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The tiny mew that she announced her presence with was all out of proportion to the size of the fluff monster. She and the other cat were rescued by Trixie, picked out by her finely-tuned senses on which would be the most mischievous out of the entire shelter. That and other reasons. Az's original name was 'Sooty' but Trixie said she must have a more suitable name and Sooty wasn't nearly dignified enough. Az dropped the small feather on Lucifer's face from the back of the couch.

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He blew it away with an eye roll, sending it high into the air where she watched it closely. Dan spared a hand to pet her. She startled, like she always did, then purred and leaned into him, losing her balance and falling on Lucifer with a cat grumble. She turned in place a few times, then licked Lucifer's face with a dart. He jumped with the wet sandpaper contact.

Az loved his scruff, leaning her face into his and marking him with a louder purr than she gave Dan. Lucifer sighed dramatically, cut off with cat butt to the face as she turned once more and flopped over his neck like a bag of sand. Lucifer glared from his fluffy, rumbling imprisonment, but didn't dislodge the cat immediately. He blew into her fur, making space to see out of. On screen, The Little Mermaid started singing again. Lucifer cocked a groomed eyebrow.

Dan supplied, "yes, we know the original story is darker, but this is Disney and they ruin all perfectly good original stories.

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Lucifer hmmmph'd. Az picked up her head and licked his cheek again, cleaning his face against the grain of his scruff. He muttered something. Chloe picked up a bottle of lotion, squirting some into her hand and tackling a foot. Or something close to that. Dan had intended to rub his neck too, but Az had firmly entrenched herself, stretched nearly shoulder to shoulder. He turned back again, looking over his shoulder for their daughter. If you don't come back soon, we're changing the movie. Trixie pattered back quickly, flopping on a floor cushion and leaning back against the couch.

Lucifer freed a hand to pat her on the head. Without hesitation, she pulled his arm around her shoulders and held it there across her chest, humming along to 'part of your world'. Lucifer leaned his head back in Dan's lap, freeing his mouth somewhat from Az. The cat promptly rolled up his neck further, forcing Lucifer to either be stuck looking up at Dan or get another mouthful of fur. Dan grinned and kept up the hair massaging, stroking his almost-sideburns.

Right then, a black and white tux cat hopped up on Lucifer's belly.

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He pawed delicately at his ring, then licked the hand with a rough tongue. Lucifer twitched and exhaled, annoyed. Az hissed and hopped down, curling up possessively in Trixie's lap, leaving long black hairs all over Lucifer's white dress shirt. He didn't even look. And you don't want to know what she just said. The smaller cat, Louie, licked his white paw as if nothing happened, sitting up in Lucifer's lap. He tried to get Chloe to pet him but her hands were covered in lotion and still busy with his feet. Louie walked down Lucifer's legs, licked a lotioned foot, made a face and walked back.

His bottlebrush tail swished saucily, offended by the tasted and smell of the lotion. Both were adopted at the same time. In retrospect, allowing Trixie to come into the shelter and chose one cat may have been a mistake. Or maybe it wasn't since both cats were very affectionate and usually even liked each other. It wasn't possible to tell a little girl they couldn't have both cats just because they were both out of time to be adopted.

So they had two cats. Since Lucifer could talk to cats, it was a miracle that they didn't end up with all of them. He protested the rescue of permanent pets until Louie curled up on his chest that afternoon and fell asleep. And thanked him. The tux stepped lightly up Lucifer's body to curl up over his ribs. He didn't try to sit on his face like Az. Louie stretched out instead, purring and laying long ways from his hips to sternum, fluffy tail end tapping lightly against his leg. The hard paw pressure of cat steps was almost worth putting up with for the full body cuddles.

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Daniel freed a hand from Lucifer's messy curls to pet Louie a few times, until Lucifer grumbled. He returned both hands to Lucifer's recently freed neck, stroking with soft pressure below and into his shirt collar. Appreciative, he adjusted his position arm still claimed by Trixie and snuggled further into Dan's warm lap. Chloe switched feet, rubbing down the other one. They relaxed in companionable quiet for a moment. Ariel swam to the surface of the ocean. Chloe grasped his big toe and pulled on it until it popped.

He sighed, wiggling it. She went to the next toe. Because all your club patrons would be horrified by snuggling. You would think none of them have lives outside of Lux either. Daniel swept his fingers over his clavicles, finding small spots of stiffness. Chloe offered him some lotion and he took it, working it into and across Lucifer's upper chest. He felt his eyes drifting closed again with the warm finger tips gliding in long strokes inside his open shirt. Louie half-heartedly batted Dan's fingers, but he didn't mean it. Az hopped up, spotting the feather on the floor where it had landed some time ago and attacked like a cat possessed.

The fat, black ball of fur rolled over several times, kicking it with her back legs and trying to eat it at the same time. Louie, a little older, eyed her and huffed a long cat sigh. Lucifer chuckled. He caught his hand, pressing a kiss into the rough palm. I should teach you to speak Cat. It's not hard. Vocabulary is more body than vocal though. Start with blinking to say 'hello'. Lucifer stopped reacting to the inquiry after the first two dozen times the child put it up. Chloe somehow still had the patience of a saint. And he knew saints. Thank Dad at least one thing went right - he couldn't father children.

The earth would be littered with half-devils otherwise. Daniel muttered something himself. Lucifer half-suspected he would hope for a blue-eyed kid. Humans and their strange desires. The whole thing was really up to Chloe, as Lucifer repeated himself often that he wouldn't be involved in another child. Just because Beatrice was tolerable didn't mean another one would be. Trixie grumbled again, resting her face on his arm and holding him tightly with both hands. She sat quietly after that. The child's breath tickled his arm hair where it was pressed up against her face.

Small snores drifted up from the front of the couch. Warm, wet liquid dribbled down his arm unpleasantly. He sighed, trying to extract himself, but she just tucked her head against him further, gripping his arm tighter. Chloe giggled. He tried not to squirm out of his skin while the drool rolled down his wrist. Chloe crawled out from under his legs then pulled her daughter out of her tangled grasp of him. He probably had a goofy, unguarded expression on his face, since she gave him that smile over her daughter's head. She even had a tissue handy to clean off his child-slimed arm.

Maybe another Beatrice wouldn't be awful. As long as he had some input in the name. He took advantage of the departing child to re-arrange Daniel to a more comfortable length along the couch. Something decidedly less Trixie-viewing-friendly. Louie protested but hopped to the top of the couch, watching them settle. This way, when anyone visits a deviant, they know they can always find the art in the top left, and personal info in the top right.

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Don't forget, restraints can bring out the creativity in you! Now go forth and astound us all with your devious profiles! Comments Disabled. I'm satanic if u don't mind- I love lucifer.

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Micah Bell rdr2 I gotta admit, I have no clue why I love a rat like him but somehow I find something in him to love him??? Rayla the dragon prince I kinda of adored her yeah 5.

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