor Yes be drunk with love or poetry or passion or happiness I am glad I saw this poem today Thank you Report Reply. This poem has an indepth meaning: : nice one Report Reply. This poem has an hidden meaning; am trying to mediate on lines the poem: : nice one Report Reply.